Tim Foust


Tim wrote and arranged 12 songs on his solo album entitled The Best That I Could Do. Tim is known for his remarkably wide vocal range covering 5 octaves and his bone vibrating base notes. His writing and arranging capabilities are also significantly demonstrated on the album.
In 2012, Tim officially joined Home Free, another acapella group. In 2013, with Tim in place, the Home Free sound came together. They successfully landed a position to compete on the 4th Season of The Sing Off television program, ultimately winning the competition.
Home Free tours the world traveling through more than 16 countries annually. The group has placed several albums on the Billboard Top Country Albums charts, and as of 2019, their online video viewing number is 350 million and growing. ​
"They're the only group that I've seen in years that could capture what we captured and carry it further." – Oak Ridge Boys' Duane Allen (Rolling Stone Country)
Home Free collaborations include songs with Don McLean and Kenny Rogers before his passing. A pre-filmed concert was streamed from December 2 to December 5, 2020, and featured guest appearances by Alabama and The Oak Ridge Boys, among others.