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Please check out our military section. Dianna Caillier Lewis has sent in pictures of her granddaughter who is in the Navy. Classmates may send in pictures and information of yourself or ANY family members.

It is very important to keep us informed of any changes in physical address, E-MAIL address, cell # changes, etc. Thank you to Dale Guidry who recently sent me his home address change. After the death of his wife, sweet Marilyn, his kids wanted him closer to them. So, he moved from Nederland to the Fannett area. Best wishes to him.

A very close life-long friend of mine passed away recently. I was asked to give the eulogy about our growing-up years on 8th Street in Lakeview. I thought you might smile at some of the same memories you probably had yourself.

The following memories are those I shared at the funeral for Jean Judice, TJ, class of ’69, who passed away on Sunday, Oct. 10. Not only are they my memories, but I also gathered some from two other neighbors who weren’t able to attend the funeral service; Linda Lockwood, class of ’66 and Elaine Sherman, class of ’67. It was a very touching military funeral in honor of Jean; a Marine who proudly served in Vietnam.

By Linda Sue DeCuir McFadden
The families I will talk about today lived on the 5000 block of 8th Street in the Lakeview addition in Port Arthur while growing up. My house was the 5th house from the corner and the Judice house was the 8th house. During the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, the neighborhood was our playground and the children in the block was not only playmates, but were our “bonus” brothers and sisters or at least terrific “cousins” you got to see EVERY DAY. Our neighborhood “tribe” consisted of the first 8 houses on each side of our block and a CLAN we all were. 8 families out of those 16 houses went to St. Joseph Church. So, we ended up being together 7 days a week. During the summers we spent 3 hours each morning for 3 weeks at summer catechism. When we finished each day, we knew we could go to any of the houses for lunch and we did.
We had so many children raised in these homes; 38! 25 on one side and 13 on the other side of the street. Ask me and I can tell you how many in each house. With that many kids, there were always a few your same age group to hang out with. You could get mad at one and just grab someone else to spend time with. The oldest neighbor kid graduated in 1951 and the youngest in 1975! A span of 24 years.
We ate at each other’s homes, had some sleep overs, moms often watched someone else’s kids in a pinch and we always had wonderful birthday parties over the years. Since most of our moms didn’t work, they got the kids ready to go to school and they hung out together having coffee and dessert each day.
Jean and I were the closest in our age to each other. I was 4½ months older. We played together from the start especially since our moms were best friends and Posey was also my Godmother. We grew up together and had a special bond.
Jean and I would climb trees, pick blackberries, play in the water puddles and ditches and tried to get the crawdads out of the crawdad mounds. I enjoyed going across the pier to Pleasure Island to watch him play Little League baseball. That was fun, except for the one time when he walked behind another team mate who was swinging his bat and he hit Jean across the head and caused a “cauliflower ear”. Okay you boys, I know you’ll have to GOOGLE that term. His was quite swollen and I’m sure it was very painful. Jean had another accident was when he was climbing the swing set in his backyard and a large bolt sticking up on the top ripped into his arm as he fell. Hospital for stitches!!
We had a lot of fun skating with the metal roller skates that you tightened with a skate key you wore hanging around your neck. We were lucky that a new neighbor a couple of houses down the block had REAL concrete in their driveway and allowed us to use the driveway to skate. Often, we would share our skates with our other playmates. We also played hide and seek for hours and red rover, red rover. We rode bikes and played football in the middle of the street. We had to make sure we headed home when the street lights came on, though. Maybe a not-so-fun memory of growing up was when we got in trouble and our parents made us go get a switch off the tree. Only us old timers know how much that stung our legs for quite a while. Especially since we wore shorts all the time playing outside.
Even though Jean and I were so close in age, we were a grade apart in school. We had different classmates but still had our neighborhood friends. As we graduated from high school, Jean and I didn’t see each other as often as our lives took different paths. I went to Lamar University to become an elementary teacher while Jean proudly served in the US Marines.
We did stay in touch through our moms over ALL these years. We always knew what was basically going on in our two families. Time passed and Jean and I did what we were taught. We loved our children as they did. We doted on our grandchildren. But we never forget our own childhood. We never forgot the love shared by our wonderful neighbors. They were our extended families. All 28 parents and 38 silly, fun-loving, snotty, and sometimes bratty kids.
RIP, sweet Jean. I’ll never forget your smile, your kindness, and your lifelong friendship. You will always be my “younger brother”. Until we meet again, please hug my mom and my sweet NanNan, Posey. I know that their smiles are as big as yours knowing you are fully healed, whole again and in the arms of Jesus.

