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from Gayle Endsley in Austin

It's been a long time!  I left Port Arthur after graduating from Lamar in Elementary Education.  I've lived in Austin since 1972 and have been involved with family here, getting certified in Special Education at UT, working with kids with special needs and enjoying Austin.  My only child, Ethan is a senior this year and has “senioritis”!

(Gayle and I became very close friends during our trip through Lamar together and she served as my maid of honor in our wedding.)


from Gloria Faye Burks in Longview

After over 11 years of living and working in Bryan/College Station, I am finally back to Longview.  I have been very blessed to have great friends in Bryan and CS yet, this is going to be a great new beginning, or maybe an old one that is revived.  I have enjoyed some wonderful times with my family here.  For that, I am especially thankful.  It has put me closer to both of my children and ALL of my grandchildren!  What a blessing after all these years away!  I have already been in touch with a few friends that I left so many years ago.  I am also beginning to make new friends along with the friends that I already have here.  On Monday, I start a new job using the training I received as Master Certified Deputy Registrar at the City of College Station.  Each day, I ask the Lord to direct me where I need to be for that day. Who knows where He will take me from here? I know that if it had not been for the Lord, there is no way that I would here. He was with me every step of the way. I am thankful beyond words!


from Fred McCarty in Kingwood

We had our family together here for a few days during the holidays and we got to meet our fourth grandchild who was born in Hawaii in October. With two grandkids just under age 2, and two more born late last year, it was exciting to say the least.


from Harold Erixon in Liberty Hill, TX

Debbie and I are doing fine.  Our daughter Melissa is set to get married in May of 2016. Our son will be based in Ft. Worth for the next three years.  


from Janette Light Norton in Cypress

Rich and I have now been married for 45 years and the hardest part is staying 39!  We recently had a perfectly wonderful day.  We made a little pilgrimage back to some of our old haunts- those that still exist anyway.  But, all along the way memories of you crept into our old stories.  We definitely weren't terrific at 19 but our lives have been.  Thank you for blessing our lives.  And for the record, Rocky Road is our favorite ice cream.



Several classmates met Saturday, Feb. 21 at Tequilas in PA by the mall to just enjoy a few hours laughing, talking and reminiscing.  The fellowship was felt by all.  Those present were Betty Steck and sister Marian, Dianne Dupre, Marilyn Jackson, Ernie Castenada, Paula Daigle, Sherry Clingan, Felicia Hiatt, David Petit, Adela Cantu and Juan, Bobby Williamson, Jonnye Dee Doering, Mary Wells, Cheryl Robinson, Sandra Garsea, Joyce Marceaux and Ronnie, Carla Castro, Jeanette Constantine, Florence "Sissie" Woods, Juanita Perales, Charlotte Pace, Shelley Dettman, Cecelia Trevino and Tony "Snake", Diane Barker and sister, Kathleen, Georgette Licatino, Darlene Turner and Steve, Camille Jones, and Linda DeCuir.  Several husbands that were on the RSVP list ended up at home “babysitting” grandkids so their wife classmates could attend.

The group all “voted” to have another luncheon in a couple or three months.  We need suggestions on where to have it so that we can stand up and mingle before, during and after the meal.  We loved taking photos, also.  Some of you posted your pics on FB and I tried to get as many as possible from there to have Mike post on our website.  Others that haven't posted any yet, please send to me or Mike and he will add them to the “mini-reunion” Feb. 21 folder.  These gatherings aren't just for the HENS.  Let's get more of the guy classmates and husbands to come to the next one!  Felicia and David came in from Texas City, Florence “Sissie” drove from Pineland, and Betty came in from Houston to attend.  Charlotte Pace Thurston attended and I am thrilled!!!  Charlotte and I were BESTIES in Travis Elementary and Woodrow after she moved from DeQueen.  She has been on our SUPPORT list since April when she was diagnosed with two types of cancer.  After several surgeries, radiation and chemo she is in remission.  She is normally a very shy person and doesn't usually do CROWDS like ours.  She decided to attend this time.  “Nearly dying” will do that to you!  WELCOME to our crazy group, Charlotte.  Love you.   Now, let me hear of your suggestions of a venue that will hold a large crowd for our next one. I bet Charlotte will be there!  “-)

(The pictures of this gathering may be found in IMAGEVUE in the REUNION folder.  Then, look for MINI-REUNION, Feb. 2015.  Don't forget to send me more photos.)


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Carla Castro Stewart mentioned that she is trying to get a classmate  cruise worked up for this coming October.  I don't know the details at this time but I will get them to you as soon as they are available.  I do know that the classes of '67 and '70 have had cruises and they were a hit.  Stay tuned and leave October open until she comes up with dates.



Our 50th reunion won't be until 2018 but it is never too late to start talking about it.  We lose devoted committee members each year we meet because of circumstances that are sometimes not under their control.  Some have illnesses, night driving issues, elderly parents or spouses, or they have moved too far away.  We will need MORE members to share with the decisions and attend committee meetings when they start up again at the end of the summer of 2017.  Marilyn Williamson has graciously volunteered to help by becoming a new member.  We usually meet once a month for a few months updating member information for the spreadsheet.  Then, we start meeting twice a month as it gets closer.  Of course, then once a week.  The meetings usually last one to two hours.  Regarding decorations next time....several classmates have requested the ORIGINAL maroon and gold for the color scheme since it is such a SPECIAL reunion being our 50th! 



Mike and I have been jumping up and down, (it isn't pretty), lately because we have received donations from three classmates.  Fred McCarty, Diane Barker Foreman and Jeanette Constantine Morgan have been so generous in donating to the cause.  Many thanks. (Some asked at the “mini-reunion” what is a proper donation.)  Over the years we have received $5.00 and up.  It all goes into a WEBSITE CHECKING account.  Thanks again.


