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from Cynthia Marshall Devlin

Jan. 2

(I sent Cynthia a note telling her I forgot what and where she taught.) 

You have a huge extended family of grads to keep up with and I understand why you forgot what I taught.


I teach American History from the ancient to the present at SFA in Nacogdoches.


from Carolyn Bigler Hebert (Alfred Hebert's wife)

Jan. 9

Thanks also for sharing the FB posting of the RED HUSSARS........someone should post that the name of our group was Red Hussars, NOT Red Hussards with a D in the name. If anybody knows how I can save that video, I would appreciate knowing how. Red Hussar 56-58. I never knew they shortened the skirts. The skirts had to be a certain number of inches from the ground when I was a Hussar. That kept the hemline even/uniform when viewing as a spectator. I don't understand the reasoning behind the short skirts except that the Cashmere Wool was and is an expensive fabric. That's what the white skirts were made from. Those were glory days!


We had to evacuate from our home on Oct. 8th due to Carbon Monoxide, sewer gases, and mold. Two air purifiers is what saved us all the years we have lived here. That, plus not being home by going to all the triathlon events and the many trips we had taken. My health started declining rapidly after the air purifiers quit working. Since being out of the house all these months, almost three, we have discovered We are fortunate to have survived the carbon monoxide.

We are hoping to be back in our home by the middle of this month (Jan. 2016). The furnace was tagged and has been cleaned as have the air ducts and registers. But, the actual source of the carbon monoxide has yet to be discovered.


The guys who checked the house when the carbon monoxide monitor read 57 did not see there was no P-Trap for the a/c. It was the air quality guy from ERI who dug down into the insulation that discovered it. Please check and make sure you have one in your home. We have been going from one motel/hotel to another and resorts up here. One week-end there wasn't a place to stay so we went to Louisiana to check on the Hebert land and visited family in Port Neches and Nederland going and coming.


Thanks again for a great website and keeping me informed.


from Amy Latiolais Kidder

Jan. 29

Well, it is official.  Today is my last day in the work force. I am retiring with bitter/sweet emotions. I will miss everyone at work, but it is time I take time for me and Johnny. With GOD's help and all the support I have from my children, it will be a good ending and a great beginning. My office employees and Dr. Palmer, love y'all!!


from Beth Anne Sutherlin Coakley

Jan. 29

Just read on CNN that there will be more plastic in the ocean by 2050 than fish.. More than sad..



Thursday, February 4- Sunday, February 7

Check out the website and check out the FUN.  It is a very safe and fun venue.

Laissez les bons temps rouler !!

(Don't forget the Lenten season begins Ash Wednesday, February 8.)


Face Book Posting about Website

I happened to post on FB at the beginning of this month that we had an updated website and NEWSLETTER.  I also asked if you liked our website.  Mike and I were touched by all the comments and compliments that you wrote.  Below is a sampling of a few:

         Love it

         Good as ever

         Looks great

         It is wonderful to stay connected to the classmates

         This was my first time to see it.  I loved looking at the photos.  Thanks for all the work that goes into putting it together.

         Thanks for keeping us in touch.

         The website and newsletter are always informative and greatly written

         Love the family stories

         Beautiful website for the Class of '68

The comments were made by readers from the classes of '66, '67, '68, '69, 70.  We also had comments from friends from FB that aren't even from TJ.  It was a really heartwarming collection of responses.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  



Every so often I receive a note from a classmate that tells me of a change of cell #, address change, deletion of work #, e-mail changes, etc.  THANK YOU!These updates are so important.  Please contact me or Mike of any updates.  Also, we need to know of any classmate deaths or death of a spouse or immediate family member.  Frequently, we learn of these from another classmate.  These deaths are not always in the newspapers.  



Not too much from Dad this month, thank heaven.  I did go over there to see him one day and he said, “Glad you are here.  Let's go.”  “Where are you going?”  “I'm ready to punch out.”  Okay.......  Lol.  He won at Bingo last time I was there and you'll NEVER guess what he picked for his grand prize....SWEETS.  The doctor's office called the other day and reported that ALL his blood work is NORMAL.  What?   Murphy and I have to have a note pad when they call with our results.


In the last NEWSLETTER I told you about my brother slicing an artery in his wrist at the “beer lease”.  So, recently his anesthesia group threw him a retirement party and I gave him a gag gift of a rubber knife and a rubber bow and arrow set with suction cups on the ends.  I told him maybe he would have better luck than with a gun or scapel.  He never shot one bullet this season except to sight in his shot guns.  I call him Barney Fife.  One bullet in his pocket! 


I am very proud of him.  He started working in the operating room when he was 20 years old in the Air Force as a medic and surgery tech from '65-'69.  He was stationed in the Philippines for two years in surgery working on injured airmen that were transported there.  After coming home, he entered Lamar U. in the two year nursing program offered there and then two more years in Galveston to complete his four year RN program.  Next, he went to Houston to complete a two year course in becoming a nurse anesthetist. And, the rest is history.....50 years in the operating room.  He didn't really want to retire, but his hearing is so poor, even with VERY, VERY expensive hearing aids, that it was a must.   Love you, Danny Boy!


Speaking of the “beer lease”, a couple of strange things have happened lately. 

