The Class  NEWSLETTER                                                                         10/07/18



from Kay King Young in Rosenberg, TX

I attended an honorary tea for Women of Distinction at Christ Methodist Church. Betty Bernauer Waedemon was being honored for her many years of service. She works so hard for the body of Christ and is such a wonderful role model for women. I am in awe of her selflessness and was thrilled to see her honored today."


from Pam Mabry Bergman in Stonewall, TX

Words are insufficient to express appreciation for all the work done through the years for our class. And the 50th weekend was just over the top!! So much fun.


from Carol Olivier Nunez in Waldsenburg, CO

I am still relishing in my wonderful memories of our 50th reunion. I know everyone works hard in planning and executing their reunions. However, my opinion is that this committee went way beyond hard work. I am amazed at the flawless execution and laser focused attention to detail that made our 50th reunion remarkable and memorable. I am a retired teacher and teachers are evaluated each year. We all strive to get the “5’s” ranking on our yearly evaluation but more importantly and really honorable is to get the “E Q’s, which stand for “exceptional quality” for each skill evaluated.
I certainly give our reunion committee the “E Q” they so well deserve.
Thanks for a great 50th reunion experience!



Be thinking about it.  Maybe closer to that year we might plan a get-together.



Pictures taken by photographer Mike Tobias at the Friday night social, the tour of TJ, and the dance Saturday night are still available.


Mike Tobias

518 Barbara Ct.

Pt. Neches, TX 77651



Frank Timmerman was kind enough to hand out books written by his brother, the late William McKissick Timmerman, Jr. (TJ '66)  at the reunion.  They went FAST!  His brother passed away before it was published.  I LOVE this book.  I am so sorry that there wasn't enough for everyone.  But, I have an idea.  After you finish it, pass it on to another classmate, etc.  My husband is not a book reader.  He read it in three nights.  It changed so much of what I didn't know about how we came about.  The street names, school names, etc. finally made sense.  What these early settlers had to endure.  If you have put it aside and haven't started it, then don't wait.  I promise you that the read is worth it. Thanks, thanks, thanks to Frank for thinking of us when he donated them.  Drop him a note and tell him what you think about the book. 

Frank Timmerman

451 CR 246

Hondo, TX 78861



Making changes needed for the outdated website, Mike has been working on a new look, also.  I sent him some of your donated website money to implement these changes.  He works very hard on this and many hours to make it the best for all of you.  Thanks again for your support.



We just returned from a week road trip to Arkansas.  We knew it was too early for the fall foilage but we needed a get-away.  While enjoying Eureka Springs, I remembered that Larkin Eddie Thompson lived there.  I always carry my classmate spreadsheet in my vehicles.  (I know, weird! What can I say.)  We had time to drive around one morning and we put his address in Google Maps.  Murphy said, “You haven't seen him in probably 50 years so don't decide to go knock on his door.”  We headed out and 30 minutes later and almost where we started, we landed on a mile + gravel road.  Much to my pleasure, we came upon him walking back to his house!   We had a great time catching up.  Ha Ha Ha Murphy!  We didn't go inside, but his home was beautiful and sat on lots of acreage.  He did lose over 100 oaks due to a tornado last year.  He said that he keeps in touch with John Wilson and David Salter.  Murphy really enjoyed talking with him, also.  He told me that Danny Abraham had a shop in old town Eureka Springs.  It is called Eureka Gourmet.  Hopefully you might be able to check it out when you are up that way.  We passed it but was in a huge truck and had trouble finding a place to park at the time.  Next time, Danny.


After a short one day trip to Branson, MO we headed down to Mena, AR.  Ernie Castaneda recommended staying at the lodge there in Queen Wilhamenia State Park.  It has beautiful scenery.  While there I ran upon a book about how Mena was started.  ARTHUR STILWELL!!!  I bought the book and was amazed at the history about the railroad going through there and then of course, down to Port Arthur.  The book had many, many photos of old PA.  What a nice surprise.


There's more!  The culmination of this trip brought us to our special treat.  We had plans to meet classmate, Kenny Bragg at the state capitol in Little Rock.  It was so fun to catch up with him and his sweet wife, Beverly Romero '69. Kenny is in his third term as a State Representative, District 15- Grant, Hot Spring and Jefferson Counties.  He was elected House Majority Leader in his second term and is now the Assistant Speaker Pro-Tem.  He is running for re-election in November.  He gave us a grand tour and we were even allowed to go into the vault and I got to hold ½ million dollars!!!  Murphy got to hold a roll of quarters!   He also brought us into the chamber where all the hearings take place.  He showed us the buttons on the voting, etc.  Really cool. 


Kenny and I met on the first day of high school because we were lucky enough to be in Mr. Lionel Rowland's homeroom! As I have written before, we were very close knit in his room.  It was a very special time.  He named us “Rowland's Mafia”.  I asked Kenny why I didn't see that on his resume!


A note from Kenny after the visit:

Linda, thank you so much for you and Murphy taking a detour to come visit the Arkansas State Capitol. It was a pleasure to show you around where I have spent a good part of the last six years. Beverly and I thoroughly enjoyed the time together reminiscing about TJ and Rowland's Mafia. I still don't think I can add that association to my political profile. I hate that I missed the 50th reunion.  Between two legislative conferences and mission trips to Alaska, Dominican Republic, and India, there was not much time left in the summer.  This fall is busy with campaign events and legislative meetings. We start budget meetings this month in preparation for the general session beginning in January. Thanks again for making the effort to make a special trip over.


It's baseball PLAYOFF season! Let's go 'Stros!  I am in heaven watching all the playoff games.



Nelwyn Comeaux Blanchette's brother has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayers needed.


Jeanette Constantine Granger had two heart stents put in this week.

3901 Hwy 366

Groves, TX 77619


Jack Etheredge was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (brain tumor) a couple of weeks after he attended our 50th reunion. He is undergoing treatments in PA after having surgery at MD Anderson. 

450 Gilmer

Bridge City, TX 77611


Lana Weber Guidry is recovering from a total knee replacement.

3333 Turtle Creek Dr.  #811

Port Arthur, TX 77642


Vicki Plaia Michaels has ongoing health issues that need prayers.

23721 Eagle Bend LN.

Parker, CO 80138


a note from Beth Anne Sutherlin Coakley

My brother 'Jimbo' called me today to tell me that he is no longer going to go through chemo after his 7+ year journey with cancer.
He will stay at home and be on hospice until he leaves this earth.
He asks that his service be a remembrance ..not a funeral.
I'm asking that anyone that worked/knows my brother from his graduation at TJ in 1971 or A&M in 1975 or hunting/fishing or Texas Parks/Wildlife or our old neighborhood close to
Griffin Park or First Christian Church PLEASE send me stories/remembrances of my brother.. so we can laugh about our fond memories with him.

Thank you for your help in this very hard time..

3320 Meadow Wood

Bedford, TX 76021



We now have Wayne “Golden Toe” LaGrappe's obituary in our MEMORIAL section. 

September 30, 1949 – July 13, 2018


a memory from Hal Ross

I remember Wayne was a good man, and his mother was my first swimming teacher and my first Cub Scout den mother, at least that’s what I remember, but sometimes my memory is not so accurate. But, even if she wasn’t my swim teacher or den mother, I do remember her to have been a wonderful lady.


A memory from Linda DeCuir

Wayne was one of the Rowland's Mafia members along with his wife, Jean Ann Virden.  What fun we had at poster parties making big “GOLDEN TOE” posters for the football games.  Memory has it that we won all the contests!  Wayne even played Santa at Sears. 


Judy O'Grady Samuels

(death of her brother, Pat O'Grady  TJ '66)

June 30, 1948 – September 22, 2018


1904 Glass Ave.

Rockport, TX 78382


Darlene Turner Landry

(death of her husband, Steve Landry)

October 13, 1947 – August 9, 2018


3195 Williamsburg

Port Neches, TX 77651


Jeanette Constantine Morgan

(death of her father-in-law, Sidney Morgan)


3901 Hwy 366

Groves, TX 77619



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