TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           08/09/12
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from Penny Moak Fergusson in Lorena, TX
I loved your MOMMA LUCY  bird story in the last NEWSLETTER.  That is just amazing!  I love to hear stories like this.  Birds are such a blessing in our lives!  We have a decorative mailbox on our patio where a pair of wrens have made a nest and raised their babies for four years now.  Last year we saved the babies from a seven foot rat snake trying to get them in the mailbox.  Also, this year we have a pair of big roadrunners and eastern blues.
(Hey, I noticed that you live in the same small town as classmate, Galen Ducharme.)
from Felicia Hiatt and David Petit in Texas City, TX
Well, we are home again from our great Alaskan adventure.  We got back after 110 days on the road.  We plan to spend LOTS of time with our kids and grandkids.  Sorting pictures and cleaning our truck and trailer will take quite awhile.  Thanks to all who traveled with us.  Who knows where we will travel next!  Travels with David and Felicia
from Linda Blanton Murki in Wilmont Bay
Hurricane Ernesto has passed us by.  It was more of a norther for us here in Wilmont Bay.  I kept the hummingbird feeders filled and the small ones were happy about that.  The Mango Tails did not make an appearance until this morning.  They are all busy at the feeders and dancing with the dragonflies that are swooping all over this morning.  Today is cleanup day around here!
(We are glad you made it safe through the storm friend.)
from Pam Owings Hund in Port Neches
We are meeting my cousin from Wilmington, NC in Las Vegas this month.  Then, in January, we are going with friends on a cruise on the Magic  to Belize and Honduras.  We're looking forward to that.  We love cruising.  I never dreamed we would be able to travel as much as we have since Kenneth retired. 
from John Wilson in Houston
I've been pretty busy with my new position here at work.  I am now interpreting seismic data and that requires a lot of time looking at the computer screen.  Besides work, I have gotten involved in prison ministry, Kairos, and there are three weekends a year when we go into the prison and show the "Brothers in White" God's love.  I have to admit that it takes me pretty far out of my comfort zone.  God has called me to it, so it is good.  Janie is a Child Advocate here in Houston and you can imagine how busy that keeps her.  Our son, Evan, is still in the Navy where he has just made Sonar Technician First Class.  The Navy has also promoted him to training the next generation sonar technicians, so that's really cool.  Our daughter, McKenna , is a Veternary technician and is really enjoying working with the animals.  It is something that makes her happy and really, as parents, that is all we can ask for!
(You and Janie are to be commended for your caring volunteer work!)
from Sara Little Herman in Alpine, TX
I am retired but I substitute at High Frontier, a 365/24/7 treatment facility for junior high to high school students who have drug abuse problems, alcohol abuse issues, suicide attempts, arrest records, etc.  The students come from all over the world----Russia, Canada, Japan, as well as all over the U.S.  I just LOVE working with these kids--they are such neat kids who just have major dependence issues.  It's so rewarding to see them arrive as freshmen or sophomores, and then see them do a complete turn-around in behavior and graduate with bright futures ahead of them.  What changes they go through!  It's an awesome school. 
(I couldn't help think of the OLYMPICS as I was reading your message with all the countries you mentioned!  I think the school and the students are so PRIVILEDGED to have you as a substitute.  You have ALWAYS been such a gentle, loving, caring person!)
I have two grandchildren now-- Levi, age 3, and Smith, age 2.  they belong to my son, Daniel and his wife, Emma, and all live in Beaumont.  Daniel teaches at West Brook High School and Emma teaches at Lumberton Middle School.  My oldest son, Casey, teaches at Texas State University in San Marcos.  My youngest son, Clay, is the head chef at "Currents", a French restaurant in Tyler.  Delicious food served there!  Go try it!
from Phyllis Hargrove LaBove in Nederland/Branson, MO
We have returned from our other  home in Branson to come back to Nederland for the school year.  Our grandson from the Dallas area is going to live with us and go to school in Nederland and graduate from here.  Busy, busy!
from Mindy Marburger Lawrence in Houston
Life certainly has been full of surprises since the 2008 reunion!
I completed my MBA with a healthcare emphasis from TWU-Houston in August, 2009, to enhance skills in light of all the changes ahead for the hospice I had been involved with since 1982.  Just before Thanksgiving and my 60th birthday, our new CEO eliminated my position and that of others who had been with the organization for years; that was a life-changer I did not anticipate.  I had not planned to retire yet, so my focus has been on finding the right company and fit, discovering that there is some really crazy stuff going on out there.  I'm hoping 3rd time's the charm, with a corporate and Exec Dir commitment to following regulations and a physician I have respected and worked with in several capacities over the past 20 years.  I could retire on my years at MDAnderson, but this Hospice challenge was just too good to pass up with this awesome new 2012 team.  I'm also very involved with our local HPNA chapter, so I'm not quite ready to step away. 
