The Events of 1968    (Taken from the "Calendar" booklet)
Year 1968 (MCMLXVIII) was a leap year starting on Monday of the Gregorian calendar.
                          September 6 - Swaziland becomes independent.

September 7 - 150 women protest against the Miss America Pageant, as exploitative of women. It is one of the first large demonstrations of Second Wave Feminism.

September 11 - French General René Cogny and 94 others die in a Air France Caravelle jetliner crash near Nice in the Mediterranean.

September 17 - The D'Oliveira Affair: The Marylebone Cricket Club tour of South Africa is cancelled when the South Africans refuse to accept the presence of Basil D'Oliveira, a Cape Coloured, in the side.

September 27 - Marcelo Caetano becomes prime minister of Portugal.

September 29 - A referendum in Greece gives more power to the military junta
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