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The Yellow Jackets

  Class of 1968



The following classmates have passed away

Josephine “Josie” Bordonaro - 6/9/23

Patricia Patrick - 7/19/23

Harold Schkade - 7/23/23

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  Ricky Bradley - Lung Issues

  Carole Oubre Reeves - pancreatic cancer

  Dianna (Caillier) & Robert Lewis - serious health issues

  Charline Valenciano Allen - dementia

  Debbie Borres Desmond - lymphoma

  Hal Ross - pancreatic cancer

  Charles Fontenot - prostate cancer

  Alfred Hebert & wife Carolyn Bigler - health issues

  Mark Waedemon (son of Betty (Bernauer) & Ron Waedemon) - serious health issues

  Mikey Varing - chemo treatments

  Jeff Lee (son of Janis Hamilton) - heart issues

  Gary Hammond - health issues

  Randy Sonnier - serious health issues

  Jim Snoek - cochlear implant

  Pam McLeod - health issues

  Linda Faulk (wife of Mike Faulk) - lung cancer

  Judi Levy (wife of Joel Levy) - implanted debribrillator



  Bob West, Sport Editor for the PA News

  Hilda Barras Bourque, mother of Vickie Vincent

  Micka C. Primeaux, husband of Nancy Decker

  Charles McBee, principal at T.J.

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  Nancy Jowell Grisbee and family (2023)

  Pleasure Island poster ad

  KCS 29 at the PA depot in 1966

  S&H Green stamps

  In March 1973, Bluestein's in downtown Port Arthur shuts down

  Channel 4 News Van

  Flooding Proctor St in 1915 Port Arthur

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Bob West, Well Known PA News Sports Editor, Has Died

West was known for his heavy emphasis on coverage of high school sports and for championing athletes from Southeast Texas who went on to play at collegiate and professional levels. He was twice named Texas Sports Writer of the Year by the Texas High School Coaches Association and twice was selected recipient of the presigeous Fred Hartman Excellence in Sportswriting Award. West built a bigger platform by branching out into sports talk radio, doing shows in Houston, Beaumont, and Port Arthur for over 30 years.
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An NFL Without The Cowboys Almost Came To Be

In the 1960 season, the Dallas Cowboys almost never existed. An NFL without America's Team?
If both Washington and Pittsburgh had gotten their way back in 1960 that's exactly what would have happened. If not for a move that would make my Mafioso great-grandfather proud Dallas doesn't get a franchise in 1960. Buying the rights to the Redskins' team song, Clint Murchison Jr. basically told the Redskins: “Nice team song y'all got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.” In exchange for letting the Redskins play their own song at their home games in D.C., Dallas got an NFL franchise.

Lincoln HS Basketball Star Becomes A Pro

“Stephen Jesse Jackson”

Stephen wanted to play basketball from the time he was four years old. Many of Jackson’s relatives in Port Arthur, Texas, played on Lincoln High School State Championship teams. During his junior year in high school, Jackson led Lincoln High School to the State Championships. He was the high scorer and made All-American.