Missing Classmates

A classmate has been classified as "missing" if we do not have a valid address. We need your help in locating them so that we can update our class.list. Please help us with any input about a spouse name, address, city, telephone, and/or email address or any a sibling we could contact. Any information will be helpful for us to locate the classmate and complete our master file. Contact me with your information.


Bobbie Achord
William Bruce Bailey
Mary Jean Ballard Michon
Thomas Hayden Bradford
Carroll Paul Cashat
Charles “Bruce” Collins
Caroline Colunga Puente
Cynthia Daris
Linda Marlene Davis Smith
Laura Devillier Macha
Sandra Downey Dearman
Linda K. Draper
Kathleen Dumas Wyatt
Gwendolyn Edwards Franklin
Diana Frances Elizondo
Linda Espinosa Wyatt
Glen Lloyd Flohr
Gwendolyn Edwards Franklin

    Cheryl Eileen Freeman
    Margaret Gaines Wilder
    Amelia "Amy" Gandy Thompson
    Willis Joseph Gary Jr
    Patricia Diane Graves
    Billy Gray
    Elaine Hammers Barnes
    James “Jimmy” Harrison
    Gary Lynn Hebert
    Robert Christopher Hickson
    Sylvia Huffy
    Tommy Charles Jenkins
    Eduardo “Eddie” Roy Jiminez
    Patsy Ann Johnson Hawks
    Peggy Ann Johnson Baskerville
    Susan Ketherside
    Thomas “Tommy” King
    William “Clyde” McManus
    Marilyn Mires
    Charlotte Moore
    Karen Pardue Davis
    Willie Ray Patin
    Vicki Peterson
    Linda Dianne Petry
    John Preston

         Ronald Glen Prince
         Sharon Richard Barnhill
         Robert T. Richmond
         Lois Ann Root Borel
         Ralph “Craig” Runyan
         Carlos Huberto Semino
         Susan Ann Sherrer Daigle
         Rebecca Ann Simon White
         Robert Singleton
         Gary James Smith
         Allan Charles Tate
         William I. Taylor
         Gerald A. Theriot
         Pamela Thibodeaux Price
         Lynette Marie Thigpen Calvert
         Kerry Thomas Yeates
         Don Wilson Toups
         Mary L. Waldrep
         Linda Weisensee
         Clarence Williams