Memories of Jean Judice
By Linda Lockwood Boutte
We moved from Beaumont into the 8th Street neighborhood right across from the Judice home. Most of the neighbors had moved there in 1940 or so. We moved there in the early 50’s. Jean and I were 3 years apart in age. Since we were newcomers, Jean taught me not to play or walk in Mr. and Mrs. Golden’s yard since they didn’t have kids and their yard was off-limits.
I remember how much fun the neighborhood kids had playing outside since no one had air conditioning, then. We would move in a pack from one house to another. We played cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, hide and seek, chase, tag, among many other games.
I remember Posey piling all of us in the car and taking us to their camp on Cow Bayou in Bridge City.
What I remember most about Jean was he was a sweet kid and grew up to be a sweet and wonderful man. Although, once in a while he would deal Darla and me misery when we wanted to play by ourselves.
Our neighborhood was just one big family instead of just neighbors. Sweet memories.
Rest in peace, Jean. Love to your family.

Memories of Jean Judice
By Elaine Sherman Landrum
I grew up in the old Lakeview neighborhood four houses down from where the Judice family lived. The neighborhood at the time we grew up contained at least a couple of dozen kids. We all knew each other and played at each other’s houses and in their yards. Jean was a sweet boy, and seemed to like the things we did together. I was a tomboy and he was my buddy even though we were two years apart.
All the neighborhood mamas were collectively our mamas, as well. Any of them catching us up to no good was sure to fan our bottoms just as quickly as our own mother would have done. In short, we kids never had much chance to misbehave often, BUT misbehave we did.
My earliest memory of Jean was in his front yard. He was wearing some white drawers that I am pretty sure were just underwear! It registered in my mind, but didn’t bother me enough to not want to have someone new to go places with and enjoy new adventures.
We had some little plastic cowboy figures and my mama had a petunia bed on the side of our house. Jean and I made trails and clearings for the cowboys and toy horses to travel through. I remember spending hours “clip clopping” the cowboys up and down the “trails”. We would lie on our sides or stomachs so we could get a ground level view making our characters appear bigger than they were. Unknown to mama, we would pick her Petunia blossoms and suck the sweet nectar out of the flowers. It was a quick way to get sweets!
Our neighborhood had alleys behind each row of houses where the trash men would come each week to empty the garbage. We would travel three or four of the blocks checking the 55-gallon cans for “treasures”. On one particular day, we found a cat, at least the remains of a cat. We felt so sorry for the cat, and shed tears over this animal we had never seen before.
As we got a little older, we roamed wider areas of our little township. We went into a backyard and found a pear tree. Up the tree we went, swaying and shaking the tree violently, laughing as the pears bonked us in the head. We were having a high old time, until….this big guy, red in the face and screaming at us, came out his back door with a baseball bat. Needless to say, we set a new land speed record blasting back to our houses. I went home, never saying a word, but Jean went home and blubbered all the details. We both got a whipping. Our moms dragged us back to the man’s house, made us apologize and pick up all the pears. Come to find out….this man was Judge Lee.
We got older, but perhaps no wiser. We decided to “wrap” the Dugas house down the block in toilet paper. There was a boxwood hedge we planned to hide behind after we finished and rang the doorbell. No. Jean decides to take off down the middle of the block under the street lights for all to see. Same outcome for us. Jean had thought it through this time, though. He put some cardboard squares in each of his back pockets. He got two “whuppings” that day!
Another adventure had us take a short walk to Travis Elementary school. We found we could use a bench to get to the top of a wall that allowed us to get onto the roof. We ran and played and explored until a Lakeview police officer showed up. We were able to narrowly escape and get home without even our moms finding out about this escapade.
I have thought of Jean often over the years. Although our adult lives became separated, our hearts were forever united in the memories of the times we shared as children, of the things we did together that made our childhoods joyful. The adventures and mischief we shared will forever be in my memory, and my sorrow for his boys and family is deeply felt. Jean and I were bookends. Neither could stand to be without each other.
I take comfort that he is with the ones that have gone before him. I always told Posey to “leave the light on” if she passed before I did. She assured me she would. I am happy to know Jean had that light to guide him HOME. Rest in peace, my friend.
(Our classmate, Fred Hollier, Jr, a fellow Marine and Vietnam vet and Jean’s close friend since high school, left from San Antonio at 3:30 the morning of the service and drove back home again the same day. THAT is respect and friendship.)

