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Ronnie Abate - husband of Joyce Marceaux on waiting list for liver transplant
Danny Pitre - husband of Cheryl Thibodeaux battling myelodysplastic syndrome. Also

awaiting stem cell transplant in a month 

Linda DeCuir’s nephew, Ryan Valure is on the kidney transplant list
Jeanette Constantine Morgan’s mother - ill health
Carl Bodin - on hospice
Leo Carl “Brit” Pingleton - having health issues
Richard Flores - husband of Sandra Tauzin - chronic health issues

Norma Gayle Guidry -Thyroid Biopsy

Ray Desmond - son of Debbie Borres - recovering from blood clots in the lungs

Liz Tieskens Ellis - twin primie granddaughters on oxygen

Marie Campbell - mother of Kay Campbell

Theodore Joseph Landry, Jr. - brother-in-law of Linda DeCuir

Mary Frances Hammond - mother of Gary Hammond
Brenda Schlaudt - class of ‘70
Our classmate Donnie DeLee has passed away

Donnie DeLee died on 7/14/16. He had been in the hospital for several weeks, His brother, Jesse, thought he was getting better. They moved him out of ICU a few days ago.
Jesse has planned a memorial for this month in San Antonio.
See Obituary 

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Randall and Irene (Protas) Heath
  Little Pittsburg with campaign poster - Read the "I Remember Pike Powers" article below,

El Charro 1814 Houston Ave.


Eddingston Court 3300 Procter St 1929

  Rex & Linda (Olivier) Meyer and family
  First jail house in Port Arthur, 1897
I Remember Pike Powers
Pike Powers,75, has been a Partner in of Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P. since 1978. Mr. Powers served as a Texas State Representative from 1972 to 1979 and Executive Assistant to Texas Governor Mark White since 1983. He served as the President of Texas Young Lawyers Association from 1975 to 1976. For the past 30 years, he has played an integral role in developing the Austin regional technology economy. Read More
The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is an area of extreme Southeast Texas near the Louisiana border. The "triangle" is formed by Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, which are the largest cities in the area. The "golden" refers to the wealth that came from the Spindletop oil strike near Beaumont in 1901.

In an attempt to distance the area from the petrochemical industry, some area interests attempted to rename the Golden Triangle the "Triplex." This name change did not catch on, and area residents still refer to it as the Golden Triangle.

Some residents of the Golden Triangle do not consider the Greater Houston area as being part of Southeast Texas and place the western boundary of the region approximately at the Trinity River, which is roughly 30 miles from Downtown Houston.

The area holds the annual South Texas State Fair in Beaumont.




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