Fred also sent this message with his donation:

As you know, TJHS 1968 is very special to me and all that you and Mike have done to keep our class together has been wonderful. All I can say is Thank You, thank you, thank you!



Well, Lent has started and I hope to make some sacrifices as well as do a little more good!  Maybe cook a little more often and DUST!  Yuk.  Maybe not. 


Only 43 more days until MLB opening day!  Yea.  I don't care for basketball so we have been watching a lot of real crime TV.  Sometimes I dream of the shows I have watched.  Glad I haven't been the victim. 


True Story!  Murphy isn't much of a BOOK reader, but when he does read one he usually picks a Non-Fiction book about a war hero or something like that.  Well, that has stopped since the last NEWSLETTER!  Our fellow classmate, Robert (Bob) Sewell has come out with a Fictional series that is about a young man who becomes a cardiologist and then his work and family life.  I purchased the first three books, (the fourth to come out shortly), and MURPHY won't put them down!  He brings them all over the house.  He goes to bed early to read more!  He even turned off ESPN (what?) at 9:30 am to read.  He texted me to tell me what “Jack and Elaina” were up to in the book! He even walked in the other day and said, “Jack is really in a bind now.”  Well, this is what I have to say, “Where is my husband and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?”  Now, he is going to pace until the fourth and final book in the series is released.  Before you say anything or think it, NO, I have no motive in promoting these books.  It is just so fun to see Murphy enjoying reading again.  By the way, I really enjoyed the first one myself and now will begin the rest of them.  You may contact Bob at or 


Dad is doing very well.  In fact, he has been better than me.  I have had the “crud” for two weeks; coughing, congestion, laryngitis, etc.  Dad is just hanging in there doing what he does.  No fair, he didn't give up anything for LENT.  If fact, his cooks say he eats EVERYTHING they put in front of him, especially SWEETS.  Well, I know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



Most of us were affected in one way or another by strikes while we were growing up.  That pretty much has not happened around the golden triangle in decades until this week.  Please pray for those on strike and those that must assume their supervisory jobs at the plants.  One of our classmates works in a bargaining position that I am sure is also very stressful.



from Pat Trahan Knox

Feb. 12

Well, as it stands now, I will have out surgery on my knee next Thursday, Feb. 19. If all goes well, I will have my foot surgery two weeks later on March 4. I think someone accidently told this association that I was wealthy! Losing weight would help both problems; however, I can't walk because of my foot and I cannot bicycle because of my knee. I told Ray he surely could find a younger person without all of these problems.....he is still so very handsome!! I am a very lucky wife to have him! Thank you for all of the sweet thoughts. I truly am blessed. 

(update, Feb. 22)

Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes! The surgery went fine, but it's quite sore. I'm doing my exercises as ordered. The first 2 prescriptions given to me for pain yesterday caused allergic reactions. I finally have one that doesn't make me claw at my eyes!! Dr. was really nice and his best friend works with my daughter-in-love. I'm ready to walk a little, but have to take it easy.


Sandra Nicks had been hospitalized with pneumonia.  She has now been released.


Hugh Lively had a triple by-pass.


Shari Champagne Adams had gallbladder surgery.


Debbie Borres Desmond is recovering at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas from hip replacement surgery.


A note from Nancy Trimble Myer '70

Friends of Connie Kuhn: I don't know how many of my friends out there know Connie Kuhn, from TJ, class of 1969, but she has Stage 4 cancer and she very desperately wants to stay at home. If any of my friends out there can possibly volunteer to stay with her at night, please let me know so that I can let her friend who coordinates these things know that you are willing to help. They are running out of volunteers. Connie sleeps most of the time and they just need someone to be with her as Adult Protective Services will not allow her to be alone. Please private message me and I will give you my number so that I can give you contact info to call. Thanking you in advance. Connie has been a wonderful friend to me since I was a sophomore at TJ, and I want to do all I can for her. She is such a good person with a big heart and no funds. God will give it all back to you a hundredfold, I promise.



Carl Bodin

(death of his mother, Zoe Bodin)

342 Roberts

Bridge City, TX 77657


Glenn Wigginton

(death of his father, Clovis Wigginton)

Simpson, LA


from Summer Fogel

(daughter of the late Larry Speake)

Ten years ago today, my Dad left this world. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him. My Dad was a wonderful father and an amazing man. I am so glad he saved this sweater from his football days at TCU. It is so great to be able to have something of his and purple just happens to be my favorite color. The picture I am holding is one of my all time favorites of my Dad. He was a great football player and so full of determination. Today and everyday, may we always remember LWS, #28


from Jack & Charlotte (Cunningham) Etheredge

Today we lost a very precious man in our life. Our beloved brother-in-law Bobby. He brought laughter, love and happiness into our lives. He will be truly missed by All who knew him. I was lucky to have in my life for sure.I want to thank everyone for the prayers and kind words. Bobby was one of a kind. Wish everyone could have known him. We thank God for blessing us with him to be part of our family and our lives.


from Jeanette Constantine Morgan

Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that 6 years ago today I lost my baby sister . She was the one that we could always count on when we needed anything. Ellen was a big part of my children's lives and also my grandson Tyler's. I must say she spoiled them rotten. When God took her to be one of his angels she had a son getting married in a couple of months and a daughter fixing to graduate from high school and this was so hard on them but I know she is watching over them thinking WOW I raised 2 great kids. I know we will be reunited one day and until then I will forever hold the memories of our fun times close to my heart. I miss her more and more each day. Rest in peace sweet Ellen. I love and miss you.



                                Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

                                Linda DeCuir McFadden








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