from James Leland Hebert in Waldorf, MD July 25 I got some good news today. Before I retired as a Navy civilian, I wrote up a final patent at work. It was approved by the patent office this week. It is my 3rd Patent.
Aerial drone for radar calibration Patent number: 10705187
Abstract: An aerial drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is provided for radar calibration testing. The drone includes an airframe including a fuselage with nose and tail, wings and elevators. The drone includes at least one antenna attached to the airframe, as well as a signal adapter coupled to the antenna to receive impinging radar signals and transmit an electromagnetic (EM) field that effectively cancels or combines with the scattered field of the drone, depending upon the adapter's mode of operation. In the first mode of operation, the adapter transmits an EM field that has an opposite phase to the drone's scattered field thereby reducing the radar cross-section of the drone. In the second mode, the adapter transmits an EM field that is in-phase with the scattered field thereby increasing the radar cross-section of the drone.
Type: Grant
Filed: May 18, 2017
Date of Patent: July 7, 2020
Assignee: United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy
Inventor: James L. Hebert
If you understand Radar Cross Section and calibration, it’s an interesting Patent.

from Janice Huebel Slaughter in Alberville, AL
July 31
Concerning Covid -19. We are doing so far so good on our end. Thankfully none of our children have lost jobs as so many have. We are in crazy times. We are doing a lot of home & yard improvements like so many others and we’re back at the gym wearing our masks & wiping down equipment.
(Glad you two are out and about)

from Sarah Flynn Hancock in Spring, TX
July 21
We are doing well. We are traveling to Lake Tahoe next week and will stay until October. We are looking forward to cooler weather and being outdoors.
(Hope the wildfires haven’t affected you too much)

from Terry Watson in Richmond, TX
I know you need news but there isn’t any here in Richardson. We had a big travel year planned; New Orleans, the Baltic cruise and the Rocky Mountain Train from Vancouver to Calgary---all cancelled. It’s a big deal to mask up and go to Kroger. I am so glad that Hurricane Laura didn’t hit Port Arthur. It did bring up memories of Hurricane Audrey in 1957.
(We feel your pain. Your story is pretty much all of ours.)

from Mike Harmon in Bellingham, WA
Susan and I have moved to the west coast. We live in an area called Sudden Valley about 2 hours north of Seattle, WA. and about 40 miles from the Canadian border. Of course, the border is closed now because of the Coronavirus.
We wanted to get away from the hurricanes, the hot summers, the poor air quality, among other things so when Susan joined me in retirement, we decided to take the plunge. This climate is very moderate... stays cool enough in the summer that most people don't have air conditioning and only a few snow days each winter. We are on the coast, next to the cascades, and close to our neighbor Canada. And I should mention there is quite a coffee culture here!
Thanks to you and Mike for giving me a touch of Texas now and then! Hope you guys keep dodging all the tropical storms...
(Murphy and I are jealous)

We received three donations to help pay toward our expenses for our website and soft wear that periodically needs to be updated. Many thanks. Donations received were from Sarah Flynn Hancock, Terry Watson and Janice Huebel Slaughter.
Donation checks may be made out to Linda McFadden.
Send to my home:
7699 Boardwalk Lumberton, TX 77657
I will deposit the checks into our website account at the local credit union. I know how everyone is hurt by this new Covid way of life and money is not coming in as usual. We certainly understand. We are in this, too. Thank you for your support.

We can’t say enough about the effect that these hurricanes are doing to us mentally and physically. So many evacuated due to the uncertainty of the path of this horrible storm. I thought I would make a list of MOST of our classmates that live in LOUISIANA.
Mike Vela – Houma
Glen Wigginton – Leesville
Norma Gayle Guidry – Baton Rouge
Kerry Thomas – Mandeville
Linda Lehr – Vinton
Marsha Preddy – Sulphur
Evelyn Hanks – Crowley
Susan Duplant – Vinton
Jean Anne Virden – Sulphur
Linda Clause – Baton Rouge
Enoch “Skippy” Cole – Alexandria
Michael Clayton – Lake Charles
Karen Cooper – Prairieville
Richard Cole – Evans
Beatrice Duplantis – New Iberia

