Michael Lawson Jr. - SH3 3rd Class Petty Officer, USN
Evan Tomlin - Sonar Technican USS Cowpens
Casey Cox, son of Florence "Sissy" Woods
Mike Soileau, Class of 1968, USS Kitty Hawk


Kitty Hawk pulling into Hong Kong Harbor had been on the line (in combat) off the coast of Vietnam for many weeks getting supplies and a break in this China Harbor had my first Shark Fin soup here. Even got to pick out the shark from a live tank haha. I was soo young and unlearned in the world were most of us there. In July 1970, when Admiral Zumwalt, at age 49, became the youngest man to serve as the Navy's top-ranking officer. He allowed beards and longer hair than normal as you can see. Bless all of you out there today. Mama's prayers keep me alive I believe like many other prayers from others ..Jesus is Lord


Flight deck of USS KITY HAWK CVA 63 TONKIN GULF Jet just landed from a bombing run in Vietnam ... I hopped in the seat and got pic.  Wasn’t supposed to be in there. Had hair then   About 1970.  God Bless our Vets .

Joe Gongora, E4, United States Navy

US Navy

Feb 69-Feb 72


Vietnam June 71- Jan 72

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