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Ronnie Abate - husband of Joyce Marceaux on waiting list for liver transplant
Danny Pitre - husband of Cheryl Thibodeaux battling myelodysplastic syndrome
Linda DeCuir’s nephew, Ryan Valure is on the kidney transplant list

Reagan Havens - grandson of Christi Kirkland Havens

The Clifford Antone Foundation

New Clifford Antone Foundation aims to preserve Austin music scene photo“Clifford understood how important it was to connect the younger generations with their elders and he used music as a medium to do that,” foundation board member Will Bridges said. “Improving music education for our youth, especially the underprivileged, and honoring and caring for our city’s elders and its rich history. Focusing on these two areas is imperative to preserving our culture and we need to act on it now. There are already efforts on the ground doing these things, but the primary goal of the Clifford Antone Foundation is to raise awareness and participation so we can drive more resources to those efforts.”

To become a member of the Clifford Antone Foundation or for more information, visit CliffordAntoneFoundation.org.

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Linda Langhoff Wheatley
  George and Becky (Becker) Thomas
  Adela (Cantu) and Juan Martinez
Astrodome built on boldness to match Houston

The Astrodome represents the pioneering, fearless, risk-taking American spirit at its best. It began as one man's improbable notion -- a crazy one, really; as crazy as sending a man to the moon.
Judge Roy Hofheinz believed we were limited only by the horizons of our dreams. He was unbothered that baseball had always been played in cozy little ballparks made of steel and brick and wood. 



Port Arthur in the 60's from Lyn Frasier Lee

"I received this today. Thought I would share it".

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