August 8
from Cynthia Marshall Devlin in Zavalla
Thanks for the last class website update. I am saddened at the health struggles for many of our classmates. I am wishing all to have speedy recoveries and Happy Trails for the future.
My sister (Kay Marshall '73) and I truly enjoyed our adventure at the University of Oxford and in London last week. I delivered my paper and was in the company of some special women from all over the world. One in particular really gave me pause to think about how blessed and lucky we are to live in such a wonderful country. This lady lost her university job in Ankara because she advocated women's rights. She has been threatened and has luckily found another job in Istanbul for now. She is so brave to go against a dictatorial government.
As I know, many of you are world travelers, but if you have not spent time at the British Museum be sure to do so when there next. I saw four pieces of art that were on my bucket list of ten. I only have one to go! We did visit the Pitt River Museum and the Museum of Natural History in Oxford. Seems to us that the food in England was much better this go around!
I am getting syllabi ready for the fall semester. Guess I will keep working for a while. I met a lady in Oxford who still teaches English and Hebrew at 81 years old. Don't think I will go that far! She was impressive.

It was so fun going to Honky Tonk Texas in Silsbee and listening and dancing to the Boogie Kings in August. Several classmates were there: Bobby Williamson, Jonnye Dee Doering Williamson, Ernie Bullion, Florence “Sissie” Woods Kilcrease, Darlene Turner Landry and Jody Prince Rains. The dance floor stayed filled as everyone seemed to dance to every song. They had a lot of line dances going on, also. It was so much fun.

Class of '69
Oct. 18-19, 2019 Benton's (formerly The Pompano Club)
6:30 – 11:30 pm Friday night - social
Saturday night - dinner, program and reminiscing
For more information: Sue Ingo Simon

Class of '70
July 17 – 18, 2020
Friday night – Museum of the Gulf Coast
Saturday night – Benton's (formerly The Pompano Club)
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I did have a classmate contact me to see if we could get one organized. I'll hopefully have more information at a later date if it pans out.

Murphy and I are heading out on our FIRST European vacation this month. We are nervous wrecks. We are booked on a riverboat cruise starting from Budapest then Austria, Germany and ending in Amsterdam. We fly from Houston to Frankfurt then a short flight to Budapest to start our adventure. We are traveling on Avalon Waterways which was highly recommended by our travel agent. I picked this vacation because Murphy's mom is full German and was raised in Anderson, TX. We still have her Lutheran catechism that is written in German. Her parents talked German at home. I have turned our house upside down looking for a spiral book that someone had published of the Schroeder side of his mom's family. We wanted to see where all his German side of the family came from before we stopped in several German towns on our trip. I even prayed to St. Anthony to help find “the German book”. I had to laugh because I ran across my paper back book of The Dairy of Anne Frank! I know she was in Holland, but it is the closest I came to finding the other lost book! Of course, I also had an ulterior motive picking this vacation. SOUND OF MUSIC!!! I have booked an excursion to do the Sound of Music tour in Saulzburg. Can you just hear me singing now? I had a nun costume my mom made me that was lost in Hurricane Ike! I hope some of you that have gone on this trip (on Viking or any other river boat) will contact me to give me some tips so that our nerves won't be so frayed. I keep having visions in my head of the Griswald's on their National Lampoon's European Vacation!!!!

Football season is here (go COWBOYS) and we are enjoying watching our two granddaughters on Friday nights at Hardin Jefferson High School in Sour Lake. Our youngest, Drew, is a freshman and performs as a member of the Starlettes drill team. She just got elected as Freshman Class President and President of the Spanish Club! It must be in her DNA. She is taking after me and her momma and her older sister! The oldest, Bailey, is a junior and is student trainer so we get to watch her help out the athletes on the field, also. She is planning on attending Texas A&M after high school to persue a degree in physical therapy. Her parents were both Texas A&M alumni.
Murphy is at the “beer lease” as I am writing this newsletter. He is filling up his deer feeders and cutting the shooting lanes with his tractor. I told him that it is too hot for him to be there, but men are hardheaded. He needs to do that before we head out to Europe, though. We won't be back until the middle of October and deer season starts the first weekend in November.
Visiting Planet Fitness is still on our calendar each week. We try to go three times a week. We just have to plan the visits around our doctor appointments! I know that most of you understand that. We will see if walking on the treadmill and trying to strengthen my legs is helping with my peripheral neuropathy. That condition is what worries me about my long flights going to Europe and back. Ugh. I have bought compression socks. I hope that is enough. Any other hints?

Felicia Hiatt Petit
is recovering from a knee replacement.
3008 Cambridge Lane
Dickinson, TX 77539
Florence “Sissie” Woods Kilcrease is resting at home with a possible blood clot. She still has complications that arise from her tramatic car accident a few years ago. Her brother, Al Woods (TJ '71), is recovering from an accident. He was working on a tin roof and slid off the roof, hit a scaffold on his way down and broke his hip. It required a hip replacement. He is on a walker at this time.
525 Magasco Dr.
Pineland, TX 75968
Jeanette Constantine Morgan's husband, Dennis, has been in and out of the hospital for several health issues lately. He is on the mend. 3901 Hwy 366
Groves, TX 77619

from Johnny Dennison in Glenwood, AR.
I am now home from five days in the hospital. After chills and 103.8 fever, my wife took me to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Tic Fever and Pneumonia. I was praying just to get through it alive. Through the grace of God I pulled through.
(I don't have any updated contact information on Johnny, just the city and state that I found on FB. Any information on Johnny for my class spreadsheet would be appreciated.)

Linda Carlesen Chapman's mom has been very ill but is recoupering now.
1526 El Cielo
Leander, TX 78641

Updates on Bart and Laura (Meece) Darby
Sept. 14
Laura will see a pain management doctor on September 25 to see if he can help her back issue.
From Bart:
On September 26, I will be having surgery to staple (plication) my left diaphragm in place which should help with my breathing issue. I should be in the hospital for 2 days if all goes well. I will be at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Memorial City.
24606 Heirloom Lane
Katy, TX 77493

Prayers needed for Mike Varing. He fell outside his home on September 9 and broke his femur. The ambulance transported him to the local hospital where they found that he had a tumor on his femur. He is still waiting for a bed to open at MD ANDERSON before he is transferred there. As of Saturday, September 14, he has not been moved to Houston.
749 Queen's Court
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Sarah Picton Albright
(4th grade teacher at Sam Houston Elementary & Red Hussar alumni)
September 2, 1936 – August 14, 2019

Marlene Fallin Santos
(death of her mother, Gussie Fallin at 100 yrs old)
February 15, 1919 – September 2, 2019
6409 Wallace Cove
Austin, TX 78750

Debra Jones Schwartzenburg
(death of her husband, Mickey Schwartzenburg)
June 15, 1947 – July 14, 2019
8 Thornhill Oaks Dr.
Houston, TX 77015

from Vicki Etheredge
Thank you so much for Jack Etheredge's obituary and other kind words and for the Mike Lawson tribute to Jack. We have experienced so much kindness and thoughtfulness and truly appreciate it. Please support those mentioned and also send me any news about your family or other classmates. That is how I get information to include in my newsletter and also what I send to Mike to publish on the website. Send me tips about the vacation coming up and say a prayer for safe travels as we head out on our big adventure abroad. Thanks, sweet friends.

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