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from Betty Bernauer Wademon in Sugar Land Our church…Christ Church Sugar Land. Tge group in Uganda is Uganda Counseling and Support Services
I just returned from Uganda and was blessed by witnessing ministry done right! I saw lives and communities transformed by a wholistic sustainable model which has brought clean water, agriculture, schools, economic change and churches to a place where Christianity did not exist before. I was able to do dental education classes in the schools...such a blessing! We had a short Safari before returning home. A life changing trip.

June 22
from James “Jimmy” Leland Hebert in Waldorf, Md.
Short story about me. I was drafted in 1969 and joined the Air Force. Vietnamese Linguist, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, then Master Sgt in 1979. I was selected to finish EE degree at Texas Tech then Officer Tng School at the Air Force Institute of Tech, getting my MSEE. In Dayton, I met my wife in the Academy Grad first class of women. Four kids and ten years later, I retired as a Captain in 1991 serving 21 years total. I worked as a Navy Civilian in the DC area for 20 more years during which I got a PhD in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.

Please check out the MILITARY SECTION by clicking SITE LINKS on the front home page of the website. We have added pictures in the ARMY section of the granddaughter and her fiancé of Linda Olivier and Rex Meyer.

We received the following donations since the last website update:
from Bill Horton in support of our effort
from Pat Trahan Knox in memory of her fellow Swingster classmate, Kay Campbell Netherland
from Janis Hamilton Lee in memory of her cousin and classmate, Kay Campbell Netherland
from Linda DeCuir McFadden in memory of her classmates, Danny Abraham, Frank Timmerman, Vicki Choate Mannino and Kay Campbell Netherland

Two ways to donate to the WEBSITE:
User: Thomas-Jefferson68
CHECK Made out to:
Linda McFadden
Mail to: Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

Our first meeting will be held:
Monday, Aug. 8, 2022
6:00 pm
Hwy 365 in Nederland
(across from Central Mall)
We will be discussing possible dates and locations. The reunion will most likely be held in June or July, 2023. I will be handing out lists of names and contact info on the spreadsheet pages to the members. Their assignment will be to contact you by text, e-mail or phone to verify your address so that we can send out the invites at a later time. If you would like, you can save us time and effort by contacting me with your updated information. Many of you have stayed put since we last had this effort in 2018 for our 50th. In that case, just tell me NO CHANGES. Some of you have changed from your work e-mails to a personal one. Please tell us that, also. Contact me with any changes or No Changes.
ALSO contact me if you would like to be part of the committee.
or text
I have also joined for possibilities of finding more classmates that we might have “lost” along the way.
We’ll let you know our dates as soon as we get them in writing.

Walk-On Restaurant in Port Arthur
Organized by Marilyn Jackson, Paula Daigle and Ernie Bullion
It was a tremendous success attended by 57 classmates, spouses and friends. Good food, fun, & fellowship.
Those attending:
Ernie & Ron Bullion
Linda DeCuir & Murphy McFadden
Marilyn Jackson
Paula Daigle
Loretta LaLonde & Glynn Myers
Darlene Turner & Ronnie Smith
Sharon Lewis
Dennis O’Quinn
Jeanette Constantine & Dennis Morgan
Lana Weber
Chrissy Dupuis
Susan Hatfield
Enoch “Skippy” Cole
Pat Trahan & Ray Knox
Janis Hamilton
Bill & Rhonda Richey
Laura Meece & Bart Darby
Sharon Gary
Jan Russell
Betty Steck
Ruelle & Lana Parker
Dale Guidry
Arleen Lang & Marlon Hulin
Fred McCarty
Florence “Sissie” Woods
Janice Nunez & Jack Lynch
Felicia Hiatt & David Petit
Sherry Dorsey ‘67
Carla Castro
Linda Gothia
Becky Harrison
Sandra Borel
Dianne Mannino ‘69
Jody Juneau & Horace “Tinker” Brown
Janice Hebert & Barry Boudreaux
Shirley Barra
Linda Eldemire
Mary Wells
Jimmy Schexnayder
Lana Oliver
Sheridan Jones
Diane Barker
Kathleen Barker ‘71

