TJ Class of '68     UPDATE                                                                     03/02/07    

Hi fellow classmates & friends,
        My heart is heavy with sadness about loosing a classmate, Arturo "Arthur" Gracia.  I hope that you will take time to pray for 
his family who has lost their loved one.


from Brenda Rector Cook in Nederland
Have been wanting to drop you a line but was trying to find a neat picture of the Honor Society at Woodrow Wilson around 8th grade 
that I have somewhere.  I love the old pictures on the web site.  You and Mike are the greatest!  A million thanks (will send funds too) 
for all you do - all of us will be indebted forever. I don't think I have ever been this ready for Spring - just planted sweet peas and can hardly wait 
to smell them. Hope you have a wonderful Spring.  I got  your voice mail concerning Terry Cook's (husband) obit.  Will get that to you soon - I will 
have to dig a little. 

(We look forward to getting your photo to add with the others.  We could use lots more.) 

from Steve Redick in Bridge City
Through other class sites, I finally found a path and found my class website.  I have added it to my favorites.  Your site is the best 
one yet! You are doing an excellent job, I've really enjoyed the web site!  Please keep up the good work. 

(Welcome Steve!  We love getting new viewers. Tell some of your co-workers that might not know about us.)

from Linda Blackley Rindlisbacher in Oriville, CA
Thank you again for your wonderful update, as usual. I just LOVED the 45s website in the WEBSITES OF INTEREST.   
What a really cool added feature. I  hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. I watched it three times. I would imagine  with all of the time and 
hard work that you and Mike do, to provide such a FINE website for us to enjoy, that anyone sitting back enjoying this fine entertainment will 
respond with their own stories, news, and donations. Things are fine here in sunny California . Sure miss those Texas storms, though, and 
the fine down-home hospitality and warmness of the southern people. Hope all is fine with you and your family. Keep up the great 

(Linda sent a  picture of her precious granddaughters.)

from Patricia Patrick Cunningham in St. Petersburg , FL
I was reading the new updates on the website and saw the I REMEMBER WHEN by Joel Levy.  I think my 1st 
grade teacher was Miss Franklin, I may be wrong, it may be another grade, but I feel pretty sure it was Miss Franklin.  
Could you pass this on to Joel and maybe it will jog his memory?  I'd like to know if I'm right.  We're still cleaning out 
stuff from my mom's house since my step-dad died last May but I haven't found any old school memories.  Guess my mom 
didn't keep anything. I'll keep looking. Thanks for all you and Mike do.

(Does this jog any other of your Lee Elementary memories, classmates?)

from Harold Erixon in Crestwood , KY
Yeah, really enjoying this white stuff!!   They could have sent more of it to New York or anywhere else but here.  We are 
hoping to not get any more snow days.  We have had one already so that means kids don't get out of school until June 
something.  The twins are juniors this year and are doing well in school.  Both are active.  Melissa is in soccer and Harold, III 
is in wrestling.  I am retired from Delta and am enjoying being Mr. Mom.  Deborah is the fulltime worker now for this bunch and 
I am damn proud of her.  I am looking forward to spending spring break in TEXAS as Deborah and I are looking to move to the 
hill country after the kids get out of high school 40 YEARS AFTER I GRADUATED!  I do enjoy reading the UPDATES  and 
am able to put names with faces as time progresses.  Please keep up the good work that ya'll do with the website.

(We look forward to you and Deborah coming back to TEXAS where you BELONG!)

from Sandy Ellis Macnamera in Elgin , TX
I wanted to let you know about the births of my twin grandchildren.  On February 7, 2007, at 5:00am, Christopher Paul and 
Kiersten Grace Pierron were born.  Together, they weighed in at a little over 9 lbs.  Christopher weighed 5 lbs  and a couple of 
ounces and Kiersten weighed 4 lbs.  I am happy to report that both children are doing well and at home with their parents Eric 
and Kim.  Paul and I are IN LOVE with our beautiful grandchildren.  Can't get enough of them!  On another note, I will be in
Port Arthur
for a visit in a couple of weeks.  I have lots of prints with pictures of classmates.  Maybe I will bring them with me.

(Those of us with grandchildren will probably agree that we wish we would have had GRANDCHILDREN

from Ronnie Hollier in Port Neches, TX
It will be 4 years this March 25th that my twin brother, Donnie died.  I do miss him.  Also, two weeks after Donnie died, my father 
passed away.  I miss him, also.  I am glad that my daughter found this website for me.  She is a teacher's aide in Nederland and is 
going to college to become a teacher.  She mentioned to a faculty member that she was looking to see if our class had a site and 
the teacher happened to be one of our classmates.

