From Charlie Cramer in Clinton, NY
May 15
Whenever I see a class update in my inbox, I have to stop and read your newsletter and other class news. It's always entertaining and I enjoy taking a virtual trip down memory lane to SE Texas. Your birth week celebration sounded like a real hoot. I had to chuckle when I read Joel Levy’s comment about the marriage of his daughter. He won’t be the last class dad to give one away, our Christina was born in 2000. She is a junior at Bentley University in Boston majoring in public policy and law. Having her move to Boston was ok, but her becoming a Patriots fan was more than I could take. We don’t talk during football season! She was offered a summer internship at the Department of Education in DC but this has turned into a virtual internship. Good thing we have high speed internet! I wasn’t too wild about her living in DC anyway.
So now, with the “new normal”, everyone is home for the summer. My semi-annual fishing trip to Minnesota is happening without me. The bass are happy, I’m not. Fortunately, my fishing buddy that I stay with in Minnesota came to New York for a week-long visit just before the virus, so I was able to acquaint him with all of the VFW and American Legion bars in the area. Normally most of my time is devoted to volunteer work at the VFW, so being home all day is quite an adjustment. The weather finally moderated so I got my garden planted and have been doing lots of home improvement projects that I have previously put off. Our Lowes usually has more staff than customers, so I feel safe shopping there. Never thought that I would see the day when a roll of toilet paper cost more than a barrel of oil. Stay healthy.

from Sharon Lewis Forrest in Nederland
May 31 I just can’t let today go by without mentioning this major milestone. After 25+ years, today is our son’s last day in the U.S. Army! Congratulations, LTC Chris Forrest, on a great military career, thank you for your service, and welcome to civilian life and the next chapter!

(I received the following message from our WEBMASTER/CLASSMATE, Mike Lawson for my 70th birthday.)
A note from Mike Lawson to Linda DeCuir McFadden I was sitting here thinking about how far we go back, coming into the world together, going to the same schools. Almost 15 years ago we put together the start of what is now a great tool for keeping classmates informed and rekindling old friendships. I remember the night when the website went live on the internet for the very first time. We were emailing back and forth as I was keeping you informed of the number of hits as they were being updated. I think we finished with 70 or so! That was pretty exciting. I think there is a lot more to come as you and I go forward with this venture and I can't think of anyone I would rather go forward with. Some day one of us will get to the point where we can't go any further, then we will know it's time to shut her down. I wouldn't want to work this thing with anyone else. Linda, enjoy your special day.
(I can’t believe Mike and I go back 70 + years to “meeting” each other while in incubators at St. Mary hospital. Mike was born May 4 and I was born May 5. Our mothers met when they shared a hospital room. And the rest is history.)
Mike works all the angles and tech for the website. He adds ANYTHING I send to him. He is so patient with me. He doesn’t even fuss when I FORGET things. He works tirelessly on trying to make the website a bigger and better tool for the classmates to enjoy and keep in touch. In the last few months, he has had a lot of trouble with the server we have used for several years. They would not help us out and also it just wasn’t working for us anymore. He wasn’t even able to send out the “heads up” notification to the classmates about our last update in May. Therefore, he had to shop around and spent many days trying to find something that would work for our website. He finally found a good one. I sent him some money from our website checking account to cover the costs. Anytime our site needs updating and/or additions, soft wear, etc., we use money we have saved in the account from previous classmate donations. So, if you would like to help build the account back up, you may donate ANY amount. It has been many years since I have asked.
We don’t have a Pay Pal account but you can send a check to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

