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Summer Fogle - (daughter of Larry Speake) diagnosed with a very rare and serious genetic connective tissue disorder, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
It is possible her two son's Dakotah and Cherokee may be experiencing the same symtons. 

Gene Ross - recovering from flesh eating bacteria

Cindy Duplantis Roberts - heart issues

Joyce Marteaux Abate’s husband, Ronnie - battling cancer
Randy Blanchard - rotator cuff surgery

Marilyn Jackson Williamson - cataract surgery

Connie O’Quinn Melancon - sister of Dennis O'Quinn
Raul “Roy” Cantu - father of Adela Cantu
Kenny Bragg, elected Majority Leader of the Arkansas Legislature

I retired from Resource Management Service at the end of 2014. It has given me more time to devote to the Arkansas Legislature. In the last session I was honored to be elected Majority Leader. That turned into an almost full time job.

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The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Sheridan Jones Thornell
Kenny Bragg family
Red Hussars 1961 in parade on Procter St.
  Inside St. Mary's Catholic Church on Augusta Ave.
PA city bus lines 1956
  Sandy Ellis MacNamera
  Jim Andrus, Paul Colletti, Linda DeCuir McFadden and Lynn Eldridge Gill

Marvin Reeves - USMC, has been added to our Marines Military Page

  Marvin Reeves served his country well. He served in Vietnam 1967-1968

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Boy Scouts

  Texas and the Southwest projected the idea of its rugged, picturesque frontier life on the imaginations of the Boy Scout movement's founders, who relayed it to the youth they hoped to influence. In the serialized book that introduced scouting in 1908, Scouting for Boys, British lieutenant general R. S. S. Baden-Powell told tales of Red Indians and army scouts.

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