"Jivin’ Gene” Bourgeois


Backed by the Jokers, Gene sent a tape of "Going Out With The Tide" and Up "Up and Away" to Floyd Soileau who was beginning to issue rock and roll records on his Jin label. The single did well enough on the Gulf Coast for Soileau to dispatch Gene to J. D. Miller's famous Crowley, Louisiana, studio. The recording session produced the haunting, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," which was an immediate hit in the area. Leased by Mercury with the help of East Teas record man, Bill Hall, a national label which harvested several Gulf Coast area independent singles, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," reached an impressive No. 69 during its four week stay in the national charts. This “Child of Rhythm and Blues” who is considered a pioneer in the field of “Swamp Rock” stopped playing until the 1980s. He worked on the Alaska Pipeline during 1970s. For many years, he worked construction through Insulars Local No. 22, along with fellow musician John Piggot. When Piggot asked him to play at some dances, Bourgeois returned to music and recorded an album appropriately titled “It’s Never Too Late”. As of 2020, he is still performing at local arts events and charity functions.