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The Yellow Jackets

  Class of 1968



The following classmates have passed away

Alma Frances Cook - 8/23/21

Catherine E. Swanson - 3/23/23

Randy Blanchard - 3/18/23

Phyllis Woodard - 10/7/22

Susan Brousard - 2/21/23

Marlene Fallin - 3/5/23

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  Ricky Bradley - Lung Issues

  Carole Oubre Reeves - pancreatic cancer

  Dianna (Caillier) & Robert Lewis - serious health issues

  Charline Valenciano Allen - dementia

  Debbie Borres Desmond - lymphoma

  Hal Ross - pancreatic cancer

  Charles Fontenot - prostate cancer

  Butch Ellis (husband of Liz Tieskens) - open heart surgery

  Alfred Hebert & wife Carolyn Bigler - health issues

  Mark Waedemon (son of Betty (Bernauer) & Ron Waedemon) - serious health issues

  Mikey Varing - chemo treatments

  Jeff Lee (son of Janis Hamilton) - heart issues

  Lee Benedetto - pacemaker

  Craig Romero - prostate cancer

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  PLettman's in downtown PA

  Richard & Cathy James 2023

  Vintage toy

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Evangeline first captured the attention of the nation in 1847, when Henry Wadsworth Longfellow told her tale in his epic poem.
The story starts in 1755, in Acadia, or modern-day Nova Scotia. Her true love and fiancé Gabriel, son of blacksmith. The couple are separated during “Le Grand Dérangement”, when British authorities expelled thousands of French speaking Catholic citizens (Cajuns) in one of North America’s lesser-known acts of ethnic cleansing.

“The Breeze Inn at Sea Rim State Park”

On Labor Day, 1980, Otis Segura closed The Breeze Inn for the last time due to regulations against the sale of alcoholic beverages within close proximity of the newly opened Sea Rim State Park. Otis had looked into the possibilities of moving the building, but it was to cost prohibitive, so he decided to retire.
Otis died soon after.

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