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Hey friends.  It has been 4 weeks instead of our usual 2 weeks since the last NEWSLETTER.  I had to skip the last update because of the lack of news. 



from Shirley Barra Fitzgerald in Humble, TX

Just giving thanks to the good Lord for seeing our daughter Erinn through her year long LVN course and passing her certification exam. She had one small child, became pregnant with the second, developed a kidney stone which made sick as a dog. We thought it was morning sickness, but it continued off and on throughout the pregnancy. Drove to school which was out-of-town and woke up at 5 each morning to do clinicals at various hospitals. By the way, did you know that pregnancies can cause kidney stones? With her determination and much prayer, she has achieved her goal! God is faithful and He does answer prayer! Now to finding a job......


from Robert “Bob” Sandoval in Fulshear, TX

Just a quick note to let you know Carol (Bonin) Hammonds is receiving her Ph.D. at UT Health Sciences next month here in Houston. We have recently kept in touch and that’s how I learned of this fabulous accomplishment.

Our Carol Bonin is now Dr. Carol Hammonds, Ph.D, R.N., etc. etc. She plays it down, but it is still awesome. Carol is on the Lamar University faculty and a teaching professional.


from Paul Colletti in Fort Worth, TX

Linda, I hope you're enjoying the olive oil. I just thought I'd tell you that last week we were awarded a gold medal at the NY International Olive Oil Competition. We are very excited. See you soon at our annual classmate weekend at the end of May.

(I am including other website addresses in case you are interested in reading about Paul's olive oil.)


from GeraldJerry” Miller in Bacliff, TX

Thank you for the note and link about the USS Oklahoma in the last website update dated 4/3/14. My dad was a Chief Engineer for Texaco oil tankers and he had been assigned to the Oklahoma years prior to the sinking. He once said that he knew many of the crew members that were assigned to her. I was in the Navy stationed in the Mediterranean Sea at the time, so I wasn't really aware what really happened. Thanks again.


from Elizabeth Hall in Prosper, TX

Since the reunion I have been meaning to write this. First, thanks all for the hard work on that endeavor. It was fun and good to see everyone. I'm afraid that John and I are old people and left the functions early but we enjoyed the time we had there. I only wish that I had made an effort to find out who lives in the DFW area so we could try to get together for dinner, movies, concerts or theatre like y'all do in the Golden Triangle. We live in Prosper so anyone in this area who wants to get together can call me at (806) 438-5754 or send me an e-mail.  We leave for Paris on May 20, back on the 28th. We are on Viking River Cruise (Paris to the Heart of Normandy). More when we return.



My dad will soon be in a private assisted-living facility in Nederland called Holland Place.  I have come to feel very comfortable about this decision after visiting the facility several times.  We even had his 98th birthday party and luncheon there even though he not officially living there yet.  The owner is building a wing onto the home and it should be finished around the mid to last part of May.  Just in time for me to start enjoying my two granddaughters for the summer! 


My niece, (like another daughter), is graduating from dental hygienist school this month.  She turned 43 this year and it has been an uphill battle going back to school.  We are very proud of her.  We will go to her PINNING on May 8th and her graduation from Lone Star College in Kingwood on May 10th.  It takes a lot of determination and heart to start all over and change one's life's path.


I'm celebrating another birthday this coming week.  Mexico gives me a birthday every Cinco de Mayo! A few girlfriends are taking me to Red Lobster.  I'll be good, I promise.  Murphy and I have been trying to eat healthier for the last two months and it seems to be working. 



from Carolyn Hebert (wife of Alfred Hebert, tj faculty)

April 3:  Alfred had an accident on his bike this past Sunday. He fractured his right hip and spent Sun - Tues in the hospital. He was transferred to Health South (Trinity Mother Frances Rehab Center) for maybe up to 3 weeks. No weight bearing on his right leg for 4-6 weeks. He was placed on oxygen due to not being able to breathe in without being in severe pain. I do not know the results of the x-ray of his thoracic spine which was not done in the hospital.

His bike shoes were locked on the pedals and he could not get his shoes loose. So, he fell full force on the concrete pavement. He hit his head. Thank God for bike helmets but as hard as he hit again thank God for no bleeding in the brain. He has a big skin tear on his right arm near the elbow and a lot of smaller skin tears and abrasions on his arms, his right leg, and on his back near the shoulder.


from Lee Benedetto Sharon in Tigard, OR

Again, I ask for prayers for my daughter who is strong and brave and battling MS.


Prayers and support for Charlotte Pace Thurston.   She is going through a battery of tests at MD Anderson.


Charlotte Pace Thurston

2702 Mazur Dr.

Port Neches, TX 77651


Linda Davis Fitzpatrick's daughter-in-law was in a car wreck.  She is continually improving at this time.


Read on FB written by Victor Lege:

Probably two of the greatest TJ coaches since "Buckshot" Underwood were Smitty Hill and Ronnie Thompson. It's been reported in the paper that Smitty is losing his battle with Alzheimer's. He has been placed in a hospice facility in Beaumont. Even though Smitty's tenure at TJ was a short 5 years, he went 54-11-3. His best team was the '70 group that went all the way to the semifinals but lost to Austin Reagan. In 13 games that season, the team outscored their opponents 485-93. Keep Coach Smitty Hill in your prayers.


from Josephine “Josie” Martinez in Houston, TX

To all my friends and family,

My son Paul, has a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, some of his close friends have setup the following websites to support him.


The Fundraising Website:


The Facebook Group:


I'm asking for any level of contributions to the fundraising site, even sharing this information with others in your life would be greatly appreciated. Spreading the message of what's going on is the only way we can anticipate change. I wish to emphasize my thanks, for you taking interest in Paul's story, and current circumstances. God bless you all.


Love you all,

Josie Martinez

May happiness smile on your world and in your heart


from Linda Hopper Hunt in Groves

I had a 2 hr. visit with Debbie Thompson Saide. We laughed and cried and visited. It was great. She still needs our prayers but she is in a good place now and I believe she can get the help she needs.

Debbie Thompson Saide

6025 Dixie Dr.

Vidor, TX 77652


Support and prayers go to Carol Olivier's husband, Randy Nunez.  He has been battling cancer for the last two years.




Larry Speak's younger brother, James “Mike” Speake passed away on April 4th.



Another NEWSLETTER and website update completed.  Please take time to drop me any kind of news; good, bad, or otherwise!


                                     Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

                                     Linda DeCuir McFadden









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