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Linda DeCuir's latest Newsletter - 06/26
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Charlotte Pace - Chemotherapy at MDA
nasal and kidney cancer
Jan Russell - surgery for an umbilical hernia
  Ghost stories
  Many people have had these kind of unexplained experiences, and it makes for wonderful readings, maybe at times disturbing, but most often, leaving you wondering what is happening on the other side of material life and our physical senses. Here are three stories published by Stephen Wagner from those who had these unexplained experiences.  Continued
  The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
AJ Hebert and family
  Sharon Lewis Forrest and Chrissy Dupuis Mullens
Linda DeCuir, Paul Colletti, Jude Arisco, Jim Andrus and Lyn Eldridge got together for an outing in Bastrop
  Paul and Lori Colletti with one of their grandsons
  Winter (1952) in downtown PA
  Mike Lawson, Danny Nicholson (class of '70), Jerry Nicholson 1956
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