The Brain Injury Peer Visitor Association® provides HOPE, SUPPORT, EMPATHY, EDUCATION, and INFORMATION for hospitalized and rehabilitating brain injury survivors and their families. and via email and the telephone, from someone who has BEEN THERE …and DONE THAT.

   Would you like to: 

·         Speak to a brain injury survivor?

·         Talk to the caregiver of a brain injured loved one? 

·         Have a personal email or phone call from someone who has BEEN THERE …and DONE  THAT?

·         Receive a free helpful packet of information? 


All types of brain injuries are visited (caused by aneurysm, anoxia, tumors, surgery, brain disease, brain bleeds, car wrecks, falls, beatings, sports related, and stroke.


All services provided are free.


       Click on this website link or contact Ann Boriskie, Director and Founder at 770-330-8416,


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