TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                                11/09/07    

WOW!!!  The classmates really blew me away with participation for this publication.  I was really scared for awhile and now I am drowning in news and items to share with all of you.  Let's begin and I just hope you will remember to share news over the coming holiday season since I am clearing out my mail folder with these classmate messages.   


from Fred McCarty in Kingwood
We had a big day on October 27 with the wedding of Brian, my youngest son, to his girlfriend of many years, Laura. They met in Middle School and dated through High School. Then, they maintained their relationship through college despite going to different universities that were several hundred miles apart. Both graduated in May, 2006 and got engaged last fall. It is so great to see two young people so self-assured knowing that they have found their soul mate. We used the happy occasion to have a mini-family reunion beginning Thursday and lasting until Sunday with about 20 family members from California , Kansas , North Carolina , Virginia , Michigan and Ohio .  The bride & groom had a great time in Vegas on their honeymoon.

Nov. 2-4 was my 35th Reunion at Rice University . Our classmate, George Collins, was the only other Port Arthur native who attended. We had a great time catching up on things. But, I must admit I commented that I could not believe how old some of my classmates had gotten over the years. 

I am looking forward to the big 40th TJHS Reunion Aug. 1-2, 2007!!! . Everyone needs to mark your calendars and plan to attend! 

from Camille Messina Hudson in Lake Jackson
I'm living in Lake Jackson and doing great. I am married to Sam Hudson. The grandkids live close in Houston and Pearland.  Love the website. 

from Christine Crochet Wramp in Bremerton , WA
I am going to be in Port Arthur the week before Thanksgiving (Nov. 18-23) and would like to talk to or have lunch with anyone that is interested.  I have not been able to attend any of the reunion parties because of the distance and work schedules but would be interested in seeing anyone and finding out how they are doing and about their lives.  I will be at my sister Sue's house and will have my cell phone with me 360-620-6776.  Our family does the Thanksgiving get together because we were tired of only seeing each other at weddings or funerals.  My sister, Sue, works for the Post Office in Groves , my sister, Virginia , works for Fellowship Baptist Church in Nederland and my sister, Anne, works at the school in Nederland .  I hope all of the Class of '68 has a healthy and happy holiday season.  

(Contact Christine to set up a visit or just to chat.  She would LOVE it.  Washington state is a long way away from here and she doesn't get down very often.)

from Gary Hammond in Plano
The Hammond family is continuing to be blessed as Bev and I had our 5th grandchild on th 29th of October.  A good-looking boy weighing in at 8 lb., 14 oz. and 21 inches.  He was born in Gainesville , FL and sure to be a big GATOR fan.  Actually, he appears to have a QB build!  Little Gary (great name, don't you think?) and mom Stacey are doing great.  Daddy Beau and his big brother, James are very pleased with the little feller.  Oma and Pops (that's US) are wearing our smiles proudly.  God is Good.

(Congratulations Pops!  Classmates will have to wait awhile to see the precious pictures, though.  Gary is 4th in line of grandkid pics!)

from Carol Olivier Nunez in Austin
My husband, Randy Nunez, and I  went to the Air Force vs Army Football game with Cla Simon and husband John Weishaar last Sat. Nov 3 in Colorado Springs, CO. 

We got to see 7 Air Force parachuters land flawlessly on the 50 yd line, 2 F-16 Fighter Jets, as well as a B-52 bomber, do "fly-bys", and the real "falcon" do his at dive-bombing thing at half-time, as well as a great football game in perfect weather.

Cla and I were reminiscing...who would have thought in 1967 that we would be here today....40 yrs later...doing this....Life is a beautiful thing...We are blessed!  (sorry no pictures...both camera batteries dead) 

from Darlene Turner Landry in Port Neches
Just thought I'd share this happy moment with everyone.  We gave my husband a surprise 60th birthday party on October 13th....It was amazing that we pulled it off. 

from Pat Trahan in Beaumont
I cannot be the cause of Linda losing it!!! Is everyone enjoying the cooler weather as much as my family? Of course, I'm very cold natured, so I wear a jacket, especially at work where my co-workers are hot natured. My husband, Ray, and I went fishing  to christen the boat. He bought it back in March, just before having rotator cuff surgery. Bad timing,  his right arm was extremely sore for quite a while. He can now cast again and even caught a fish. I caught 3, but mine weren't the good kind (I'm learning all about the fish). It was a little chilly on the water, but the weather was gorgeous! I have learned that a baseball cap is not my best fashion accessory. I looked so-o-o-o bad that only my dear husband would say I looked okay.
We are going to Bryan for Thanksgiving so everyone can see Jeff and Lee Ann's new home (he's my youngest, 29). I won't know how to act not getting up at 3 a.m. to put a turkey in the oven, but I'm willing to learn. Jeff said he just wants me to enjoy the day. I, of course, will not be able to just not do anything, but it's still a nice thought. Lee Ann's folks will be there, too, and it will be nice visiting with them. I hope you all have a wonderful turkey day.  'Gig 'em!

from Gilsey Viator Campion in Austin
Carol Olivier
and husband, Randy are building a new home on their horse ranch.   I saw it framed. Carol is busy decorating.   It looks like it is going to be so nice.
(Thanks for sharing that news.  The class will all have to drop in on them and take free riding lessons!)

from Pam Owings Hund in Port Neches
have enjoyed seeing the pictures of our classmates and their spouses. I thought I would send one of my husband and I at a sidewalk bar outside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas . This picture was taken after a chop-job haircut so my hair is longer now and a different color. I have

colored my hair the lightest blonde I could find for years and years. Suddenly, people stopped talking about my white blonde hair and started commenting on my hair turning white and graying nicely. The last straw was when I went to visit my daughter at her job and her friends wanted to know who the old lady was! I broke all speed limits getting to my hairdresser and getting something more natural (and no, gray isn't more natural :)) Old lady, indeed!

On a different subject, I was able to find Kathleen Rosenthal's email address on the site and enjoyed getting in touch with her and receiving a reply. We haven't spoken in years. I'm sure you have enabled a lot of old friends to reunite. 
(I got so tickled with Pam's "hair color" story that I asked for permission to print it.  Recently, my 4 year granddaughter said, "Nanny.  Your hair is a lotta white and a little bita black."  I think many of us can relate to Pam's story.  Also, Mike and I know we are doing a good job when classmates reunite.  That is what we are here for!)

from Jody Hopkins Barbin in Waco
August 1 and August 2...Hurrah!! A date set for the 40th reunion!   I am so glad to get it so we can work on arranging for it......... Gary will probably be moving his office around that time, but we are going to try to come.

from James Leland Hebert in Waldorf, MD
Just wanted to let you know I changed my email address.  I don't want to become a MISSING classmate :) Love the webpage and appreciate all your hardwork on the behalf of the Class of 68.

(Now, this guy KNOWS THE DRILL.  Don't change ANYTHING without letting me KNOW first.  THEN, you can inform the family and the police!  "-))

from Rose Flohr in Seabrook
I have two children, Paul & Kandi and 3 grandchildren. I can't believe it's been that long since we went to school together.  I enjoyed the website. Carla Castro Hass  told me about it. After looking at my picture in the annual, I don't believe anyone would recognize me now.  I  will have to send you updated pics. My brother, Lloyd, lives in Ohio and travels alot.   I'm still amazed that all of a sudden I have contact with my past after all those years. I would enjoy hearing from some of you and get reacquainted.

(We are thrilled to take your name off of the MISSING LIST.)

from Gary Barbin in Waco
Jody and I went to see the movie "Across the Universe".  It was a musical with all songs Beatles songs sung by the actors (not a band and not the Beatles).  In fact, the lyrics were 90 percent of the screenplay, including the main characters named after beatles songs (Jude, Lucy, etc.)  Also had a Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix (with different names) singing Beatles songs, Psychedelic scenes, Viet Nam draft dodging and burning draft card scenes, riots,  LSD scenes, etc.  Was really a condensed conundrum of the late 60's that I think anyone in our class might like (or hate). Definitely not a movie of the year but an interesting period piece.  Not at all about the Beatles, just listenening and singing to their music while things happens around you. 

from Carroll Paul Cashat in Colmesneil
Not much on talking to people and sure not that good with someone I haven't seen in 40 years. You called me sometime back and told me about the web site. Well, it has got my attention. I didn't make too many friends in school and the one, Jerry Reynolds, who I hung out with, is now deceased. I learned this from the web site.  Who would have figured?   I would like to say hi to Ron Bullion (Bishop Byrne '68),  (Ernie Castaneda's husband).   We were good friends at one time but as we got older we drifted apart.  This should never happen. There were good times and some bad times, but together we helped each another grow up.   Thank you all.

