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Linda DeCuir's latest Newsletter - 09/18
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Charlotte Pace - Chemotherapy at MDA
nasal and kidney cancer
Kent Koerth (husband of Jane Lippincott)- radiation for prostate cancer
Drew Boullion - granddaughter of Linda DeCuir - blood pressure issues
Ricky Bradley - knee replacement
Pat Trahan - broken bone in foot
Juanita Perales - knee operation
Austin W. “Goose” Gonsoulin - TJ grad
A.J. Rosenthal - father of Kathleen Rosenthal
Danny Elrod - Class of 1970
  The Saga of Henke and Pillot  

Many a young man has arrived in Houston seeking to make his way in the world and achieve success.  In the summer of 1872, 21 year-old Henry Henke arrived in Houston. He had spent the previous six years in New Orleans learning all aspects of the grocery business. He had hoped to go into business with a friend in Galveston, but this didn’t work out. Although the area had an abundance of grocery stores, he decided to try his luck in Houston. On September 15, 1872, he established Henke’s New Orleans Store at 811 Congress Avenue across from Market Square. Although he had three male employees, Henke did all of his own hauling, clerking and most of his porter work. The small store was a mere 1,500 square feet, and Henry lived over the store. In 1882, Henke hired young Camille G. Pillot to take charge of the company books of H. Henke & Co.
Read more  http://absolutelymemorial.com/2013/11/the-saga-of-henke-and-pillot/

  The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Twin granddaughters of Rebecca Carr Errington, Mady & Macy
  Benedetto women (Brenda, Valerie, Lee, Sallly, & Cher)
Weingarten's on Gilham Circle after damage from Hurricane Audrey 
  Breeze Inn on McFaddin Beach
  Henke and Pillot Store

Alaskan trip - Peggy (Fontenot) and Steve Mundschau, Loretta (LaLonde) and Glynn Myers

  Robert E. Lee Elementary
  DeQueen Elementary
  Port Arthur Postal and Federal Bldg.
  Blanton's Laundry
  Goodhue Hotel - cleaning up after Hurricane Audrey
  Popular Optical Illusions
   These are some of the more popular optical illusions you might find on the internet. What do you think an optical illusion is? If you think that the word “optical” has something to do with eyes, you are already half correct. The word “illusion” is derived from a Latin verb which means “to mock”. When you think about it, illusions trick people into seeing things which are not. The best way to learn about optical illusions is to experience them first hand. Have fun!  Go to illusions
  Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association Fundraiser

Please make a donation to the 1st OPEN WATER SWIM Fundraiser --- hosted and planned by Mark Halvorsen and The Seminole Spirit Support Group to benefit our association.

It will be held at Red Top Mountain's Lake Altoona on September 27 beginning at 9 am. 

This is a tax free donation to the Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association, a 501(c)3.

Note that every penny is used solely for our program --- no salaries nor overhead is used (this is donated by the Director, me (Ann Boriskie), and by each of our wonderful team members.         

The direct link information about this 1st Open Water Swim Event on The Seminole Spirit page that is part of the Brain Injury Peer Visitor's website is   http://www.braininjurypeervisitor.org/index.php?p=1_28#swim      

Mail your check to:  

        Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association

        c/o Ann Boriskie   355 Guildhall Grove  Alpharetta, GA 30022                 

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