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Linda DeCuir's latest Newsletter - 10/30
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Kent Koerth (husband of Jane Lippincott)- radiation for prostate cancer
Janette Light Norton- on list for liver and kidney transplant
Cherlyn Hebert- cataract surgery on both eyes
Jimmy Hebert- mother on hospice care

Charlie Fontenot- 1 yr. old grandson having kidney surgery

  The Class of '68 has lost another member  

Greg Staton passed away on Saturday, October 25, 2014.He was born in Port Arthur, Texas on May 22, 1950 to Perry E. and Betty Staton. He has been a resident of the Bridge City area for over 17 years. See Memorial page 3 for his obituary.

  The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Linda Davis Fitzpatrick's new granddaughter, Addisyn
  David Weldon (also see Army page 2)
David Petit
  Gary and Bev Hammond and the Grandkids
  Betty Steck Stewart
  Linda DeCuir, Lynn Eldridge, & Ernie Castaneda
  Lynn Eldridge Gill's grandchildren

It's that time once again! Not just one clock, all of them!
  Griffing Park, Texas (Jefferson County)

Griffing Park was on the Kansas City Southern Railway between State highways 73 and 87 seventeen miles southeast of Beaumont in eastern Jefferson County. The residential townsite was laid out by the Griffing brothers in 1913 on the site of a 320-acre experimental farm established at Arthur E. Stilwell's behest in 1896. By the early 1940s the population had reached 1,344, and in 1960 the federal census reported 2,267 residents. Newer residential developments nearby and the decline in the general economy of Jefferson County, however, had cut Griffing Park's population to 1,802 by 1980. In 1929 Port Arthur began what proved to be a lengthy effort to annex Griffing Park. In an effort to block the move, Griffing Park voters incorporated their community by an 87–2 tally on November 13, 1929. Despite the vote, a temporary injunction blocking annexation was dismissed on November 26. The next day Port Arthur annexed the residential communities of Griffing Park, Edgemore, Del Mar, and Lakeview. Yet Griffing Park obtained another injunction in May 1930, thus preventing annexation until 1983, when the community merged, kicking and screaming, with its larger neighbor.

  Phillip Romero has launched a new smART Peace Prize

"I am in a new fundrasing campaign to launch my smART Peace Prize. Please spread the word." Visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smart-peace-prize-art-against-human-destruction--2 for more information.

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