How ‘bout those Aggies, Astros and Cowboys!!!!!
We are so excited watching the Aggies knowing that our oldest granddaughter is in the stands. She is having the time of her life as a freshman. We are so proud of her for taking part in several activities & groups (church, intermural soccer, camping club, following girls’ soccer, Aggie football, midnight yell practice, muster once a month, hitting the gym for workouts, making a ton of new friends, holding down a full time job on campus) AND still doing well in her classes. We sure miss her, though.
Our second and youngest granddaughter is 17 today. They sure do grow up fast. She is busy as a junior with drill team and looking forward to varsity soccer in the winter. She is the president of her junior class and is involved with “leadership” for the whole student body.
Well, it is almost “beer season”. Murphy and my brother have been going to Wiergate to fill up the deer feeders and clean the shooting lanes. We took the RV up last week. I have already been taping Hallmark Christmas movies to binge on when they are gone.
I had arthroscopic knee surgery on my left knee on August 4 at Fondren. I had torn two meniscus and it was the same knee that I had previously had ACL surgery on. He gave me an option of the lesser surgery or knee replacement since it was full of arthritis. I opted for the lesser and will have a replacement down the road. I also had upper and lower colonoscopy tests done. More about that at another time.
I am thrilled SE Texas didn’t have a major hurricane threat this year. I am sorry for our Louisiana neighbors and classmates, though. Also, our classmates in California are getting hit hard by drought and wildfires. Prayers to all.

from Carole Oubre Reeves – treatments for pancreatic cancer
Aug. 5
Here's what I learned today ... They're putting the port in on Monday. Wednesday they will be giving me the chemo through the port. I'm supposed to receive oral chemo meds tomorrow. Dr Cen wants me to take it Monday after I get home and again Tuesday. And then intravenous Wednesday. The object is to reduce the size of the cancer. Maybe surgery in January if it has shrunk enough. Dr. Wray gave us stats on reduction. Hopefully I'll be in the percentage where the chemo works well and reduces the cancer. They will be doing scans along the way to see how my body is responding to the chemo. Many prayers that my body will respond positively.
Sept 9
Just to catch everyone up on my treatment. Went for infusion yesterday. Blood work shows increase in tumor markers but doc said that happens sometimes before they start going down. She's going to change my chemo to once a week for 3 weeks and one week off with different drugs thinking that may be what's needed. Not sure when that will be. She was thinking I had done 4 treatments of the original chemo but I told her it was 3. So, I'll wait to hear. I also got a call yesterday to schedule a CT scan. That will give us a visual of what the cancer is doing. Please continue prayers.
Oct. 1
Praise report! Tumor markers way down according to Dr. Cen's nurse!!!! Praise the Lord the chemo is doing its job. Ankles have been swelling so nurse is ordering some sort of device to help with that. I'm just really elated tumor markers are down!! Thank you, Lord for mercy and grace.
6535 Jefferson
Groves, TX 77619

Billy Caldwell-treatments for brain cancer
Been busy going back and forth to MD Anderson. Had GI scan the first of August on lower GI due to pain. Found spots on my liver. Remember Keep the Faith. Never Stop Fighting. That’s 90% of the Battle.
142 Bloomhill
The Woodlands, TX 77354

