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Ronnie Abate - husband of Joyce Marceaux on waiting list for liver transplant
Darlene Turner's baby great granddaugher- heart issues
Ricky Bradley - hospital with bacterial infection
Pat Trahan Knox - knee surgery
Amy Latiolais Kidder - heart issues
Dennis Morgan husband of Jeanette Constantine - malignant thyroid
Dianne Dupre's daughter, Maggie - chemo fot Lupus
Ruth R. Cole - mother of Enoch "Skippy" Cole
Randy Constantine - brother of Jeanette Constantine
Hulan Vera McLeod - mother of Pam McLeod
Classmate Ray Blakeman passed away in June of 2015

Raymond Roy Blakeman Jr., 66, of Groves died Saturday, June 27, 2015. The funeral was held at Melancon’s Funeral Home in Nederland. There is no obituary available at this time.
see Memorials


Karla Arnsberg, a '68 graduate, has passed away at age 65
Karla Ann Arnsberg passed away on September 12, 2015 at the age of 65. Karla graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Arthur, TX in 1968 and graduated from University of Texas in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.
continued in Memorials

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Allen, Corbin (1) and Ryan Baldridge 2015
  Front view of De Queen Elem School Port Arthur Tx
  Explosion of the ship "Gulf Of Venezuela" Port Arthur Tx
  John W. Gates Fruit and Dairy Farm Port Arthur Tx
Leonard and Kathy Hilliard 2015
  Pleasure Island 1945
  Pleasure Island Roller Coaster and Ball Room 1945
  Port Arthur Pleasure Pier Mid 50s
  Pre-prohibition bar Port Arthur Texas 1920
  The Sabine Hotel Port Arthur Tx Proctor at Waco Street
Woodrow Wilson Jr Hi Twirlers 1964-65
  Lenny Larson (brother of Dwight Larson) sent us some memorabilia. see Memorabilia Index, Misc. Photos/Articles (Letter jacket patch located on last link)
Betty (Bernauer) and Ron Waedemon
  Mike Soileau 2015
  Amy Latiolais Kidder
The University of Texas

The University of Texas originated in 1839, when the Congress of the Republic of Texas, in an act locating the seat of government, ordered a site set aside for a university. A subsequent act the same year allocated fifty leagues (231,400 acres) of land to the establishment and the endowment of two colleges or universities. Whether because of frontier conditions, scarcity of money, a feeling that higher education was the concern of the rich who ought to pay for it, or disagreement as to where the university should be located, nothing more was done by the Congress or by the Texas legislature until 1858. That year the legislature made financial provision for a university by appropriating for the institution the fifty leagues granted in 1839, $100,000 in United States bonds remaining from the $10 million paid to Texas in the Compromise of 1850, and one section of land out of every ten reserved to the state in grants made in aid to railroads and a navigation company.

Every kid's first car

Prior to the turn of the 19th century, the bicycle was the predominant method of exercise, play and mobility for children. But when the automobile appeared on the scene, those same children became as enchanted as their parents by these powerful and attractive machines.

Toy manufacturers saw the desire of kids to take to the sidewalks like their parents were taking to the streets and began producing small metal automobiles propelled completely by leg-power. Bodies were built of sheet metal onto wooden chassis; wheels were wooden rounds covered with hard rubber tires.

Gary Clark Jr. shows off new Clifford Antone guitar

Backstage before his ‘Austin City Limits’ taping in August of this year, Austin blues hero Gary Clark Jr. showed off a brand new custom made “Remember Clifford” guitar that was given to him by Susan Antone, sister of the late club owner earlier in the day.

Clifford Antone took Clark under his wing when he was very young. “I wouldn’t have the musical education, the knowledge … if it wasn’t for that guy who allowed me to hang backstage with Hubert Sumlin and Pinetop Perkins and James Cotton,” he said.

Clark has signed on to be part of the blues club’s reboot. The ownership group for the new Antone’s also includes Will Bridges of Lambert, Susan Antone and Spencer Wells, an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society. The club was originally scheduled to reopen downtown on Fifth Street this summer, but Clark said the location is currently “being broken down to be rebuilt.” He predicts Antone’s will be up and running early next year. 

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