We just got a new roof. The last one on this house was a “RITA ROOF” in 2005. It is tough spending so much $ on a roof when you already have one. Ugh. It is kind of like getting your foundation fixed. No one really knows.
I went to my annual appointment to my voice doctor in Houston. I have been going since my thyroid cancer in 1980 when my left vocal cord was paralyzed. Over theyears I have had about three surgeries to work on the voice. Well, now my “good” vocal cord is “stiffening up” so I am getting raspier again and sometimes whole words won’t come out or I lose a lot more air. So, he recommends for me to go to speech therapy at my old alma mater, Lamar University, when school begins again after the summer. I’ll just pretend I am going back to get my MASTERS!
My youngest senior granddaughter decided to throw a summer get together and chose a theme of Christmas (her favorite time of the year) in July! My daughter came home from work to the entire house with decorations on the wall, table, cabinets, floor, couch, pillows, blankets, etc. Even the washer toss boards were gift wrapped! The only thing missing was the ten-foot Christmas tree! She had beach balls, swimming googles, flip flops and sunglasses all incorporated with the Christmas décor! That crazy girl!
Our daughter, Stacy, surprised us with a combined birthday/father & mother’s day/49th anniversary gift of tickets to the YANKEE vs ASTROS game! (Yep, the tickets and parking cost that much!!) I finally got to put a check on my bucket list for seeing another NY Yankee game. The first and last one I had been to was the opening weekend in April, 1965 at the Astrodome to see my favorite team and player, MICKEY MANTLE. My heart was beating out of my chest when I walked into the stadium, I was so excited. (Of course, it could have been from walking from the parking lot! HaHa). I had to go through security a couple of times due to hardware in my body. He even made me put up my pant leg to see if I had a knee scar! I thought he might ask me to pull up my blouse, but even he didn’t want to see THAT!!! THANKS, STACY! YOU MADE THIS MOMMA HAPPY.
Murphy took me out to JUDICE’S 1927 restaurant in Nederland for our 49th anniversary, July 28. We had never been and they just happened to have DULING PIANOS that night. The food was outstanding.
A group of five ladies are meeting in Jacksonville this coming week for a lake house trip. We all lived on the same street and raised our families together while living in Bridge City before Hurricane Ike inundated us with several feet of water. Since we all scattered to other homes in different cities, we are FINALLY getting back together to have fun and fellowship. In the iddle of August, Murphy and I are heading to Ruidoso, NM to spend a few days with classmate, Allen Baldridge and wife, Wanda. They have rented a condo for a month. We are really looking forward to that. We have never been to Ruidoso. Allen and I became great buddies in elementary school when he moved from DeQueen to Travis. He moved on the next block in Lakeview.
Well, this newsletter has been tiring to write due to the fact that I have been having issues with Cervical Radiculopathy. My right arm and hand becomes numb often. I am having an MRI Aug. 9th. I have been taking breaks watching NETFLEX in between typing.

Ricky Bradley
from Gloria Phillips Bradley
6/8 The Denver doctor had us headed for surgery in the middle of July, BUT that has been put on hold. Three new different bacteria have showed up in his lung in the latest fluid draw.
So, for the last 5 days I have been administering at home, a strong antibiotic by infusion 2X a day at 8am & 8pm. The doctors said this would be for a LONG time! Plus, he is taking a strong antibiotic pill 2X a day. He is sleeping 18-20 hours a day. He hasn’t felt like eating much & has lost 4 # just this week. They are starting Physical Therapy at home soon. Please continue to Pray for Rick 7/25 The Home Health Nurse trained me to give Rick 6 weeks of high dose antibiotics. The doctor just ordered 4 more weeks. It’s for the 5 strong bacteria that is creating all the havoc in his lung. He still has a lung tube in his back for the last 8 months. It is getting closer to the scheduled surgery.
Please continue praying.
9221 SW 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064

Carole Oubre Reeves
Surgery has been rescheduled for June 22nd. I have to be there at 5:30AM. Marvin is having a colonoscopy June 21st. What timing, right?!?! Looking forward to having the tumor removed and getting on with life. Your prayers are much appreciated. Just have to tell you if I didn’t know I had cancer I wouldn’t think I was sick at all. I’m no longer on chemo as the surgeon wanted me off chemo for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. Because of pneumonia and COVID, it’ll be closer to 12 weeks with no chemo. My oncologist didn’t want me off chemo for more than 2 months as the cancer will grow but, I do believe God has a plan and I’m trusting in his timing.
Please keep me in your prayers. My love to all my classmates.
I’m seeing the surgeon this coming Thursday for follow up to surgery. No schedule yet for chemo but I would imagine that will begin in August. Pathology report after surgery showed cancer cells in the stomach area where they removed a wedge out of my stomach that’s why I’m having to have another round of chemo. The Lord did his work in the first round of chemo and I’m trusting he’ll do the same with this round. Just want to be done with all the treatments and be able to say I’m cancer free.
6535 Jefferson
Groves, TX 77619

Dianna (Callier) & Robert Lewis
Suffering from multiple health issues
912 E. 6th St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Charline Valenciano Allen
8595 Medical Center Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Debbie Borres Desmond
Chemo for Lymphoma and having hernia repair Aug. 19
503 37th St.
Nederland, TX 77627