Goodness, I didn’t think that in the two months that has passed since the last website update that I would still be talking about the CORONA VIRUS. Murphy and I just got out of our 14-day quarantine lockdown. Our 17-year-old granddaughter stayed here for a week and then tested positive the day after she left. She worked at a local restaurant that had two other employees also test positive. We made it through, thank heavens. We missed our annual week we spend at the Guadalupe River for the 4th of July, though.
Our Scandinavian Viking cruise was cancelled so we decided to use some of the money and splurge on getting a home Generac generator which we have talked about for many years. So, the good news is that we will hopefully be set for any storm that decides to come our way AGAIN!!! I think I will sit out in my backyard, sipping my Long Island Iced Tea and pretend I am on a cruise while quarantining as I look at my new generator we call “Ginny”.
June started out as a good month. My brother, Danny Boy, and his wife, Rosie (Bonura) ’66 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, a milestone also reached by our parents and my sister, Gerry and her husband. Murphy and I also celebrated our 50th anniversary of our FIRST DATE! (We won’t have a 50th wedding anniversary until July 28, 2023). To recreate our first date we started by going on a tour of the Newman Center (the Catholic Student Union at Lamar University) where we met in June of 1970. We then went to eat at the Pizza Inn now located in Port Neches and still run by the same owner, Donnie Broussard. They don’t have inside seating right now due to the virus so we took our pizza and headed to Port Neches Park and watched the ships go by while trying to handle pizza boxes on our “laps”! We weren’t there for the “submarine races”! Back at home, we watched the movie PAINT YOUR WAGON that we went to see at the Park Plaza Twin Cinema, while Murphy kept sneaking peeks at my Face Book page on his phone. He wasn’t interested in the movie since there was a lot of singing. Clint Eastwood sure looked hot to me, though. I told him that on our real first date that he didn’t kiss me goodnight, so don’t get any ideas!!!!
While in lockdown, I got Murphy to take down some photo albums out of the garage attic. We lost many of our albums in Hurricane Ike in September of 2008. But some had survived the six foot of salt water while being stored on a high shelf. Once I started looking at them, I realized that many of the pictures would be enjoyed more if I took them out and somehow shared them with the ones that were in the photographs. I ordered 20 boxes online and separated the photos, dividing them up for family members; our daughter, two granddaughters, siblings, nieces, nephews, and also several friends. I had so much fun for a month, reminiscing and shedding some tears along with lots of smiles. I spent a load of time and money at CVS scanning and making copies. After delivering and mailing the MEMORY BOXES, and envelopes with pics from long ago, I was then blessed with many e-mails, handwritten notes and texts telling me how much THEY enjoyed their new treasures. It also brought smiles and conjured memories of time gone by for them as well. I’m not crafty, not a good cook, but I did seem to have ONE good idea during this WEIRD time that we call our “new normal”.
Murphy and I purchased tickets to take our 15-year-old granddaughter to see HAMILTON at the Hobby Center in Houston on July 25. When it got cancelled, we got our money refunded. Then, lo and behold, it was streamed on DISNEY + this month! Win, win. $$$$ back and still was able to see it over and over while eating popcorn and relaxing in our recliners. No tall person in front of me, either. I know it isn’t the same as in person but it worked during this darn virus situation!
I am limping around right now because I slid on my floor recently and smashed my big toe. I landed in a split (not a pretty sight), the front foot smashed into a piece of furniture bending my big toe underneath. Problem is I have neuropathy and it was the toe that bothers me the most. It is now all purple and sore so I named it my COVID toe. So, if I am too lazy to do something, I remind Murphy that I am hurt. Seems to work pretty well until oops, he reads this newsletter!!

Jean Hebert Ornelas in Richmond, TX
May 15
Rotator cuff surgery.
My shoulder is SLOWLY healing. I have an additional 12 weeks of PT looming. It just takes time. The doctor said it would be a year before shoulder feels normal again. Along with the rotator cuff tear, I also tore my biceps and labrum. As the doctor put it, “significant” damage.

from Johnny Denison in Glenwood, AR
May 20
I had an aortic valve replacement. I am doing well and thanks all for the prayers. (Johnny can be contacted on FB)

Nancy Decker Primeaux in Kerrville, TX
(husband, Micka Primeaux)
May 20
Micka, my hubby, was diagnosed with bladder cancer right after Christmas. He had 2 surgeries & then March 3, he had to have his bladder removed in San Antonio. It was a very aggressive cancer. (Went from a stage 2 to a 3b in 4 weeks. We thought he had another kidney stone…) He had complications & ended back in the hospital for an UTI infection which is very common. He came home & then the incision became infected. We are now dealing with wound care & he is doing much better. And on top of all that, of course there is THE VIRUS!!! This has been huge. It has been a very tough time for us but we are managing just fine. Praises to all of the doctors & nurses that have been so gracious & taught Micka and I how to deal with our “new normal”. A few more months & he should be able to be golfing again! It is amazing how strong you can be when needed. Amen!
Asking for prayers & a healing for Mic. God has been so good to us as everything is going as expected.
1914 Weston Loop
Kerrville, TX 78028

