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Mike Varing - An AorticValve Transplant


Jack Etheredge - glioblastoma


Frank Mirabella - recovering from freaky fall


Lana Weber - knee replacement


Vicki Plaia - numerous health issues
Linda Dillingham - cancer
Pat Trahan - ongoing health issues
Bart Darby and Laura Meece - multiple heath issues
Diane Barker - pacemaker implanted
Charlotte Pace - cancer
Margie Coleman Hobbs - mother of Beth Hobbs
Dorothy Sewell - mother of Bob Sewell
Tighe Huber - '70 grad of Thomas Jefferson
Ruby Vandewerker - mother of A.J. Hebert
James Sutherlin - brother of Beth Sutherlin

A Little Port Arthur History by James West lll

In 1895 a fella from Rochester, New York, a traveling salesman who ironically worked for Traveler's Insurance had come upon a good deal of money. Seems he was the one who invented what you now know of as an insurance "annuity".  Well somebody had to invent annuities, just happened to be this fella.
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The following photos are located in Photo Gallery in  "Most Recent Photos"

Pat Trahan and Jan Russell

  Shirley Roll and Elizabeth Hall - around 1963
  Black and White Ball at Port Arthur Country Club 1968 by Elizabeth Hall
  David Petit transported "Big Buzz" to out of town games
Kenny Bragg
  Linda DeCuir and Kenny Bragg
  JoAnn Duplant and Lenny Larson
  Candy Cane Lane on Lakeside Dr. in Lakeview
  Jenny Rhodes son hosting the President's ceremony to remember American World War
  xxxxArmy Veterans 
  See photos from the Mini Reunion held in Nov. 2018, located under reunions

US troops travel to France to commemorate Meuse-Argonne offensive


The video is taken at Meuse-Argonne during a WWI commemorative service.  My son, Matthew P. Brown, retired Army, lives in Paris France and works for the ABMC (American Battle Monuments Commission).  He is the superintendent of Surenes and Lafayette Esquidrill in Paris.
Matthew is the son of Jenny Rhodes.
See video - https://youtu.be/r34DUoaf9S8


An Update to Our Military page

  More photos added to Ricky Bradley in Army page 1.
Added Ruelle Parker to our Marine page with photos. 
Added Jim Sandifer with an Army photo in Army page 2.
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