Kay Campbell Netherland- suffering from Dementia
Janis Hamilton, Ernie Bullion and I went to visit Dale Netherland and Kay last week in Burkeville. We had a nice visit with Dale and was also glad to visit with Kay. She doesn’t really add to the conversation but seems to be listening. It was good to see them. Continued prayers for both.
198 Tall Timbers
Burkeville, TX 75932

Jeanette Constantine Morgan had two heart stints put in on two separate occasions. She had complications with both due to excess bleeding but is doing better. She also had cataract surgery on both eyes.
3901 Hwy 366
Groves, TX 77619

Dianna Caillier Lewis (health issues) and husband, Robert Lewis (seizures and dementia)
912 E. 6th St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Charlene Valenciano Allen – been in a nursing facility and was going to be moved to Houston for heart bi-passes. No update at this time.
4921 Kent
Groves, TX 77619

Danny Landry – 5 heart bi-passes
313 S. Kings Canyon Dr.
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Ricky Bradley – chronic lung issues
from Gloria Phillips Bradley
Oct. 4
At Sugar Baby's last visit to his Lung Dr., he told us there was nothing else he could do to help us that we needed to get in touch with National Jewish Hospital, in Denver Colorado. Their raking is #1 respiratory & Pulmonary hospital in the nation. All this is due to complications with breathing, coughing, phlegm, shortness of breath, continually exhausted, can't walk very far, can't sleep laying down & fluid still on lung since his last lung surgery. He's just not getting any better! We have made application to NJH, Denver Colorado Pulmonary division. We've been waiting 2 1/2 weeks. We just received the call for testing and evaluation. Praise the Lord!! Please Pray with Us as we travel in November there & back & do a full week of testing from 8am-5pm every day, hopefully receiving a treatment plan to help my Sugar Baby get well. We are daily giving Thanks to the Lord for another day of breath, knowing in his hands he holds us & everything we could ever need. We Trust in him, He is the first, and the last; and beside Him there is no other God.
9221 SW 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064

I have been informed of three other classmates who are having health issues but want to remain anonymous at this time. Please keep them in your prayers. Make sure you contact me of any others that could use our support and prayers.

Keith Tamplin
(death of a classmate)
Aug. 27, 1950 – Aug. 1, 2021
Tamplin Family
10313 FM 2694
Shelbyville, TX 75973

Melanie Ross LaBove & Gene Ross
(death of their sister, Jolene Ross LaPoint)
Apr. 6, 1946 – Sept. 19, 2021
(death of their sister, Cindy Ross Dumesnil)
July 20, 1943 – Oct. 18, 2021
Melanie LaBove
8738 Sorrel Meadows Dr.
Tomball, TX 77375

Joe Gongora
(death of his sister, Celia Trevino)
July 7, 1944 – July 23, 2021
Joe Gongora
4048 Rachel
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Anthony Roccaforte
(death of his brother, Vories “Rock” Roccaforte)
Jan. 3, 1953 – Sept. 7, 2021
Anthony Roccaforte
3603 Gary Ave.
Nederland, TX 77627

Fred Hollier, Jr.
(death of his father, Fred Hollier, Sr.)
Dec. 26, 1923 – Sept. 12, 2021
Fred Hollier, Jr.
22030 Tower Terrace
San Antonio, TX 78259

Darlene Turner Landry (death of her daughter, Terri Landry Walters (TJ '90) May 1, 1972 - Oct. 26, 2021 Darlene Landry 3195 Williamsburg Ln. Port Neches, TX 77651 Visitation 12:00 - 2:00pm Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 Mass 2:00pm St. Elizabeth Catholic Church 2006 Nall Port Neches, TX 77651
My last newsletter was July 25th. That is 3 months ago!!! I had to keep putting this one off because I didn’t have news except sickness and deaths. Please write to me and tell me what is going on in your life. But, also contact the classmates mentioned in this publication. They can use your support.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden