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from Billy Jordan in Decatur, AL

(September 12)

I picked up my 8 year old grandson from school yesterday and he started talking about 9/11. They had spent a lot of time on it in school and I could tell it had an effect upon him. He wanted to know where I was on that morning. I had just walked down the jetway and got on a plane. He than wanted to know why "they" wanted to do that. I explained to him that the United States is something special in the world and our heritage based upon freedom is hated by many others in the world. I told him to protect that we always get those that attack us and the only way of protecting our country is to be sure the world knows that is what we will do. After getting home after his soccer game, he stayed glued to the History Channel and not once played any electronics. Maybe our future is bright with kids like this.


from Jeanette Constantine Morgan in Groves

Well, I just got home from a wonderful day of celebrating my birthday, I was so overwhelmed when I got home and looked at my timeline and saw all of the birthday wishes I had received. Thanks so much for all the beautiful wishes. I really enjoyed reading all of them. So thanks again to all of my family and friends remembering me on my special day. I started celebrating last week when I was treated to a beautiful lunch including a gorgeous , delicious coconut cake, then again today I was treated to lunch by friends and I am not done yet my daughter Michelle has planned an evening out for tonight and we will have a delicious strawberry cake bought for me by Ewelina. I am one lucky gal.  My daughter and grandson sent me beautiful flowers and I received that special phone call from New York from my son. Laila Bug and Ewelina also gave me a beautiful clip for my Pandora bracelet. How blessed am I?


from Felicia Hiatt Petit in Texas City

Aug. 25

Well, today was first day back to school for grandkids and tomorrow it is for ME. I am going to be doing a long term sub job for a friend at Thompson. Going to be teaching Pre-AP Algebra...well, going to attempt to teach it anyway. Wish me luck. Then, at end of September I am going to do another long term sub job for a pregnant teacher...8th grade science...yeah..I know I can do that one. After this might not sub anymore all school year.


(update on Sept. 16)

Ok, I started my second long term sub job today at San Jacinto Intermediate. It's an 8th grade science position so I'm much more comfortable than the Pre-Algebra class I just taught. Today went okay, first three classes were good, then it went downhill a little. I have already sent a kid to the office. Hopefully they'll learn not to be rude. I sure hope it's not a real long 6 weeks!



I have had a few classmates ask about my test results.  No results, which is good!  The receptionist said that if I don't hear from them then that means no RED FLAGS.  Okay, then!  No news is good news.  I don't have an appointment with the doctor again until the middle of December.  The tests I took were an EEG, MRI of the arteries of the brain, MRA of the brain tissue, MRA of the carotid arteries and an ultrasound of the carotid arteries.  These were warranted due to an “episode” I experienced on July 10 that rendered me helpless;  slurred speech, no control of arms or legs.  I went to the ER. The doctors I have seen since diagnosed a TIA or seizure but I wonder if no problems were found, what it really was?  Hmmm  Stay tuned. 



TJ, class of '64 will host their 50th reunion on Oct. 24, 2014

TJ, class of '69 will host their 45th reunion Oct. 17-18, 2014

TJ, class of '70 will host their 45th reunion July 24-25

Contact me if you would like more information on these events.



(This is the July edition of news from Mr. Rowland's homeroom students written in the summer of '67 before our senior year!) 


Linda Estrada has visited Miami, Florida and New Orleans for two weeks with her family.


Wayne LaGrappe is resting up a bit before football practice goes into full swing by serving as a boys counselor at Newton for a week.


Marian Taylor has been busy babysitting and helping a lady keep house in Bridge City.


Besides his many other activities, Dwight Larson manages to spare one night a week to play softball on the Lakeview softball team.


Gerald Huebel is pitching for a softball team in the YMCA league this summer.


Glenn McGee spent a day at Lake Tejas with his Sunday School class.


Two weeks in New Orleans to lounge around was on the July agenda for Fred McCarty. 


Linda Gothia has been spending some of her leisure time at her farm in Newton.


Gayle Endsley stayed busy this month by going to Missouri and stopping in at Six Flags Over Texas at the same time that Phyllis Hargrove was there and they found out that they were both staying at the same hotel. 


Florence Woods is employed at Quality Shoe Store.


Linda Olivier has been modeling in style shows put on by her mother's fashion store, Irene's.  She also enjoyed a vacation in Missouri visiting her grandparents there.


Jean Ann Virden is now engaged in the Red Hussars pre-practice now in session to be held for three weeks.  Then, the regular pracice will begin in August.  Phyllis is now serving as Assistant Drum Sergeant.


Linda DeCuir is taking tennis lessons at TJ this summer and is getting ready for a three day stay at Gilchrist with her family and friends.


Steve Baker is working hard practicing for the Jackets every day while he is still keeping up with his many other activities.



Mr. Lionel Rowland made a successful finish by maintaining an A average in his GOVERNMENT course at Lamar State College.  He is continuing to work on his research paper and is taking a little time off to visit his mother in the hospital at Lake Jackson.


I'm closing for this edition now, but I hope that even with the lack of news for July that you will enjoy the paper anyway.


Editor: Linda DeCuir

Reporter: Jean Ann Virden


(I recently came across these newsletters when Lenny Larson sent them to me.  Even though I smile while reminiscing, I am also saddened to remember that three of the classmates that are mentioned are no longer with us, Dwight Larson, Linda Estrada, and Steve Baker.  RIP sweet friends.)


There isn't a lot going on around here.  I think it has just been too hot to want to get out and do anything.  We, along with millions of others, did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Dad (98) also was challenged and had confetti and puff balls dumped on his head.  We did that at his senior living facility!  It was fun for all of the residents there. 


My sister, Gerry (TJ'59), came in for the day on labor day weekend.  She had not seen the new place for Dad.  It was a great day.  We brought him back here to “visit” with her and the family and then stopped in at my daughter's in Lumberton.  All was well UNTIL Dad had a TIA!  My sister got very upset and ran into the house, she is bi-polar and has dementia.  After about 10 minutes, he came out of it.  We chose not to take him to the ER on labor day weekend for obvious reasons.  He came out of it, we knew what he was having and we felt that he would be more comfortable at his own place. 


My brother, Danny, (TJ'64), from Friendswood came in to our area this last weekend.  He also had not seen Dad's new home.  We had a great day, just the 3 of us, touring all of the PA area.  He moved away in 1965, and even though he has been home over the years, he still was able to see things that he remembered from his youth.  We topped it off by eating at Sartin's in Nederland.  Yum.  It was a very nice day.


We are heading to Tennessee for a few days to attend a wedding of a friend, (more like a faux nephew)!  While there, we will check to see if Elvis has left the building.  I'll let you know.


Our usual foursome, Diane Richmond, Debbie Borres, Ernie Castaneda, and I went to Cheddars in Beaumont to celebrate Diane's 65th b-d! Hellooooo Medicare.  Diane showed us pics of her first grandbaby, Christian David Miller.  He is a doll!  Since he lives in the Austin area, she doesn't get to see him as often as a grandmother would want, but alas FACETIME, SKYPE, and pictures on the mobile phone are helping out.



(update on Ricky Bradley's knee replacement) from Mustang, OK

September 15

The knee is still swollen and aches but he has good range of motion and coming along good for 3 weeks out from surgery! GOD is Good & we are Thankful


from Darlene Turner Landry in Port Neches

September 10

It's with a very grateful heart that this news can be told. We met today with the oncologist (after the pet scan) and my husband, Steve, is cancer FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many people to thank for their support, love and prayers....we can't begin to name without forgetting someone, but you know who are and so does God.....many, many, many thanks!


(update from Dianne Dupre in Groves)

To all my family and friends--Sorry for not sending my weight loss in awhile. I have lost 107 lbs. as of today (Sept. 8). I have gone from a size 5X shirt to an X-large! Never thought I'd see that size again! I could not do this without all of you. You keep me inspired each day. Please know you are all in my thoughts and in my heart.

(Dianne is on FB)


Sep. 2

from Pat Trahan Knox in Beaumont

Well, I have a broken bone in my foot. I have the newest style of boot! LOL I can't drive for 6 weeks and have to stay off of it. This should be fun...poor Ray is stuck with an old lady!


from Bill Richey's wife, Rhonda (Carleton) '70

Aug. 27

It's a great day to be free from my hard neck brace. PTL. Thanks to all for the prayers, cards, food, messages, hugs, and patience during my surgery and 6 weeks with the brace. It seems like the day is going well. My neck is still attached.!!! I will move slowly forward with continued healing and exercise. Thanks.


Juanita Perales' update

Aug. 22

Well, God gave me a reprieve on my knee problem. But, the problem came back. I had an MRI on my knee last Friday and the results are: I have a large meniscal tear and I need surgery. It's too large to heal on its own. So......I probably will have surgery next Friday. 2-4 weeks recuperation. So, wish me luck! And pray for me, please.


Aug. 22

(update on Alfred Hebert and wife, Carolyn)

Alfred is improving greatly. He is exercising and increasing his time on the treadmill...nothing like training for a triathlon, of course. Now, the issue is me. I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done this morning. My stomach is enlarged and a biopsy was done. Four polyps were removed from my colon and a biopsy done. The pain then is my fatty liver. I suspect a biopsy will be done on that soon.

I still enjoy y'all website so very much!



Kathleen Rosenthal Phillips

(death of her father, A.J. Rosenthal)

5010 Bay St.

Groves, TX 77619



I thought it was a little ironic my NEWSLETTER from Mr. Rowland's homeroom in 1967 was stating that there was a LACK OF NEWS!  I went through this edition and found that EVERY news item listed, except from Alfred Hebert, was taken off of FACEBOOK!  If I had not monitored it daily, this edition would only have news of ME, ME, ME!  Oh well, we do what we have to do.


                        Keep in touch and contact a classmate,

                        Linda DeCuir McFadden









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