From Susan Reagle Duplant in Vinton posted on FB
Sept. 1
Day 5: Short version...Slept in living room where it was cooler with the A/C. Not as comfortable, but a lot cooler. I have become a couch potato, there is about a 10 foot area that stays cooler, so guess where I am at. Also, 3 or 4 fans on. No tree cleanup on our road yet, so of course no Entergy. I know they are all working hard. I have the best family and friends to get me through this. I love you all bunches. PS..I only have cell service about 10% of a day. If I don't answer that is why.
Sept 2
Day 6: pretty much the same as the others. Getting use to the minor adjustments with a generator. Like shutting off the a/c when you use microwave or I was actually able to wash some clothes and hung to dry. Can get gasoline for generator locally and groceries in Orange about 10 miles away. Life is different, but we are comfortable and very Blessed. Love you all, we are fine, don't worry about us. Just all of you caring, is worth a billion dollars.
Sept. 6
Day 10 When you get your electric bill this month. Do two things for me. 1. Thank God you have electricity 2. Think of the people that cannot afford almost $30 a DAY for gas, for a generator. Close to $900 a month. There are so many elderly, families, single parents that just cannot afford that. Heat index today 106. My heart goes out to them.
Sept. 7
Day 11 We have LIGHTS! Thank you to all the linemen and tree trimmers.

from Linda DeCuir McFadden
I talked to Mike Clayton in Lake Charles. He is back in his house now that he has his electricity back on. He has been travelling back and forth staying in his late parents’ home in Port Arthur while working on his home. He got some water in the living room. He has 40 trees in his yard and had lots of damage to them. Many of the stores that were not completely destroyed are not opened back yet. They do have a Wal Mart that has reopened. Also, many contractors and tree trimmers have headed to Florida now that Hurricane Sally has hit. The city is on a curfew from 7 pm to 6 am.

I did not mention the massive amount of classmates that were also affected in the Texas area of Orange, West Orange, Little Cypress, Vidor and Bridge City from the wind damage. Port Neches, Nederland and also Groves were heavily hit with prolonged power outages.

Here is a list of most of the classmates on the West Coast that may be affected by the wildfires and smoke.
David Aucoin – LaMesa, Ca
Lee Benedetto – Tigard, OR
Linda Blakley – Oroville, CA
John Gardner Clark – Chula Vista, CA
Gary Jones – San Diego, CA
Carolyn Lyons – Port Hueneme, CA
Eugene Ivy – Portland, OR
Cheryl Mackey – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Randy Monte - Petatuma, CA
Gail Moriaty – San Francisco, CA
Randy Nacol – Bakersfield, CA
Paul Nicholas – Los Angeles, CA
Gail Snider – Edmonds, WA
Judy Thompson – Fremont, CA
Jane Ward – Lacey. WA
Harvey Whitton – Newburg, OK
Mike Harmon – Bellingham, WA

Classmates in those areas are listed below:
Jerry Whittredge – Tampa, FL
Robert Veal – Orlando, FL
Linda St. Romaine – Gulfport, MS
Patricia Patrick – St. Petersburg, FL
David Nicholas – Scottsboro, AL
Barbara King – Naples, FL
Billy Jordan – Decatur, AL
Janice Huebel – Alberville, AL
Dilalah “Lila” Holman – Ocala, FL
Christy Dodge – Destin, FL

As I write this newsletter, the tropics are filled once more with multiple storms.
Geez 2020….you are indeed a monster.

It has been 2 months since my last newsletter. With phases reopening, our social life hasn’t really changed but just able to start having more medical appointments!
The Girls group, Diane Richmond, Ernie Bullion, Debbie Borres, and I, had a birthday gathering at my home for Diane’s 71st birthday. She was recovering from knee surgery and we didn’t want to go out to a restaurant since we are all either recovering from surgery or anticipating one in the near future.
Murphy had cataract surgery Sept. 8th and will have another one on Sept. 22nd.
I am scheduled for my cataract surgeries on Oct. 20th and Nov. 3rd. Murphy wanted to get his out of the way and be healed by deer season.
I have been having to intermittently use my cane again due to nerve pain in my feet due to spinal stenosis. I had a laminectomy with 8 pinched nerves in the summer of 2016. I think I will check to see if PT will help.
I was able to spend a nice afternoon recently with Gayle Endsley for her 70th birthday. Gayle served as my maid of honor in our wedding and I haven’t seen her since her dad’s funeral several years ago. She moved back to the mid county area last summer after living in Austin for decades.
Murphy and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary July 28, 2020. We ventured out to Schooner’s and had a nice seafood meal.
Murphy celebrated his 4th year anniversary since his “mild” heart attack on Sept. 19, 2016. It came on due to being off of his blood thinners for a colonoscopy. The doctor happen to say “mild” heart attack and I tease him about that word. Murphy said it is only MILD when it is not YOU having the attack. We celebrated his father’s 100th heavenly birthday also today. He passed away in 2004. We made a trip to Greenlawn cemetery to put our autumn flowers on the grave and then ate lunch with his baby sister and brother in law at Tequila’s on Gulfway Dr. It was just a MILD lunch, though.
While deciding what to do for the upcoming Hurricane Laura, we choose to stay at home as opposed to evacuating from Lumberton. We crossed our fingers that it was the right decision. We had a new home generator installed in July and hoped that would be all we would need. Our daughter evacuated here since her home had flooded in Harvey in 2017. She works for an insurance brokerage firm and was planning to set up her office here, if necessary. Luck would have it that the office set up wasn’t needed nor was our new generator. Praise God. Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the ones in the tropics to not come near us.
Drew, our granddaughter, will be turning 16 in October and is getting a new golden retriever puppy. Their other sweet golden is 13 years old. They have never had a puppy. It is going to be different. Also, congratulations being voted Sophomore Class President.
Oldest granddaughter, Bailey, is turning 18 in February, works at a restaurant on the weekends and is in her senior year at Hardin Jefferson HS. She is anxiously awaiting, hopefully, an acceptance letter from Texas A&M at the end of this month.
We were scheduled to leave on our cancelled 17-day Scandinavian cruise this week. Oh, well. Our new normal.