The transition to 2010 brought equally big changes on the homefront - a challenging pregnancy for our daughter, and for my mom, the health crises that typically follow a fall.  Thankfully, that is behind us, and we have our health.  We are now proud grandparents, with our daughter, son-in-law, and 2 year-old grandson living less than 5 minutes away.  My mom has lived with us since spring 2010, and we quickly discovered this arrangement to be the best of all alternatives after a few hospital/nursing home rehab stays.  Mom has become an active participant in a couple of seniors "42" & Canasta groups, and the fact that Dylan gets to grow up with his Great-Oma is really special.  We have also finally found a reliable helper for some of the cattle and hay work on the family homestead 80 miles away.  Any part of this could become unwieldy were it not for my wonderful husband, his more flexible work schedule, and his willingness to wear any hat necessary.  Not sure when we will choose "retirement", since we are surrounded by the perks that so many others require extended travel time to experience.  I guess the only travel that was not directly related to family or business was my husband's 50th high school reunion last December. 
I really enjoy the sophisticated website, Mike, and the remarkable NEWSLETTERS, Linda.  Reading the postings is a delightful pause in a hectic "sandwich generation" schedule.
(Thanks for your message about your hectic life and also for the wonderful compliment!  Mike and I have never been called "SOPHISTICATED" before!   Hey, wait a minute!  Just Mike was called "sophisticated" , not me!  I'll have to think about that.  "-)
Momma Lucy has been spending quite a bit of time in our house until MONDAY!  For some reason we have only spotted her once since then.  I think she might be mad because we "shooed" her out Sunday evening.  She stayed in on and off all day and we needed to go to bed.  She must be pouting. At least I hope she is just pouting!  "-(
(If you don't know who Momma Lucy is you'll have to go back and read the NEWSLETTER dated 7/25/12. )
Time is quickly upon us already.  The 45th reunion will be here by next spring/summer and it is time to start planning.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  The DERA, that has been our staple for the dance/dinner EVERY REUNION in the past, and is no longer available.  I'll send more information when I get it.
It has been hectic around here this summer entertaining and transporting the granddaughters, my Dad, and my sister in Bridge City.  It is funny to read our grocery list.  Meal and snack items have to please a 7, 9, two 60+, and a 96 year old!  Blue Bell  ice cream tends to "please" all of those ages, though.  Problem though.....favorites are: Rocky Road, Strawberries and Cream, Cookies and Cream, & Homemade Vanilla!! 
Murphy has been going to therapy for his "deranged" shoulder.  He goes about three times a week.  Dad has been watching the OLYMPICS and of course, the WWE RAW on Monday nights.  I have been following the Boston Red Sox which has been exhausting to watch many of the games!!!!  AAWWWWW. 
My sister had another great day Wednesday.  It is her birthday next week, August 17th.  I am going to surprise her by bringing my two granddaughters to spend our Wednesday together.  She adores them and her kids and grandkids all live away.  If you would like to drop her a birthday greeting, her address is the following:
Gerry Landry
150 Blueberry
Bridge City, TX 77611
The floods, wildfires, shootings have been everywhere in the NEWS lately.  We have several classmates in Oklahoma.  We only heard from Ricky and Gloria (Phillips) Bradley, who said that they were not affected by the wildfires but a family member was very close to them.  At least the Olympics have been something different to hold our attention.  I think there is a sport for just about everyone's interest.  Dad likes boxing, Murphy likes volleyball, and I have been mesmerized by synchronized swimming.  I am LOVING the swimsuits/costumes.  Momma Lucy likes badmitton (get it?   the "birdie"   HAAAAHAAAA)
The info has stopped coming in.  "-(  I am very sad  about this because I won't be getting the extra "news" I have been sharing with ya'll in MAIL CALL.  I have just about depleted my file of messages that I have been saving. I have been including just a few in each NEWSLETTER.  So, please start sending me anything you would like to share.
2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR

Good luck to all of our educator classmates that are starting a brand, spanking new school year.  Before I retired, it was always a FAVORITE time of the school year; getting new pencils, red pens, markers, stickers, ink pads, etc.  Of course, I was also rested and fresh and FORGOT how exhausting the days were with the little first graders!  But, how rewarding.  God bless our educator classmates.  Now go and make a difference in a student's life. 

Arlette Sonnier Guidry '69
(This is a FB posting about her husband, Tony Guidry.  Tony had to have open heart surgery, had complications, then had several strokes due to lack of oxygen.)
(Thursday, Aug. 9)
The EEG was not good today.  Tony is moving his arms & legs.  They will start taking him off the vent tomorrow.  We are still praying for a miracle of healing and restoration in Jesus' name.  I have loved this man with all my heart since I was 18 years old and love him just as much today.  I am praying that God will honor my request and bring him back to me healed and whole in Jesus' name.  Thank you, Lord, for the blessings and please show mercy to my precious Tony.  Please continue to pray for us.  Much love!
This part of the NEWSLETTER is always the trickiest.  I wrack my brain trying to remember if there was something else I wanted to include.  Of course, I do remember something AFTER I have sent Mike the finished copy.  Oh well.......
                                   Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
                                   Linda DeCuir McFadden




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