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Linda DeCuir's latest Newsletter - 05/01
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Janette Light Norton - waiting list for liver and kidney transplant
Robby Daigle - brother of Paula Daigle Sheppard, health issues
Diane Richmond Miller - having surgery in Houston April 20
Jerry Miller- prostate cancer
Ronnie Abate - husband of Joyce Marceaux on waiting list for liver transplant
Paula Daigle's husband, Glenn Sheppard (cancer)
Darlene Turner's baby great granddaugher-
heart issues
Janice Jones (death of a brother, John Mark Jones)
Josephine Martinez (death of her mother, Concepcion Martinez)
Vicki Cochran, our classmate, has passed away

Vicki Kay Cochran, 65, of Nederland, died Monday, April 27, 2015. She was born on September 13, 1949, in Port Arthur, to Gertrude Byrd and John Taylor Cochran, and had been a lifelong resident of the area. See her obituary

The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Gloria (Phillips) and Ricky Bradley celebrating 43rd anniversary
Ronnie and Joyce (Marceaux) Abate
  Ernie Castaneda Bullion and Sandra Garsea Broussard
Marissa Phillips, the daughter of Tim and Kathleen (Rosenthal) Phillips
"Screen door Jesus"

This took place in 1969.  It was located behind the Western Auto on Pt. Neches Ave.

Frankie Ward Melancon wrote," I went there many times and studied the photos .. and it appears to be a picture of Jesus.

It stirred up a lot of preachers. Some were angry that people were thinking it was some sort of miracle. Others declared it a miracle that it showed up for so many to see and perhaps renew their faith. Either way, it stirred up a lot of conversation."
Anne Coakley's trip to Utah and Colorado

"We visited Barb Bowers, who lives outside of Pagosa Springs and hiking up to Piedra Falls which is north of

 Piedra Falls." See the photos 

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