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Summer Fogle - (daughter of Larry Speake) diagnosed with a very rare and serious genetic connective tissue disorder, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). 

Charlotte Pace Thurston - surgery Dec. 7
Loretta Lelonde - orthoscopic surgery
Gene Ross - home from hospital
David Salter - wife Lana - colon cancer 
Naomi R. Lee - mother-in-law of Janis Hamilton
  A New Year’s Blessing  by Karen Maezen Mille

The New Year is a powerful time in our lives, and by that I mean in our practice. Through no effort of our own, we arrive at a point of culmination. A moment of reflection and renewal. In this span between what we think of as the old and the new, regret can stir. We may be more aware of our stubborn habits and shortcomings, our losses and the never-ending ache of unfulfillment. Another year gone, and all those things we were going to do! All those changes we were going to make!

This recognition is a rare and momentous blessing, and one to be used. Recognition is all any of us needs to make a change.

It is impossible not to do your best. You just don’t think it’s your best. Every moment arises pure and perfect from conditions as they are. From you, as you are. Our judgment alone, our ego mind, distinguishes best from less, gain from loss and new from old. Judgment alone separates us from the fulfillment we think lies just beyond the precipice of time.

And so I seize this moment to wish you all the best.

I wish you less of what you can live without and more of what you’ve always wanted. Less anger, and less quickness to anger. Less greed, and more open-mindedness. Less judgment, doubt and cynicism, and less of the pain and confusion they create. Less hurry. Less fear. More of the compassionate love that can only arise in the absence of fear.

I would wish you more time, but you already have it. It only takes a moment to transform your life. A moment of undefiled, nonjudgmental awareness. A moment of practice, and everything everywhere is new again.

Only you can make it so, but I will wish it just the same: your best new year.

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Lana (Oliver) and Al Baker
Adela (Cantu) and Juan Martinez

Patrick Wayne Swayze (1952–2009)

Patrick Swayze, actor and dancer, was born in Houston, Texas, on August 18, 1952, to Patricia “Patsy” Yvonne Helen (Karnes), a choreographer and dance instructor, and Jesse Wayne “Buddy” Swayze, a mechanical engineer, former draftsman, butcher, and rancher. Swayze, the second-eldest of four siblings, was part of an “arts family” of humble means living in the Oak Forest neighborhood of Houston.

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