TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           10/07/11
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Fall has arrived (at least in the morning hours) and I am enjoying it.
from Marilyn Jackson Williamson in PA
Sorry I haven't written sooner to let you know that ya'll are doing a great job on the website.  Your work has been very appreciated, I look at the site often and am very proud of our class.  I am enjoying the classmates who send pictures of themselves as they look now.  I recognize the names but not always the faces.  Of course, if I had attended the reunions I would recognize more people.
I no longer live in Bridge City.  Hurricane Ike saw that I needed to move.  Right after the storm I bought a house in Port Arthur.  I figured that PA has always been good for me, so I moved here.  I work 10 hrs, 4 days a week.  I no longer work at Sutherlins since it closed it's doors. I now work in Vinton, LA
from Shari Louvier in New Boston, TX
I just came back from Tyler, TX meeting and working with an author to publish his next books.  I am so thrilled.  William Carl's book, we published, is out now, Stealing a Life.  It is an exciting drama/thriller.  My new author, Allen Martin's book will be out in November.  It is a new, 1984.  Remember that one?  Scary, but Allen's book predicts events for 2013 if we stay on the same path in Washington, DC.  I will let you know when we release it.  If any of you know any writers that want an excellent publisher, tell them to contact me.
from Margaret Gaines Wilder in Milwaukee, WI
Thanks for keeping the TJ's class of '68 spirit alive.  I saw that I was listed as a MISSING CLASSMATE and decided to send along my contact information.  I do not get to Texas much anymore since my mom lives with me.  But, I do think about the years spent at TJ and how much they influenced my success in life.
(Margaret has her Ph.D and is the Executive Director of the Urban Affairs Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  We are so happy she is not MISSING anymore.)
from Cherlyn Hebert in Houston
Oh my gosh, is it possible that fall has actually arrived here in Texas?  We're finally in October, and I have had my a/c off for two days and just live the cool air.  It probably won't last lone, but I'll enjoy it as long as it's here.  I got back in early August from a 7-day river cruise in Brance down the Rhone and Saone Rivers.  We had a night in Monte Carlo before boarding the ship and then had two nights at the end in Paris before heading back home.  I enjoy all types of travel, but I think river cruises are really neat because you dock at smaller towns usually close to the town center, so you can just walk off the boat and sightsee or shop at your leisure.  I have been to Paris before, but this time I was able to see the few things we had missed back then: Sacre Coeur, tehe Rodin Museum and the view from the Montparnasse Tower observation deck, the only skyscraper in Paris.  I have posted some pictures on my FB travel page (On the Go Travel) that I hope you'll enjoy.
TJ '67
45th Class Reunion
April 20-21, 2012
Save the date if you are married to a '67 graduate.  More information coming shortly. 
I received two updated addresses and change of e-mail addresses recently.  I am ecstatic.  It is easy to make me happy so keep them coming.  I was thrilled to hear from Margaret Gaines and was able to take another name off of our MISSING list!  Don't forget to check out our list and see if you can help with any information of any of the names mentioned.
Oct. 17-22
Lamar University's Homecoming activities on Oct. 22 will include a unique opportunity for LU Alumni to gather before the football game and prepare to cheer on the Cardinals!!  The ALL ALUMNI TAILGATE will begin at 1:00 pm directly in front of the Athletic Complex in the parking lot south of Provost Umphrey Stadium.  Lamar Alumni will be admitted to the tailgate area for a nominal $5.00 fee (payable at the gate) which will cover smoked boudain balls and Cajun drumsticks plus two beverages.  Please help us to plan adequately for this event by making a reservation before October 15 if you plan to attend.  Reservations may be made online at or through the Office of Alumni Affairs at 409-880-7984 or
(I hope some of you will be able to make the events planned.  Tell me if you were able to tailgate at the football game and send in photos if possible.)
DONATIONS for the Class Website SUBSCRIPTION renewal
Mike and I received two more donation checks since the last website update.  Thanks to our sweet classmates that were able to help out in our cause.
Linda Olivier and husband Rex Meyer in Fulcher, TX
We were just thinking about the amount of time and work you and Mike put in keeping the website going and it makes us tired....:o  Thanks for the work you do.
Arleen Lang Hulin
Thanks for the work you do to keep us all together.
contributed by reader
 1.  6 Saturdays, 1 Sunday
 2.  Bedtime....3 hours after I fall asleep on the couch.
 3.  Biggest gripe....There is not enough time to get everything done.
 4.  "Senior" means 10 % discount
 5.  Formal attire....tied shoes
 6.  Still counting pennies....we're the only ones who have time.
 7.  Common term for someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire...."NUTS"
 8.  Why we don't clean out attics and kids clutter it back up.
 9.  What do we call a long lunch.....Normal.
10.  Biggest advantage of going back to school as a one calls parents when you cut.
11.  What we do all week.....Monday through Friday, NOTHING and Saturday and Sunday, rest.
In two weeks time, our local football team was defeated, the Aggies collapsed, Boston Red Sox didn't even make the playoffs, my Dallas Cowboys choked, the NY Yankees lost (even with their payroll)!  Really?  Okay, I am now a HoustonTexans  and Texas Rangers  fan.  Let's go get 'em.  (Hey, they might not want me to root for them.  My luck isn't the best!)
from Susan Hatfield Miguez
"2 Steps 4 Addi" bracelets are here, $2.00 each.  Addi's surgery will be in January and all the support we can get is very much appreciated!  For orders, call Sharon Fawcett @(409)293-7680 or Susan Hatfield Miguez @ (409)626-2258.
(This is a fundraiser for Susan's granddaughter.  Read NEWSLETTER on 9/24/11 for more information about Addi.
from Arleen Lang Hulin in Houston, TX
I really do intend to send an update of what is going on around here but things are a bit hectic the last few months due to some health issues.  Please keep me in your prayers.
from Linda DeCuir McFadden in Lumberton, TX
Please remember my older sister, Gerry Landry, in your prayers.  She is going through another round of medicine changes for her bi-polar condition.  It is really hard on her and her husband.
death of a classmate
Sept. 24, 2011
Condolences may be sent to his wife:
Karen Fenn Norwood
207 Waterwood
Orange, TX 77630
Diane Barker Foreman
(death of her husband, Myers Foreman)
5541 Garfield
Groves, TX 77619
Okay, that is a wrap.  Please let me hear some news, get photos, receive concerns, etc.
                                    Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
                                     Linda DeCuir McFadden




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