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.. .Ricky Bradley - E-5 Sergeant

......Chris Forrest - Commander of the 252nd Signal Company
......Jim Forest - Retired Army CW04
 Jim Forest is a retired Army CW04. He was a helicopter pilot and served in the army for 20 years. The husband of Sharon Lewis.



Two years ago today we laid my husband, Jim  in the Arlington National Cemetery. There was a  blizzard going on, Washington DC was literally shut down and that morning it was doubtful whether the ceremony would even be possible. But, as a result of the dedication of the US Army Caisson Platoon, 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), and the love and support of so many family members and friends who were willing to travel so far to brave blowing snow and slush, we granted Jim's longtime wishes to be buried in Arlington.  It was one of the saddest, yet proudest, days of my life.  I miss him every minute of every day, but I know my sweet husband and hero soldier rests in peace among his comrades in arms.

..... Andrew Forrest - Army Pvt

Sharon Lewis Forrest with Grandson, Pvt. Andrew Forrest, after basic training graduation at Ft. Jackson, SC (Feb. 2017)

......Matthew Philip Brown - Commander of the 25th Rear Detachment
......David Lapham - Stationed in Saigon at Davis Station
      Arthur Eugene Hufstetler - VietNam - U.S. Army (Deceased)

He was drafted into the Vietnam War in 1968 as a member of the United States Army. He received a bronze star for his courageous efforts over seas. He was honorably discharged from the Army when he completed his service in October 1971. He came home to marry his wife, Vicky, for now of 39 years in June 1971.
      David Weldon - VietNam - U.S. Army
These always will be "My Brothers in Arms."
David on the far right

"Just returned Thursday (2014) from a reunion with 8 other members of my old platoon in Las Vegas. It was a great time with old friends. We had a reunion in Deadwood, SD in 2009. This is our second time to get together. We had a couple more attend this year and hope to find more of the vets from our unit. These were and always will be "My Brothers in Arms." (David is in the light shirt and beard on back row of recent picture.)

 Jim Saxton

The dog handler and Charlie saved us many of times.  He is still a friend.

      Billy Caldwell Army Aviation (Helicopters) UH1B or

    (slicks slang name) - U.S. Army

Served in Army from Dec 1970 Until May 1974
In country or Vietnam July 71 until Dec 72 
With 164th Aviation Combat Group (Can Tho) in the Delta Provinces (door gunner)

165th Aviation Combat Group (Long Binh)  (door gunner)

1st Aviation Brigade (Long Binh) (crew chief) for General Jack Mc Mull 

Reaching rank of Specialist 5th Class
Frank Timmerman
Army Spec 5 Medic
Frank Timmerman
Frank Timmerman and friend
Jim Sandifer - Army 
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