Laura Meece Darby in Katy, TX
May 28
(a note from Bart Darby)
Laura had a procedure today. She had a device inserted between vertebrae to help alleviate the constant pain she was in.
24606 Heirloom Lane
Katy, TX 78028

Mikey Varing in Port Arthur
June 17
I'm in MD ANDERSON HOSPITAL and tomorrow I'm going to have a major surgery which is going to consist of an amputation of my right leg. Please put me in your PRAYERS.
(No update available)
749 Queen’s Court
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Ricky Bradley in Mustang, OK
June 18
(a note from Gloria Phillips Bradley)
We went to the Lung Dr. today, due to Rick not being able to breath & has been extremely exhausted all the time. The Dr took x ray of lungs & blood workup. X ray results showed the right lung is Pleural Effusion, FULL of fluid & not working. The left lung is the only one working. The doctor wanted a Cat scan taken today but couldn't get Rick in so he sent him to ER. The results showed same thing with also an infection in lung. They admitted Rick to Yukon Integris hospital for the night, then moving him to Baptist Integris tomorrow for a Thoracentesis to drain fluid from his lung. We covet your Prayers & Thank you in advance for standing with us!
June 25 Rick’s fluid has stopped draining but there is still half a lung full of fluid. The doctors took a CT scan that showed Rick's body is forming scar tissue between the lining of chest & lung. This will be very detrimental to his future breathing. July 1 Praise the Lord, Rick is sprung from hospital jail after 15 days!!!! Can't keep a Good man down long. He's already cutting grass. His rheumatoid arthritis was the culprit causing all the fluid in his lungs. Bless each one of you for holding us up while we were in the hospital. So THANKFULLY BLESSED to We love each one of You!!!
9221 SW 99th ST.
Mustang, OK 73064

Charlotte Pace Thurston in Port Neches
June 23
Charlotte had her 6th surgery in 5 years battling her cancer. Today she had a 6 hour surgery to replace her knee and remove the cancer in the bone of her leg.
2702 Mazur
Port Neches, TX 77651

Debbie Borres Desmond in Nederland, TX
June 29
Extensive surgery to remove three hernias in her abdomen. She came home to have to return later in the week to the hospital with clots in her lungs. She has returned home now and is recovering.
503 37th St.
Nederland, TX 77627

Linda Dowling Weldon in Woodville, TX
(husband, Robert Weldon)
June 30
(a note from her husband, Robert Weldon ’66, brother of classmate, David Weldon)
I found out I have a cancerous tumor in my bladder. We will be scheduling an operation to clear my prostate and get a sample of the tumor for biopsy.
July 3
Scheduled for biopsies on bladder and prostate and cardio tests first.
July 15
Cardio tests results were good. The urologist's office called me earlier and said I need to pre-register at the hospital again tomorrow and they will run a covid test. Biopsies are next Wednesday.
210 S. Reid St.
Woodville, TX 75979

Diane Richmond Miller
Scheduled for a knee replacement Tuesday, July 21
101 Hendricks
Silsbee, TX 77656

Louise Schenkewitz
(Terrell principal and various PAISD positions)
10/9/33 – 11/20/19

John Allen Travis
(TJ ’69)
8/30/51 – 59/20

Katherine Gaston Blanton
(faculty of Sam Houston)
12/20/20 – 5/23/20

Inez Joy Matlock
(mother of Ronnie Campbell)
11/16/23 – 5/26/20)
101 Dodge Place
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Murlin Lough
(father of Kathy Lough Hoffman)
2/3/27 – 6/18/20
1704 Helena
Nederland, TX 77627

Dorothy Turner
(mother of Mike Turner)
5/14/28 – 6/24/20
6987 Olympic Drive
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Well, this is another newsletter under my belt. I hope the next one will have more classmate input. By the way, if you are looking at this update on your smart phone instead of your desktop, (my favorite way of reading the update), you can find all the sites that Mike and I have worked on by clicking the THREE LINES that show at the top of the page. It will bring you to the MEMORIAL, OBITUARY, MILITARY, PHOTOS and other sites listed. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden