The Class  NEWSLETTER                                                                         11/04/18




from Pam McLeod Young in Graford, TX

The 50th reunion was great! All the hard work showed! Just a note to let you know Mary Bess Rizer Johnson and I are still going on adventures. We have just returned from Myanmar ( old name Burma) where we went on an Irrawaddy river cruise. We were surprised to get such a good deal with Abercrombie and Kent. We boarded the 20 passenger deluxe boat and set out with around 15 other travelers. We were upgraded to the 2nd largest suite on the boat and had our own private guide and driver. Well, come to find out that country is about to have a full blown revolution. Who knew? Mary Bess and I escaped the earthquake in Nepal by 1 week, spent the celebration of Ramadon in Zanzibar and now missed the revolution in Myanmar. Guess we are living right or at the very least blessed. Blessings to all.


from Billy Fowler in Gladewater, TX

Thank you so much for encouraging me to attend the mini reunion.  When I returned home I told my wife how glad I was that I decided to take the time to go.  I also contacted my first wife, Gloria Faye Burks, and told her no one remembered me until they were reminded that we were once married. We both got a kick out of that.   I also enjoyed seeing and talking with Fred McCarty and David Petit as well as so many others.

Afterwards, I went to visit an old friend who graduated the same year, but from Nederland, but he did marry a T.J. woman and they are still together. He has had health problems in the past couple of years, but is doing well now and we had a great visit.  I got home safely at 9:00 pm, then set my clock back one hour; perfect end to a perfect day.


from Cherlyn Hebert in Houston

I just got back from a cruise around Spain, which is a beautiful country. So many quaint churches and white-washed villages. The downside to Spain is that it somehow seems to be built all uphill. The highlight to my trip was the two days I spent in Barcelona after the cruise. Once I saw that the cruise ended in Barcelona, I knew I had to stay on so that I could visit the Sagrada Familia, quite possibly the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. It’s been under construction since 1882 and completion is scheduled for 2026. The inside of the church is impressive, but it’s the carvings on the outside that left me teary-eyed. They are like the Bible come to life. The carving of Peter and the sorrow on his face after he had denied Christ left the biggest impression on me. How someone can carve grief into stone is beyond me. If you ever get a chance to visit Barcelona, make the Sagrada Familia a priority.



Marilyn Jackson Williamson had several classmates asking when we would have a gathering.  So, she set the luncheon on November 3, 2018 at Sombreros Restaurant in Nederland due to the large room that has ample seating and allows for the flow of guests to mingle.  Lots of laughter and visiting went on while many viewed the large framed posters that were also on display at the 50th reunion in July.  Ernie Castaneda Bullion brought in a delicious cake that depicted TJ logos and a pic of Big Buzz and set up a pretty table.  She also made name tags to help with our MEMORY.  We had a sparse crowd this time (26 total).  We do hope to have more the next time.  We were all glad to see a newbie, Billy Fowler who traveled several hours to attend.  He was not able to attend the reunion in July.  Check out the pics of the mini-reunion in our photo section.  Thanks to Ernie for being the roving photographer and sending me the pics. 



Checking out FB on Veteran's Day I was able to snag a few more pictures to add to our military section.  Please send me pics, information about years of service, rank, and locations served.  Thank you for your service.



(I have several classmates listed below....more than usual.  One reason is because I haven't written a NEWSLETTER since October 6.)


An update on Jack Etheredge from his daughter on October 20

The tumor showed a small amount of progression. The residual cancer cells left from the surgery have coalesced to form a nodule, but there does not appear to be new growth. This is a good sign. Genetic testing of the tumor showed that my dad was resistant to the initial chemo drug used in his treatment so he will be starting a new protocol with a new chemo medication administered through a port. Also, he doesn’t have to do any more radiation which we are so thankful for because the aftereffects from that have been really hard for him. GOD IS GOOD!! Please continue to pray for this amazing and strong man.

(Jack was diagnosed with glioblastoma a couple of weeks after our reunion.)

450 Gilmer

Bridge City, TX 77611


Oct. 26

from Linda Dillingham

After a cancer diagnosis four years ago, I am feeling great. I go for scans next month (November) and feel I will get excellent report. I have very rare form of sarcoma, but 4 surgeries, chemo and 25 rounds of radiation have me "clean" since March. Sounds like a lot, but I have done fantastic.

3311 Laurel Crest Dr.

Kingwood, TX 77339

Vicki Plaia Michaels has ongoing health issues that need prayers.

23721 Eagle Bend LN.

Parker, CO 80138


Pat Trahan Knox is having ongoing health issues and mishaps.

She burned her hand getting out cornbread out of the oven.  Then this week the following:


Well, you all may need an occurence for your weekend. My youngest grandson in Beaumont, Rhett, had a basketball game at 5:30. It's too late, but that doesn't matter. I had to get something from my car (do you have any idea how many white SUV's there are in Beaumont)!! . I have tried to get in the wrong car numerous times. The parking lot Because of all of the white SUV's, I pushed the button so the lights would come on and I'd be done. For some strange reason, they had installed a speed bump. My concentration was in finding my car. Well, I fell. I was just lucky...........many times I don't take my phone in with me. I texted Ray and here he comes running. I just had a little soreness on my jaw, two finger boo-boos, an aching arm, and the very worst thing is I must have bruised a rib. I'm really for it to heal! I've decided I need to buy clothes made with bubble wrap. Have a good weekend!

925 Brandywine

Beaumont, TX 77706


Frank Mirabella had a freaky fall Thanksgiving weekend.  He had surgery.  The following is an update on that from his sister-in-law, Debbie Mosier Mirabella '70:

Nov. 23

The surgery is finished. The dr. said he had a really serious fracture and was one small step away from being a quadriplegic !! It was much worse than we first thought. His neck was broken. It is all fixed now and he should be as good as new in about 3 months. He will be coming home tomorrow or Saturday. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. God is still a miracle making God. All praise and glory goes to Him!

5514 Longmont

Houston, TX 77056


from Mike “Mikey” Varing

Nov. 30

To All My Friends And Family:Today At 6:00 A.M. I'm Having An AorticValve Transplant At St. Elizabeth's Hospital Please Keep In Your Prayers.

749 Queen's Court

Port Arthur, TX 77642


Bart Darby and Laura Meece

Multiple health issues

Bart is also having knee surgery on the 14th.  He previously tripped over a speed bump in a parking lot and damaged it.

24606 Heirloom Ln.

Kingwood, TX 77345


Diane Barker Foreman had a pacemaker implanted the first week of November.

5541 Garfield

Groves, TX 77619


Charlotte Pace Thurston

ongoing battle with cancer

2702 Mazur

Port Neches, TX 77651


Allen Andrus is battling his cancer issues.

407 N. 31st St

Nederland, TX TX 77627


I am positive that there are many more classmates and family members that need to be on this list.  I have to try to scan FB to try to catch any items about illnesses or surgeries.  But, I only check FB once a day.  Please contact me if you know of any others that need to be listed.  Thanks.




Beth Hobbs

(death of her mother, Margie Coleman Hobbs)


78 10th Street East   Unit 3104

St. Paul, Minnesota 55101


Beth Anne Sutherlin Coakley

(death of her brother, Jim Sutherlin)

Sept. 26, 1952 – 2018

3320 Meadow Wood

Bedford, TX 76021


A. J. Hebert

(death of his mother, Ruby Vandewerker)

Mar. 9, 1930 – Oct. 22, 2018

101 Rayburn 100

Brookland, TX 75931


Marc Huber

(death of his brother, Dr. Tighe Huber)

Dec. 11, 1952 – Oct. 7, 2018

2008 Wright St.

Austin, TX78704


Robert “Bob” Sewell

(death of his mother, Dorothy Helen Sewell)

Aug. 30, 1922 – Nov. 15, 2018

529 N. Lakewood Circle

Bridgewood, TX 76426 



 May you and yours have a very happy and safe holiday season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


                                   Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

                                                   Linda D.