Laura Meece Darby in Katy
Upcoming hip replacement

Charlotte Pace Thurston in Port Neches
Battling cancer

Robert Weldon (husband of Linda Dowling) in Woodville
Treatments for prostate cancer

Ricky Bradley in Mustang, OK
Treatments for cancer

Mikey Varing in Port Arthur
Aug. 21
I'm now so blessed to be home from MD Anderson in Houston. It's been a long hard battle with being up there alone. I missed everyone so much. I'm on my way to a full recovery. I have several more treatments left to do and I'll be well by the grace of OUR PRECIOUS GOD. When I was in the hospital this time, I had my Right Leg Amputated after the seventh surgery in the three and a half months stay. I just obtained a prosthetic leg and I'm learning how to walk with it. Every day I thank My PRECIOUS GOD for placing a hedge of protection around me and keeping me alive. Thinks for all the Prayers, Phone Calls and Love and Kindness every one of You showed to me. I would Love to hear from You anytime 409-549-1040.

Felicia Hiatt Petit in Dickinson
Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands in the last two months

Gloria Phillips Bradley in Mustang, OK
Grand mal seizures

Joy (daughter of Paula Daigle Sheppard) in Port Neches
Recovering from Covid and pneumonia

Ron Bullion (husband of Ernie Bullion) in Lumberton
Recovering from leg surgery

Jimmy Schexnayder in Port Arthur
Recovering from recent heart surgery

Rhonda Soileau (wife of Mike Soileau) in Atlanta, TX
Recovering from knee replacement

Bill Richey in Orange
Upcoming knee surgery

Albert Clarke (husband of Becky Bivens Clarke) in LaMarque
Heart attack and stint placement while in Denver, CO


Beverly Fontenot Nixson
July 11, 1950 – September 17, 2020

David Salter
October 13, 1949 – August 23, 2020


Steve Robison
(death of wife, Adrienne Robison)

The late Lizbeth Branick
(death of her mother, Vergie Branick)

Kathy Melancon Perio
(death of her mother, Jean Melancon)

Beth Anne Sutherlin Coakley
(death of her mother, Yvonne Sutherlin)

David Aleman
(death of his sister, Ollie Aleman Vergara)

Gary Dorsey
(member of the Boogie Kings & sister of Sherry Dorsey ’67)

Ted Primeaux
(owner of Ted’s Record Shop)

Due to my breaking my eye glasses this week and having upcoming eye surgery, I didn’t want to spend money on replacement glasses I wouldn’t be able to use. So, I am having to cope with wearing my glasses with a RX from 5 years ago. It is very hard to see the spreadsheet with all of the addresses for you. So, therefore I did not include that information for those listed on the SUPPORT AND CONDOLENCES section of my newsletter, as usual. Please contact me personally if you need an address to send a get-well, encouragement or sympathy message to a classmate. My contact information will be listed below my name at the bottom of the newsletter or on the front page of the website.

I have added a new search engine that allows you to search the '68 site. This replaces the existing engine that only searched the internet. It is located in the upper left side (location same as the old one) of the home page, just above the Newsletter link. You can type in any classmate’s name and it will take you to areas in the website where that name is mentioned.
Mike Lawson

I hope that you have found something interesting, newsworthy, or important in this newsletter. I sometimes miss items of interest about a classmate on FB. I know I have probably made typo errors on the e-mails or city locations listed. Also, some might have changed since we last confirmed the spreadsheet information for the 50th reunion. If so, please contact me so that the information stays current. I want to thank the classmates that wrote me for the MAIL CALL. I am doing a happy dance at my desk (bad feet and all) because I had more MAIL this time than since the class reunion. Thank you to those who informed me also of classmates to add to the SUPPORT and CONDOLENCE sections. But, don’t forget to contact me with news of any classmates for me to add to our NEXT update. You are such an important part of the website and newsletters. We couldn’t do it without you.

Stay safe and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden