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Summer Fogle - (daughter of Larry Speake) diagnosed with a very rare and serious genetic connective tissue disorder, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

Gene Ross - recovering from flesh eating bacteria

Pat Trahan - shoulder issues after surgery

Richard Flores - husband of

Reed Prejean - husband of Canny Babin - neck surgery v
Loretta LaLonde Myers - another back procedure
Ricky Bradley- flu and pneumonia
Mary Elizabeth Watson - mother of Terry Watson
Andrew J. Clingan - father of Sherry Clingan
Cassandra "Candy" Renee Atkins - daughter of Lana Oliver

We have lost another classmate. George Thomas passed away in February.

George N. Thomas passed away Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas.
He was born February 8, 1950 in Port Arthur, Texas to James Thomas and Elizabeth Bailey Thomas.
He was a resident of Port Neches for 19 years and was a member of the First United Methodist Church of Groves. George retired from Star Enterprise after 25 years of service as a first class carpenter. Read his obituary.

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Shirley (Roll) and Paul Rabuck
Carol "Canny" Babin Prejean
Kathleen Rosenthal Phillips and granddaughter, Miss Teen Mardi Gras 2017, Lindsey

Hal Ross and granddaughter, Late Lefort.

  Paragon on Memorial Dr.
  Beach Boys came to Beaumont
  Jim and Fae Sandifer
  Ross and Gail (Wilson) Felker
  Coca Cola plant on 16th and Woolworth Blvd.
  Ronnie and Joyce (Marceaux) Abate and daughters
  Tommy And Sheila Thompson and grandkids
  Cecelia (Trevino) Esqueda and Dana (Esqueda) Wiltz
  Several classmates find time for a group photo
  Dale and Marilyn Guidry's grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  Cecelia Trevino, Mary Wells, Linda Gothia and Paula Daigle

Go Ye Port Arthur, Mardi Gras 2017

  The Hussars and Swingters performed at the 2017 Mardi Gras held in downtown Port Arthur. Click on the link below to see the video.



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