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Published in 2007

01/04/2007     Mail Call; Condolences; Death of Classmate Donnie Wade: Contributions to the website                (Read Update)

01/18/2007     Mail Call; Newspaper headlines; Condolences; Website Obituaries; Contributions to the website                 (Read Update)

02/03/2007     Mail Call; Mr. Rowland's surprise e-mail; Website Contributors; Condolences                 (Read Update)

02/15/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributions; Condolences; Project Obituaries; Classmates Married To Classmates; Mardi Gras Traditions                 (Read Update)

03/02/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributions; Condolences; Tragic Death of Arthur Gracia; Texas Indep. Day; Day Light Sav.; Crawfish; Website Revamp; Chicago Here We Come                 (Read Update)

03/27/2007     Mail Call                (Read Update)

04/13/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributions; Support Needed (Classmates); Condolences                 (Read Update)

04/27/2007     Mail Call; Voting Reminder; Misc. Tidbits; Website Contributions; Condolences                 (Read Update)

05/11/2007     Mail Call; Mother's Wisdom; Condolences; Website Contributions                 (Read Update)

05/26/2007     Mail Call; Support Appreciated; Support Needed; Condolences; Website Contributions                 (Read Update)

06/09/2007     Mail Call; Senior Moments; Flash back to 1957; Class of '67 40th Reunion; Repeat Condolences - Fathers; Website Contributions                (Read Update)

06/23/2007     Mail Call; Graduate News; Hurricane Memories from Joel Levy; The Post Card drive; Class of '67 Reunion; Condolences                 (Read Update)

07/06/2007     Mail Call; Hurricane Audrey News; The Post Card Drive; Missing Classmates; Website Contributions; Condolences - Death of John DeCluitt, III                 (Read Update)

07/20/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributors; 40th Year Reunion News; The Death of Albert "Jack" Weldon; Condolences                 (Read Update)

08/03/2007     Mail Call; 40th Year Reunion News; Website Contributors; Support Needed; Condolences - The Death of Patricia Ann Picard                 (Read Update)

08/18/2007     Mail Call; Support Needed; Website Contributors; Condolences; Prayer For Hurricane Season                 (Read Update)

09/01/2007     Mail Call; A Story from Linda DeCuir; Support; Condolences                 (Read Update)

09/29/2007     Mail Call; Support; Condolences; The Death of Bonnie Romero                 (Read Update)

10/13/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributors; A list of classmates married to each other; Support Needed; Condolences                 (Read Update)

10/27/2007     Mail Call; Post Card Madness; Route 66; Faculty; Website Contributors; Support Needed & Notes of Thanks; Condolences                 (Read Update)

11/09/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributors; Support Needed & Appreciation for Support; Condolences; The Death of Michael W. Coats                 (Read Update)

11/25/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributors; Sara Jane Road Legends; Christmas Card Idea; Linda DeCuir talks about her parents; Sad News for the Class of '67; Condolences; The Deaths of Toni Lee Adams, Annetta M. Johnson and Wilford Hightower                 (Read Update)

12/07/2007     Mail Call; Website Contributors; Things You Don't Hear Anymore; Bridge City News; Support Needed and Health Update                 (Read Update)

12/23/2007     Mail Call; Holiday Eating Tips; Happenings In Bridge City; Support Needed; Condolences                 (Read Update)