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Summer Fogle - (daughter of Larry Speake) diagnosed with a very rare and serious genetic connective tissue disorder, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

Charlotte Pace Thurston - surgery Dec. 7
Loretta Lelonde - orthoscopic surgery
Gene Ross - home from hospital
Jann Rodriguez- death of her daughter, Laura Rodriguez Carter
Frank Mirabella - death of his son, Frankie 
Donny Moss - death of his son, Bryan
Roy Lipe  -  principal of Lee Elementary
  A Thanksgiving Prayer by Eddie Mallonen  CLick on photo at left.  
The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Camille (Messina) & Sam Hudson
Billy and Janice Caldwell
  Laura and Jann Rodriguez-Carter
  Tommy Romero with grandkids
Fred Hollier and Joe Gongora are now a part of our Armed Forces

We would like to honor our Veterans. Look for Fred Hollier in the Marines and Joe Gongora in the Navy.

Jann Rodrigues-Carter's daughter, Laura Carter

Jann and her husband set up a foundation after their daughter’s death.
 If you would like to support the Laura Carter Memorial Fellowship, click on the links below.


UTSA, Carter family establishes the Laura Carter Memorial Fellowship

Support Laura Carter Memorial Fellowship by Jann Rodriguez-Carter

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