The last weekend of the season is a little stressful because everyone is trying to finish their “quota”.  But, on Saturday, a favorite guy on the lease was found dead in his trailer.  He died of heart failure at the young age of 65.  He was known as the camp cook and the good guy on the lease.  He was still working as a dentist in Beaumont.  RIP, Tommy Gautreaux.  You will be missed by all.


Murphy and I headed to the lease yesterday to fill up the feeders with corn.  When driving into the campsite, we were met by NEWTON COUNTY sheriff deputies with BLOOD HOUNDS!  They were checking all the trailers and the surrounding areas.  A 26 year old male was missing and had been seen by a logging truck operator a few yards from the campground NAKED!  DON'T LOOK, ETHEL! 

(update:  He was found.)


Monday, February 1 is my 36th cancer survivor anniversary!  Thyroid cancer, lymph nodes, paralyzed vocal cord, etc.  Murphy and I are going to celebrate by going to the Lutcher Theatre on Tuesday to watch The Hillbenders, a bluegrass show. 


Can you believe it?  Major League Baseball is almost upon us!  Twenty days until the pitchers and catchers arrive.  Spring training games start March 3rd.  Then, April 4th, THE SEASON BEGINS!  I can't wait!!  Probably just classmates, Bob Sewell and Charlie Fontenot are interested in this posting!!!



Murphy always asks if I have mentioned him in the NEWSLETTER.  Well, today he was a gem.  I was very sick for about 4 hours, even contemplating going to the hospital this morning.  Murf is not a natural caregiver, (he will admit it), but he came through in a pinch.  By the way, I had taken the first pill of a new medication that didn't seem to AGREE with me!  Ask me if I am taking the second one.  NOPE.  I was lying on the floor, leaning across the bath tub to ease the abdominal pain, vomiting, and earlier stopping on the side of the freeway coming home from an errand thinking I was having a heart attack!  Bye bye to the other 29 pills in the bottle.  The doctor and I were just trying to see if we could find some help with a chronic problem I have.  I think I might just die with this old problem still happening.  Anyway, I'm used to it by now. 



Jan. 22

(a note from Cheryl Thibodeaux about her husband, Danny Pitre)

Danny is battling myelodysplastic syndrome. He was diagnosed last August and has been undergoing chemo at MDAnderson since September.  He has had severe problems with his lungs as a result of the chemo and the Dr. recently changed the chemo which will start next week. Since it will be 5 days in a row, once a month we have opted to do this in Beaumont under the direction of MDA. He has had about 15 units of blood since September. The only cure for this disease is a Stem Cell Transplant. Hopefully the chemo will get his "counts" where they need to be for the transplant.

We pray for strength and courage at this difficult time.

We are blessed!  Many thanks for prayers!

9672 Beverly

Orange, TX 77630


Jan. 20

(a note about Tommy Romero)

Surgery went well! He's in recovery now! They put 3 stints/balloons.. The 2 other areas they were concerned with look to be ok! No other surgery needed unless he is having chest pains! He will stay the night and come home tomorrow... Thanks for all the prayers!

2919 Azalea

Groves, TX 77619


Jan. 23

(a note from Florence “Sissie” Woods Kilcrease)

I was doing really well, but had to be rushed back to the ER in Beaumont with blood clots in both legs. I will be staying with my youngest son and his wife until I am stronger.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

525 Megasco Dr.

Pineland, TX 75968


Jan. 5

(a note from Sandra Tauzin Flores)

My husband, Richard, has been diagnosed with ALS.  Home health is starting today.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Jan. 23 (update)

Some good news. We saw the dr. today. Richard can have surgery that will help relieve the pressure on his nerves. They will be doing an MRI, C-SCAN and cardio workup on Feb 1st. The dr. said he may be able to walk a little and have some use of his left hand again with therapy.

6118 17th St.

Port Arthur, TX 77642


Jan. 29

My niece's husband, Ryan Valure, is awaiting tests to see if he and his father are both healthy enough to complete a kidney transplant.  Ryan is 38 years old and this will be his second transplant.  His first one was when he was 26 and in graduate school.  He had never had any reason or symtoms of renal problems before it was diagnosed.  His mother was his first donor.  Please pray for this to be timely and successful.  The waiting list is 3-8 years for those who don't have a volunteer donor who proves compatible.  He is on daily dialysis at home during his sleeping hours.



Our class has lost another classmate too soon.  May she rest in peace.


Yolanda Guerra

November 5, 1949 - January 26, 2016


A private family gathering will be held at 2:00 p.m. on 01/30/16 at Memory Gardens of Jefferson County in Nederland.


(a note from Carolyn and Alfred Hebert)

Thank you so very much for sharing the news about the death of faculty member, Betty Cowan. We were able to share comments in her guestbook. She was my typing teacher. We will miss her at the Retired Teachers Luncheons.



I am very sorry if you sent something to share or a news item that I might have tucked away to add to the NEWSLETTER and it is missing.  We brought our computer in to be worked on and it came back not so much like we remembered it!!!  Ugh.  I am still trying to find and sort out information and files.  The problem is that I am technically challenged and my classmates that are really smart with these things don't tend to like my MAC!!


Remember to take the time to send me anything I can place in the NEWSLETTERS or on our website.  Remember that this is your site to enjoy.  I don't want it to always be about MY crazy family.  Love you all.  Well, maybe not ALL.  OKAY. ALL!


                   Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

                   Linda DeCuir McFadden






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