(Your generous contributions were very welcome.  We welcome you to our readership.  Thanks for the kind words.)

from Beth Anne Sutherlin in Bedford, TX
My husband is trying to sell his '57 Ford panel.  We had it running...needs some work....selling it cheap if anyone likes that kind of stuff.  
My oldest child is turning 30...whew....I am really getting old!  I have made notes to find my old high school pictures.  Went to Mardi Gras 
in downtown Port Arthur.  It was great and cold!  Spent most of my time with Kay Campbell and husband Dale Netherland.  I saw 
Hal Ross
and Jody Juneau and husband Horace "Tinker" BrownTinker was an old neighbor from the Lakeview neighborhood.

(Hey Beth Anne.  I was also from Lakeview.  My parents still live in our old house built in 1940 on the 5000 block of 8th Street).



Ronnie Hollier
 "I am sending you another contribution in memory of my brother, Donnie Hollier.  You and Mike are doing a great job.  Please let me 
know if I can be of any more help." 

Rex Meyer and Linda Olivier
"You and Mike are doing a wonderful job.  Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!  "-)

 CONTRIBUTIONS may be sent to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
112 Woodsong
Bridge City, TX 77611 



Phillis Fett Abshire
(loss of her dad)
8116 Heatherbrook Trail
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Shirley Roll
(loss of her mom)
3 Brookgreen Circle
Montgomery, TX 77356



The Gracia Family
120 Sycamore
Port Neches, TX 77651

 Arthur's only sibling, Mabel (Class of '70) is married to our classmate, Randy P. Sonnier. Please show them your support.
Anyone that ever met Arthur has only good things to say about him.  What a fun-loving, character.  Heaven just became a better place!!
 My heart is broken but also holds such wonderful memories of our times together.  
God bless you, sweet friend!


Thought we all could use a refresher course.
 (Yes, that means YOU, too!) 

The pledge of allegiance to the Texas state flag is:
   "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible." 

The Texas State song lyrics

Check out this website for more information.

I am going to give a test next UPDATE.  Start studying!



Starting this year, Daylight Savings Time (DST) will start three weeks earlier, on March 11, 2007, and end one week later, on November 4, 2007.  
This will result in a longer Daylight Savings Time period, one that will last four weeks longer than previously observed.  This changeover will impact 
your computer if certain softwear patches and procedures are not implemented in the short term.  To avoid problems with incorrect tiems due to 
the change in DST, Microsoft, along with other vendors, are in the process of releasing a number of software fixes that will help address these 
types of problems.


CRAWFISH  (aka crayfish) SEASON

You don't have to be Cajun to enjoy these MUD BUGS, but it does help!!  My husband and I  like to go buy a bag (30 lbs each) and invite a 
couple of  friends over and "go after it!"  It's not a pretty sight, but sooooo worth it!  I thought I would give you a few pointers just in case you 
forgot what eating crawfish was like in SOUTHEAST TEXAS.  Enjoy 



This will be the last time that you will see the class website like it is now.  Mike has been working FOR MONTHS on changing the site to 
another look that uses "front page" (whatever that is).  Anyway, we will still have the same address  to enter the site.  
He will permanently change over in the middle of March.  I will send a note telling you when it is completed.  We are really excited about the 
new features that will be incorporated.  I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.  We are hoping to eventually have a "chat line."  
Just remember that it is very important that you tell me when you change e-mail addresses.  We don't want you to get left out of the loop.


Murphy and I are heading on a road trip to Chicago, IL for a St. Patrick's Day wedding.  My best friend at TJ, Jody Hopkins and her classmate 
husband, Gary Barbin are helping to throw a shindig wedding for their middle son, Luke.  He is an A&M graduate who is marrying another Aggie 
that he met in Chicago.  Let's hope that Murphy and I get along ( I am the navigator) and don't get a D*I*V*O*R*C*E.  (He might get the COMPUTER 
WITH MY TJ '68 class FILES when we divvy up household goods and then where will ya'll be?)  "-)  Pray for a safe trip for all involved (especially 
with that crazy weather up there.)


That is about it.  Don't forget to check out Mike's NOTES OF INTEREST.  Please remember to find snapshots to add to our photo section. Also, 
remember to send me changes of e-mail addresses, home addresses, phone #s, etc. The newest feature,  I REMEMBER WHEN,  is a hit. So, 
take the time to share your thoughts and memories with your classmates.  The anonymous quote for the day is,  "Remember.... live every day 
to the fullest.  Each minute is a blessing from God.  And never forget....the people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones 
with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care for us."

                                                                               Stay safe and keep in touch,
                                                                              Linda DeCuir McFadden


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