TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           04/08/11

Greetings friends.   Not much to report this time except much needed SUPPORT and CONDOLENCES.  Our friends have told me many times how important our words have helped them at their time of need.   


from Carolyn Hebert, wife of faculty member, Alfred Hebert
We leave on the 6th of April for another senior triathlon that Alfred has entered.  This one is in Galveston.  It will be held at Moody Gardens.  This is the Lonestar Triathlon.  They will be swimming in the bay.  This makes the second one this year already.  Alfred has 4 more to go.  He did the Beauty and the Beast Ride in Bullard but he did the shortest ride which means he rode up the Beast only once.  The Beast is a huge steep hill and I meansteep.  It's a curving steep hill.  After the event was over, he took me for a ride so I could see it and video the ride.  They had a sign "Welcome to The Beast" as you approached the hill.  The money went to the Food Bank for Smith County.


BENEFIT for Classmate Jimmy Hughes
(message received from Jimmy's sister, Brenda Hughes McKee)
I am Jimmy's little sister and we are just trying to get the word out about an upcoming benefit being held for him.  He had a massive heart attack March 8th and it's a miracle he survived.  He had to be revived and had to have open heart surgery.  We had every angel in Heaven working that day for us.  I hope that the flyer we are putting all over town will help him out.  He still does not know we are having this benefit, we are going to wait until this week of to tell him.  We are not sure how he will handle it and also we want to make sure he will be well enough to attend.  He is doing well, but still has a long road of recovering ahead of him and we still need all the prayers we can get.  There are a lot of his old school friends/classmates that are helping and they told me about this website.  I was hoping maybe it could be posted on it for people to see.  There are several items donated for the silent trips, weekend stay at Rayburn, TX Longhorn throws, gift baskets, bikes, patio heater, and much, much more.  Tickets for the BBQ dinners will be sold at the door, but if anyone needs any now, please call (409)728-5800.  Please pass the word to anyone and everyone that you know.  We need this benefit to do well.  He will probably never be able to return to work and until we can get his disability going and early retirement, things are tough.  His insurance was canceled by his employer due to the company declaring bankruptcy.  Thanks so much for your time and God Bless.

                Brenda Hughes McKee

(For those who would like to help but can't be there, donation checks may be sent to classmate, Anthony Roccaforte, made out to KC/Jimmy Hughes Benefit.  They may be mailed to: 3603 Gary Ave., Nederland, TX 77627)



Murphy is recovering from his procedures for his 6 heart blockages.  He has returned to work at Enterprise Products Pipeline and is planning to retire July 31st.  His retirement had been in the works for awhile now since he will turn 62 this summer.  He is scheduled, (by his daughter!), to WALK in the Village Creek Festival 5K this next weekend.  That is 3.1 miles.  My sister is doing so much better.  I have to believe that all my classmate prayer warriors have a big hand in that.  Thanks friends.  I had a visit from Bill and Rhonda (Carleton '70) Richey this week.  They brought me a precious "nun" figurine that they found in aflea market booth.  They have been away from home selling in the Round Top area for two weeks.  Tillman and Cheryl Richey joined them for a week.  Bill said that the seller wanted $300.00 for the figurine (wink, wink) but they talked him down to $200.00!!!!  I find that offensive.  I think I am worth the $300.00!!  My dad and I had a leisurely lunch in Lumberton with Ernie Castaneda Bullion this week.  We enjoyed just visiting.  She is so busy with her mother-in-law in PA that we seldom see each other even though she lives just 5 minutes away. 



Ellen Fawvor has asked for prayers for her brother, Curtis, who will be returning this week to M.D. Anderson. 

(a note from Carolyn Hebert, wife of faculty member Alfred Hebert)
I just got out of the hospital.  I had a TIA, a mini stroke.  Physical therapy has been ordered.  The speech therapist said I don't need speech therapy but I occasionally stutter.  I also have to curb my time on the computer for now.   

Jack Etheredge's daughter, Brittany Sauer, has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.  She has a 6 month old toddler and is expecting another baby in October.  Please keep her in your prayers.



Glenda Patin
(death of her mother)

14810 Appaloosa Ave.

, TX 77084 

Ellen Fawvor
(death of her mother)

4125 Turtle Creek Dr. #6

Port Arthur
, TX 77642 

Gayle Endsley
(death of her father)

4615 Bull Creek Rd.

, TX 78722 

Don't forget to read these obituaries on the front page of our website. 


I didn't have much to report for the news but it doesn't matter to me.  It is very important for us to stay attached even if it is for support.  Let me hear from you soon.  Hope to see you at the benefit.


                                      Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
                                      Linda DeCuir McFadden





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