TJ Class of '68     UPDATE                                         02/28/05    
Hello friends,
     I wanted to write when I didn't have such sad news!!!  I have several items that I thought you might be interested in.  First, I have compiled a list of approx. 160 of our classmates with valid e-mail addresses.  They often change, but fortunately we have also been adding new ones.  You can help by sending any e-mail addresses of classmates that you correspond with and that might not be on the list.  I will send the updated list to anyone who sends me a request
I have heard from several of you and some that gave me a little news
Billy Jordan from Decatur, AL  writes that he and his siblings gave his mom a surprise 90th b-d party!!  They had such a good time that they are planning a 95th.  Good thing she didn't have a heart attack from the surprise, Billy!!!!
Lynn Eldridge from Dallas, TX is also planning to give her dad a 90th b-d party in March.
Harold Erixon from Crestwood, KY writes that he retired from working at Delta, but is constantly on the go with his TWO 9th graders.  Keep it up, Harold.  They'll keep you YOUNG.
Several alumni are meeting at Jim Andrus' hometown of Jourdanton, TX (south of San Antonio). for a weekend in April.  Plans are for turkey & hog hunting, stock pond fishing, shrimp fry, bonfire, and a heated game of CRANIUM (the WIVES ALWAYS win)!!!!  The classmates are Lynn Eldridge, Paul Colletti, Jude Arisco, David Williams, Jim Andrus, Steve Robison, Kenny Bragg, Jody & Gary Barbin, Terry Watson, Allen Baldridge, Carolyn McCollum and myself.  We have met about  three times a year at different hometowns for the last 3 or so years. I told them that MY weekend was the CLASS REUNIONS!!!  Of course, not everyone can come each time.  LAUGHTER AND MEMORIES fill the weekend.  If you meet with alumni for get-togethers, let me know and I will write about it. 
Fred Schneider, the late Randy Schneider's brother, has contacted me via e-mail to offer help on setting up an OFFICIAL SITE for our '68 class.  He has established and maintained the website for the class of '66.  The following is his e-mail message:
Hi Linda,
I am Fred, Randy Schneider's brother. You are copied on my '66 web site transmissions.I was wondering why '68 doesn't have one? If nobody wants to do it, maybe I could offer my services. I like to do the sites, and mine has been moderately well accepted by my classmates. I wouldn't do it for money, just for my own satisfaction, and '68 too. There would probably be some initial expence, depending on what your gang wanted. But if you like what I have for'66 , it would be very cheap just to get more space.
I don't want to butt in on anybodys thing, but if no one wants to do it, and I can get a real positive feed back, I'd do it and like it. Please let me know what you think.

Fred Schneider (personal e-mail address) (official website for class of '66)
Be sure to check out his website to get the jest of it.
Fred is doing a wonderful job and I am asking for volunteers to work with him to set ours up!!!! Many have asked for it.  I will send in any input that I receive and any info that I have already collected.  PLEASE CONSIDER THIS REQUEST!!!  Fred is being very gracious to offer!
You knew that we couldn't just have a "happy" update. 
 Gloria Faye Burks  of the Bryan/College Station area has requested prayers for her family.  Her cousin was the young lady that was recently kidnapped in Tyler and found dead in Staunton, TX.  Her kidnapper was arrested in Arkansas. 
Also, remember :
Linda Dowling....loss of her father
Randy Hutchins...loss of his brother
Janice Jones....loss of her sister
Patricia Patrick...loss of her husband
Please e-mail me with news of other classmates.  Maybe one of them might also be battling with an illness or a death in the family and we could send messages to them to boost their spirits.  Also, remember to send any other news that you would like to share.
                                                                                              Take care and keep in touch.
                                                                                               Linda DeCuir McFadden



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