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(Mike and I are so proud!  We didn't have to wait a month to send this update out.  We were able to do it in our “usual” two weeks.  Thanks for responding.  Keep it going.)



Sept. 18

from Paul Nicholas in Los Angeles, CA

Classmates:  My latest book, “Baby Brother's Window,” is now available on Amazon Kindle.  Some of the subject matter deals with growing up in Port Arthur during the 50's and 60's.  Let me know what you think.


from Charlie Fontenot in League City

Oct. 18

I know you are surprised to hear from me.  I am usually just the reader and not big on comments. But, I just finished reading your latest update and felt I should send you some news. All is well with Becky and myself.  We are both having some leg and foot problems but hopefully nothing major. I am planning on retirement next June if all goes well.  Please know that there are those of us that enjoy and appreciate all you do even if we are the silent readers.'


from David Lapham in Sunset Valley, TX

Oct. 21

Things are good here. My spousal unit and I recently took a driving vacation to the Southeast US, which began with what I (half) jokingly call "The Gulf Coast tour of the military museums." We started in New Orleans with the World War II Museum. We stayed 1½ days there before continuing to Mobile, AL to see the battleship Alabama and the WW2 submarine Drum plus the air museum they have there. Both of these museums were terrific, but we saved the best for last. In Pensacola, FL we saw the National Naval Aviation Museum. It's supposed to be one of the top three aviation museums in the world along with the Smithsonian at Dulles and the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. I highly recommend it.

  From there we drove to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Smokey Mountains Nat'l Park, and Nashville before returning via the Natchez Trace Parkway. It was a great trip.



from Joe Breaux '69 in Austin

I enjoyed the articles about the Rainbow Bridge & Lakeview.  Robert McClintock's 1st cousin, Christy, won the contest naming the bridge. I am now looking forward to attending my class's 45th reunion from TJ on Oct. 17-18.  

(Joe and I grew up a couple of blocks apart in Lakeview.)


from Cherlyn Hebert in Houston

Even though I wasn't in Mr. Rowland's homeroom, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the newsletters you've been including.  What a simpler time we lived in.

(Thanks Cherlyn.  I agree about the simpler times.  Those homeroom NEWSLETTERS brought back memories, not only from my homeroom, but from my many happy times at TJ, as well!)



Don't forget to “fall back” an hour when you set your alarms this weekend. 


VOTE this coming week if you weren't able to take advantage of the EARLY VOTING.


I was in line behind Wade Miller a couple of weeks ago at a 7-11.  He lives on the block behind me here in Lumberton but we never seem to run into each other.  He told me that he has 10 grandchildren, (I hope I am remembering the number correctly).  He has a few more kids that haven't started their families yet, so there is hope for more. 


Murphy and I had BBQ with Diane (Richmond) and Dan and Ernie (Castaneda) and Ron recently.  The other two couples in the restaurant probably didn't care for all our loud laughter.  We were telling tales of the Dallas trip we just took.



Even though my NY Yankees or Boston Red Sox weren't in the mix this year, I did watch every WORLD SERIES game; all 7!  I was rooting for the Kansas City Royals since they haven't won a series since 1985.  But, the San Francisco Giants won, making them World Series Champs 3 times out of the last 5 years!


I finished filling 400 snack-sized zip lock bags with treats.  Our neighborhood gets tons of children.  I am looking forward to seeing the little ones all dressed up.  Glad I won't have any of my grandchildren here Saturday coming down from a sugar high!  I remember those days of teaching my first grade class!  Yikes.  Happy HALLOWEENIE!


Did you hear me yelling?  That was me when Murphy drove off for OPENING WEEKEND of deer season today!  The younger wives are yelling at their husbands NOT to spend so much time away from the home and helping out with the kids.  Not so much with the “older” wives.  Awwww.  Peace and quiet.  A little retail therapy, watching my musicals on the DVR, sleeping in, etc.



Murphy and I find pleasure in picking out a couple or family in a restaurant and sometimes paying their tab.  This summer in New Branfels, we chose a whole family at Baskins and Robbins.  We noticed their children were so nice and well-behaved.  The dad asked WHY we paid.  We answered, “BECAUSE WE CAN!”  We also told them that someday they would be able to do the same.  The last time that we picked a couple was because the elderly man reminded us of Murphy's dad. On with the story, Linda!  Recently, my dad and I went to a local diner in Nederland.  Dad slid down to the floor when trying to make it into the booth.  A couple helped me lift him back up.  When we went to pay the waitress after eating, she said we needed to talk to the owner.  I felt like the establishment was going to comp the bill because of Dad's incident which I would not have wanted them to do.  No.  The owner said that a couple paid our tab because Dad reminded them of their Dad!  I cried like a baby right there at the table!  Now I wonder what others have thought when we have anonymously paid their bill.  Do you have a PAY IT FORWARD story to send to me?  I'd love to share it with the class.



Oh my!  What an experience!  This was my first Cowboy game and it was over the top.  I go to baseball games, (ya'll know that is my first love), but the excitement of these football crowds are unbelievable.  I couldn't stop smiling.  We went with Ernie and Ron and started with a VIP tour of the stadium the day before the game.  What a treat.  It was so fun to end it by “playing” around on the field.  Just knowing that is what I see on the tv each week was thrilling and also weird to know that it is where the guys actually play. The scoreboard!!!  Oh my heavens.  No one can explain that.  It is phenomenal to watch.  I have heard the announcers talk about it but it has to be seen in person to really appreciate it. 


Game day!  Wearing my new TONY ROMO jersey.  Everyone there is decked out.  High fives going around, dancing in the stands, excitement everywhere.  One thing I missed, though.  NO YELLOW LINE on the field like it shows on TV.  That really messed me up. Did I mention that the BOYS won?  They beat the NY Giants 31-21.   The only “bad” thing that happened was our TAXI driver OVERCHARGED us.  We didn't realize it until another guest at the motel told us what they paid!  UGH. 


We spent the third day of our vacation viewing the Dealey Plaza where JFK was assassinated.  How sobering.  We were in the 8th grade when it happened. I'm sure everyone can remember what they were doing at the exact moment that we found out about the incident that changed our lives that day. 


A quick stop in Tupelo, right outside of Corsicana, was fun because we visited with Lynn Eldridge Gill at her family ranch.  It is always so fun to be with her and soak up her energy.  Hopefully, we will visit again soon and spend more than just an hour. 


The trip was awesome, pretty expensive, but this is what I think...Putting a CHECK on your BUCKET LIST is PRICELESS!  Thanks, Ernie and Ron, for sharing an memorable weekend together.



from Janette Light Norton in Cypress

Oct. 30

Dear Friends,

After 30 years of various medical issues, now I must have both a liver and kidney transplant. I spent two days at Methodist Hospital this week being evaluated and reevaluated me from head to toe to determine just how high on the donor list I'll be.


Please pray for me, the doctors, and especially my sweet family that continues to lift me up. I am married to the best nurse in the world and find so much joy in my little granddaughters. Dear friends, I've looked forward to our 50th reunion for ...well, 50 years!! I plan to be there!

Love you all, Janette

20219 Sweetgum Way

Cypress, TX 77433


(update on Cherlyn Hebert)

Oct. 17

Left knee replaced: check. Right knee replaced: check. Guess I'll have cataract surgery next, just to continue my Year of Surgery theme for 2014. Yep, the time has come; and I'll have my right eye done on October 23, with the left to follow in November sometime. I look forward to better eyesight wholeheartedly.


My recuperation after the right knee replacement in July is right on track; I was driving in 2-1/2 weeks (shhh . . . don't tell my doctor LOL); bowling in 6 weeks and back in the pool for water aerobics a couple of weeks ago. It is such a blessing to be able to walk distances and not be looking for a place to sit down and rest.

Cherlyn Hebert

7928 Ellinger Ln

Houston, TX 77040


from Jimmy Hebert in Burkeville

Oct. 18

I just wanted to let you know that my mom, Alla Mae Hebert,

is not doing well. We have had to call in Hospice. She's at home in Groves and

stable, but her time with us.....well, we just don't know.  Please keep her

and our family in your prayers.


Jim & Suzy Hebert

436 Tall Timbers

Burkeville, TX 75932


from Charlie Fontenot in League City

Oct. 18

(update on his grandson, Ray)

Our daughter's son, Ray, just recently turned one. Some of you may remember that Darci's son was born with some kidney problems.  Well, after some time and many tests, Ray is scheduled to have surgery on November 25th. The hope on his last test was for at least 25% function on his worst kidney for the doctors to feel it was worth saving. Well, the test came back with 23%.  But, they felt like it was still worth trying to save it. Now, they will perform the surgery on the tubes on both kidneys since the good kidney is also not 100%. Needless to say, all prayers and thoughts will be greatly appreciated. My wife, Becky, is going to San Diego to help out with prayers and recovery.

Charlie Fontenot

412 Brookdale

League City, TX 77573



Yet, another classmate has left us too soon.



May 22, 1950 – October 25, 2014

May he Rest in Peace


Condolences may be sent to his brother; also our classmate:

Gary Staton

9010 Quail Dr.

Orange, TX 77630


Let's “send it forward” and contact these classmates listed in SUPPORT and CONDOLENCES.  We could all use a hug, whether physical or with words.


                               Stay in touch and contact a classmate,

                               Linda DeCuir McFadden









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