TJ Class of '68     UPDATE                                                                  07/01/05     
Hello friends!!!!
It has been awhile since I have sent an e-mail message.  THAT is GOOD!!!  It seems that my messages always have some sad news in them.
I just wanted to catch you up on a few e-mails that I have received from classmates in the past few weeks.  This is mainly where I get my information to pass on to you.  I will start with sad news and end with a little lighter note.
Remember the following classmates with your support, e-mails, snail mail, and calls:
 Debbie Borres Desmond-death of her mom on Wed., June 29. 
503 37th St.
Nederland, TX 77627
Ouida Mae Borres
Funeral services will be held Sunday, July 3, 2005 at 1:00p.m. at Levingston Funeral Home in Port Neches.
Burial will follow at Calvary Cemetery. Visitation will begin at 2:00p.m. Saturday, July 2, 2005 with a Vigil Service to begin at 6:00p.m. at the funeral home.
Peggy Fontenot Cameron-husband, Jerry, has been diagnosed with colon cancer
2231 Primwood Ct.
Pearland, TX 77584
Shelley Dettman-father is ill and not "doing well".
678 Meadowgreen
Pt. Neches, TX 77651
Linda DeCuir McFadden-husband, Murphy, just had surgery for prostate cancer (diagnosis good)
112 Woodsong
Bridge City, TX 77611
Gary Barbin-has had retina correction surgery twice
2515 Eldrige Lane
Waco, TX 76710
Chrissy Dupuis Mullens-husband, Richard, has incurable disease
2521 Glenwood
Pt. Arthur, TX 77642
The following is a message that Chrissy sent to me to pass on to all of you: 
> My husband Richard was diagnosed with Scleroderma Systemic. This is a very
> rare illness with no cause or cure. He developed his first noticeable
> symtoms last March, 04 with swelling of his June, 04 he was diagnosed
> and by July, 04 when we got to the Rhumetologist  at Herman in Houston he was
> full blown....
> His skin is hard all over and he no longer has much use of his hands. He
> lost half of his thumb last oct. due to an MRSA  Staff infection where we
> spent 10 days in Houston at Herman. If anybody in our class has  had a
> friend or family member with Scleroderma (by the way...more common in
> Women)
> Please have them email me.   Thanks  Chrissy Dupuis Mullens
This labor of love came out beautifully and very touchingMike Lawson poured out his heart and soul into making it a wonderful presentation.  He gave all  the credit to of the classmates that took time to send in information on our deceased ones.  He ran into some snags with trying to send it over the internet because it is a 45 minute presentation with music.  He did have a company make a CD for himself and me.  We are planning on having it set up on a tv monitor (hopefully) in a corner during the 40th reunion the summer of '08.  But, unless someone would like to sponsor the cost of making CD's for all on my e-mail address list (presently 185!!!), or unless someone knows of a better way to get it sent to classmates, then '08 is the soonest you can view it.  Contact Mike Lawson ( ) with ideas!!!  He is pretty sharp about these things....obviously I am NOT.  "-)

Marilyn Harriman Cribbs ( ) has offered to put together a website.  I haven't heard from her lately and don't know if she has begun or not.  Beverly Copeland Gaspard (, who teaches computer classes at Lamar State College-PA, has offered to help her.  If you are interested, please contact them.
Glynn Myers, husband of Loretta LaLonde, has been a TREMENDOUS asset to finding out info on classmates that have been "long lost" from our active address file.  He is the closest we have to a  Magnum, PI on our team of "researchers".  Please give him a shout and a thank you for the hours he has spent. Gynn's address is . Poor Loretta.  He has to have been ignoring her during his "snooping" time.  Thanks for sharing him, Loretta.  If you have any info on any of the classmates that have changed their e-mail or physical addresses, then don't hesitate to send them to me.  I can't let Glynn outdo me!!!    Contact me at  with ANY CHANGES OR ADDITIONS (including your own).
Well, I THINK that is all for this time.  I will think of something else while I toss and turn tonight.  Please e-mail me with any news, concerns, or info that you think the classmates would like to hear about.  Over and out.
                                                                    Take care and keep in touch with your "old classmates",
                                                                    Linda DeCuir McFadden


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