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Kent Koerth (husband of Jane Lippincott)- radiation for prostate cancer
Joyce Marceaux - mother fell broke collarbone and ribs
Janice Hebert - mother underwent back surgery
Iris Daigle - mother of Denise ('69) and Don Daigle ('67)
  The Rainbow Bridge  

The bridge over the Neches River connecting Port Arthur and Orange County was dedicated on September 8, 1938, as the Port Arthur-Orange Bridge and replaced the Dryden Ferry as a part of the "Hug-the-Coast Highway" on State Highway 87. As a result of a contest in 1957 it became known as the "Rainbow Bridge." Ferry service had proved unreliable, and on November 30, 1934, after a seven-year campaign, Governor Miriam A. Ferguson signed the bill permitting Jefferson County to participate in the cost of the structure. The bridge was financed by the county, state, and federal governments under the Public Works Administration at a cost of $2,750,000. Before the bridge was built a dispute over it arose between Port Arthur and Beaumont. Read more about the Rainbow Bridge

  The following photos are located on Imagevue in "Most Recent Photos"
Linda Blakley Shields Rindlisbacher and her new grandbaby, Karlie Ann
  Linda Louis Davis sent a photo of the autumn leaves in the Adirondacks
Bert Smith and daughter, Cindy in space simulator at NASA
  Mike Lawson's new grandson, Kai
  Diane Richmond Miller with first grandchild, Christian Miller
  Anthony Roccaforte's grandson, a standout for Nederland Bulldogs
  Lakeview, Texas (Jefferson County)
Lakeview is southeast of State highways 87 and 347, twenty miles southeast of Beaumont in eastern Jefferson County. It overlooks Sabine Lake. Artesian wells at the site provided water shipped up the Neches River to Beaumont during the latter nineteenth century. In 1928 the Gist Realty Company platted the Lakeview addition to Port Arthur. In 1938 Lakeview voters incorporated their residential community by a 51–13 margin. In the early 1940s the city had 852 residents. Impelled by wartime expansion of Jefferson County industries, the population jumped to 3,083 in 1950. Ten years later the figure reached 3,849, and during the mid-1970s it fell slightly to 3,597. Port Arthur attempted to annex the residential community in 1929 but was blocked by a court injunction. By 1980, however, Lakeview had been merged with its larger urban neighbor.
  The Ellen Pitts Memorial Scholarship Foundation
  The memorial event will be held at the Market Basket Grocery Store in Port Neches on Saturday, October 18. Read more about the event
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