Jonnye Dee Doering & Bobby Williamson
Health issues
4608 Alamosa
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Lynn Eldridge Gill
Sclerosing epithloid fibrosarcoma
Wow! I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!! Meredith was my best birthday present EVER and Atticus was the best “day late” birthday present EVER! I was so touched by the many wonderful messages from such dear friends and family!! Thank you!!
I had chemo Monday which makes me feel better and improves my appetite which doesn’t really make sense to me - but I’m very thankful!! Jim took us all to Ruth’s Chris for our traditional birthday dinner. It was delicious and fun as usual!!
For those who want treatment updates:
On June 3 I had a kidney stone and ended up in Baylor - OUCH!! Got rid of it on the 4th, had a blood transfusion and got to come home. Thanks to all of you that have ever given blood!! I felt so much better afterwards. When they scanned for the stone, they determined the primary tumor in my back and one metastasis in my liver had grown slightly (no change in the other metastasis). Dr Nadler has decided to add another drug to my Monday routine. Hopefully it’ll halt any growth! There’s no cure for this kind of cancer but the palliative treatment has been working well. I trust and am very thankful for Dr Nadler!
Thank you for a great birthday and all your prayers! I am so blessed!!
Prayers have been answered! I feel better today than I have in 2 weeks. Dr Nadler and I agreed - no more of the new drug. All the tumors have grown slightly - about 1mm. I had immunotherapy on my list to talk to him about and he brought it up! He said obviously none of the chemo was working for me. He said my case had been so unusual with only low-level pain (controlled by 8 hr Tylenol and/or Hydrocodone) with lots of tumors. He said wanted to try immunotherapy for 2 months - 30 minutes every 3 weeks! He’ll rescan after 2 months. He said it’s much gentler - no nausea!!! If it does work, it could buy years. If it doesn’t, at least I’ve got a couple month reprieve from chemo. That indicates a good juicy hamburger in my future!!
Thank you for all your prayers!! Upon diagnosis in January, I would have never imagined the kind of support our family has received! Please continue with your vigilant prayers. We know God listens & knows best.
4908 Stony Ford
Dallas, TX 75287

Ronnie Abate (husband of Joyce Marceaux)
Waiting to have an aortic valve replacement
6305 Marble Falls
Lumberton, TX 77657

Susan Reagle Duplant
July 11
The Pacemaker I had put in has not been doing all it should. I am having shortness of breath and dizziness. My arrhythmia is worse. It has been almost 3 months. I see the PA Thursday. I just knew things were going to be wonderful with my Pacemaker. I will take a prayer, too.
2688 Foreman
Vinton, LA 70668

Charles Cook (husband of Mary Wells)
Health deteriorating since heart surgery by-pass and rehab. Placed on hospice
331 Golf Link Dr.
Hemphill, TX 75948

Richard “Dick” James
Recovering from lung cancer
806 CR2762
Hughes Springs, TX 75656

Alfred Hebert & Carolyn Bigler
Various health issues

Suzanne Adams Miller, wife of James Miller
Various health issues
2513 Post Oak Dr
Orange, TX 77632

Laura Meece & Bart Darby
Health issues

Mildred Meece (mom of Laura)
Broken hip, rehab
24606 Heirloom
Katy, TX 77493

Hal Ross
Starting chemo soon for pancreatic cancer
3113 Madison
Nederland, TX 77627

Randy Hutchins
Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA)
3150 Dogwood
Port Neches, TX 77651

Bill Richey
Health issues. Conducting various tests
3695 Woodway Dr.
Orange, TX 77632

Alfred Lindy Gothia (dad of Linda Gothia)
Multiple health issues. In rehab
659 Ridgewood
Port Neches, TX 77651

CONDOLENCES Death of a Classmate
Vicki Choate Mannino
Ricki Choate
40231 South Hill Pass
Magnolia,TX 77354

Death of a Classmate
Danny Abraham
Bill White
44 Owen St.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Death of a Classmate
Frank Timmerman
7/12/5 - 37/10/22

Bonnie Timmerman
451 County RD.246
Hondo, TX 78861

Death of a Classmate
Kay Campbell Netherland
Dale Netherland
198 Tall Timbers
Burkeville, TX 75932

Raymond Trevino
(brother of Cecelia Trevino Esqueda)
3717 Graves
Groves, TX 77619

Kay Campbell Netherland made a huge impact with helping the classmates get together every five years. She chaired the reunion starting with our 10th year reunion in 1978, then the 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, & 40th. She worked diligently to make it the best ones to remember. She is missed already. She was one of a kind. RIP, Kay.
She had a great classmate turnout at her visitation and graveside funeral. Several of her former committee members sadly weren’t able to attend due to recovering from Covid and various other personal or family issues. The following is a list of those classmates who attended:
Allen Andrus, Wade Miller, Jody Juneau & Tinker Brown, Sharon Lewis, Adela Cantu, Linda DeCuir, Charlie Fontenot, Jimmy Hebert, Dale Guidry, Marilyn Jackson, Sheridan Jones, Lana Oliver, Wayne Forsythe, Peggy Edwards, Janis Hamilton, Beth Anne Sutherlin, Pat Trahan, Paula Daigle, Florence “Sissie” Woods and Richard Norton (husband of the late Jeanette Light). Dale was so comforted by the support of classmates who were able to attend, who called, texted and sent cards. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone.)

This edition has made me sad due to the amount of the illnesses and deaths. Our 50th reunion was 4 years ago this weekend. Since then, we have had 26 additional KNOWN deaths!
Take time to smell the roses, friends.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

Linda DeCuir McFadden