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Ronnie Abate - husband of Joyce Marceaux on waiting list for liver transplant
Danny Pitre - husband of Cheryl Thibodeaux battling myelodysplastic syndrome. Also

 awaiting stem cell transplant in a month 

Linda DeCuir’s nephew, Ryan Valure is on the kidney transplant list
AJ Hebert - surgery

Peggy Fontenot Mundschau - foot surgery

Gloria Faye Burks - hand surgery

Paula Daigle Sheppard - gallbladder

Debra Jones Schwarzenberg - knee surgery

Jeanette Constantine Morgan’s mother - ill health
Darlene Turner Landry’s great -grandbaby, Aubree - tests to diagnose health issues


Wynona Petit - mother of David Petit (May 20)
Patti Holton - class of ’70
Suzanne Miller Forsythe - wife of
Phillip Wayne Forsythe (April 15)
Alice Branson- math teacher at Woodrow Wilson and Lamar State College in PA (April 9)
Memorial Day

In Memory of Our Honored Dead


Memorial Day Background - Memorial Day started as an event to honor Union soldiers, who had died during the American Civil War. It was inspired by the way people in the Southern states honored their dead. After World War I, it was extended to include all men and women, who died in any war or military action.

Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day. The current name for this day did not come into use until after World War II. Decoration Day and then Memorial Day used to be held on May 30, regardless of the day of the week, on which it fell. In 1968, the Uniform Holidays Bill was passed as part of a move to use federal holidays to create three-day weekends. This meant that that, from 1971, Memorial Day holiday has been officially observed on the last Monday in May. However, it took a longer period for all American states to recognize the new date.

Jim Forest served his country well

Sharon Lewis Forrest husband's marker in Arlington, VA. Jim was a retired Army CW04. He was a helicopter pilot and served his country for 20 years.
The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Charlie and Becky Fontenot and grandkids
  Susan (Byrd) and John LeBlanc
  E.J. Landry's Texaco Service 2100 7th St.
  Fred Schneider, TJ ’66, in Vietnam in 1971
  Sheridan Jones Thornell
Texas Confederate Museum

The Texas Confederate Museum in Waco was originally located in Austin. The Capitol was completed on December 8, 1888, of granite given by Col. Nimrod L. Norton, S. W. Lacey and W. H. Westfall from their quarry. In appreciation the Twenty-first Legislature set aside a northwest corner room on the first floor of the Capitol in 1889 for their lifetime use. Read more 

Mike Soileau in the Military

Kitty Hawk pulling into Hong Kong Harbor had been on the line (in combat) off the coast of Vietnam for may weeks getting supplies and a break in this China Harbor had my first Shark Fin soup here. Even got to pick out the shark from a live tank haha I was soo young and unlearned in the world ..as were most of us there. Read more. Go to Armed Forces/Navy. Located at bottom of page.

Sarah Jane Road

Most people who have grown up in the mid and south Jefferson County have heard at least one version of the legend of Sarah Jane and the lowly road that it’s attached to. I remember riding the darkened road myself many times in the 1980s.



Thomas Jefferson Marching Band

There is no date of when this was recorded



New Memorabilia

The Old Maroon and Gold sheet music Go to Memorabilia Index/Misc.Photos/Articles. The last page in this section.



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