Matthew D. McCarty - Captain U.S. Army
Matt is on the far left and another US Army Captain is on the far right, An Iraqi officer (maroon cap) is explaining some
aspect of the current security situation in the city. The man in the black cap is an Iraqi interpreter. Matt is currently
serving as the Commanding Officer of B Troop, 1st Squadron-4th Cavalry Regiment. Location - Northern Iraq
Video of Captain Matt McCarty

The first part of the video clip shows Lieutenant Colonel Scott Nelson, the Commanding Officer of the
1st Squadron-4th Cavalry Regiment and then Captain McCarty who is the Commanding Officer of B Troop in the
1-4 CAV. The unit is based at FOB Sykes, a Forward Operating Base in northern Iraq near the border with Syria

  Cody Huebel - PFC Generator Mechanic
   Cody Huebel is the son of classmates Harry Huebel and Pat Williams Huebel. He is a general mechanic with the
   U.S. Army, stationed in Camp Casey, Korea. 
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