PS: Ask Gerald Broussard (class of '63), Geraldine, to tell the story of the sky hook. This really happened.
(Carroll was a little "shy" when I called him to tell him of our website.  But, this letter tells it like it is!  It is never too late to connect with old friends....e-mail Ernie to "talk" with Ron.   Our friends, as well as family, is what made us what we are today.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts, friend.  Okay, Gerald.  Tell us about the "sky hook, I think!) 

from Janette Light Norton in Amarillo
For months I've intended to drop you a note, then the story got so long that I knew a note wouldn't do.  But, since you asked for news...

It all began last spring when my daughter Jennifer had what we thought was a routine type of surgery on her hand, repairing what we thought was a simple work related injury.  After two months of being off work and treating her injury for sprain, strain, and tendonitis, the doctors finally decided to read the MRI, only to discover that it was, in fact, a dead bone caused from a long ago trauma (think roller blading across the UT campus, 10 years back!).  So, I began the spring season nursing Jennifer through a bone and marrow graft.   

Summer came, and with it the Great Flood of  '07 in  Northeast Texas . After an extended illness, my step father of 25 years passed away in Sherman , TX .  The first storm dumped lake-loads of water, shutting down planes, trains, and automobiles for days, even weeks in some places.  Fortunately for my little 85 year old mother's sake, the service could proceed.  Unfortunately, "the rains came down and floods went up" and poor ol' Charlie could not be buried. God's irony and our little joke was that Charlie's favorite first question whenever we visited was, "Got any rain out there lately?"  Deaf from years of wildcatting in the oil fields, he only asked yes or no questions for a nod or a shake our heads. Sitting with Charlie was to smile and nod, grin and listen to the old days of drilling before those young know-it-all engineers came in and ruined the business. Anyway, Charlie's loved the Weather Channel and my mother--it took 8 days for the rains to stop and the ground to dry enough to receive Charlie home!  

That was June, I think. In August, my 64 year old sister Shannon had knee replacement surgery ( her second in a year's time). I could tell a long, sad story about why she is single after 32 years of marriage, but suffice it to say, she's better off; although she didn't believe it for the first two lonely years.  I moved in with her for about a month until she could take care of herself.   I juggled between nurse and school for about two weeks. It was good to finally get back to my bed. 

Early October, the doctor released Jennifer to go back to work (as a flight attendant, when SHE'S grounded, so are her parents!).

My son moved to Lubbock and continues training as a union electrician.

My sister has healed, admitting  for the first time since the divorce that life is good.  

My mother began plans to move to Amarillo as soon as the estate is settled. 

Life seemed still.  Retirement seemed imminent. (Long, pregnant pause-exhale)  Hah! With a little more than two years till his retirement and after less than a month with an empty nest, a head hunter calls to ask my husband to consider a position with another university in the A&M System, for which he has worked for the past 16 years.  "No!" he firmly declares,"I like my job." "Just let me send you the information," says she.  (Still another long pause) 

On December 3, Richard will be moving --well, someplace. We haven't quite worked that out!  I will follow at the end of the school year, bringing with me my 64-year old divorced sister and my little 85 year old mother and all of their/our worldly goods.  Richard will do what he does best:  grow teams of workers for large facilities, build and remodel, and develop preventive maintenance programs to the specifications of the Aggie Motherland. Where will he do these things? At Prarie View A & M.  

A month ago I couldn't have found Prairie View on the map but MapQuest pointed it out near my other sister who lives in Katy.  For the first time in 45 years, my sisters, my mother, and I will be together.  Richard's mom and sister still live in Groves , so he'll be able to help them as they continue to need more assistance. Jennifer is 110 miles away in Austin . 

Our family has never stopped missing the beach; I've never stopped missing Liz  (Tieskens) and Peggy (Foster) and I have never gotten enough of the Boogie Kings.  There have never been enough Class of '68 Reunions to suit us.  

So, in some crazy way, our circle has sealed.  Who knows what is in store for us, but with so many of you, dear friends, in the area, I look forward to coming home. 
As Mamaw used to say, "Y'll come on over and I'll fix you a good gumbo." 

from ANONYMOUS in Refinery Land in PA 
I wish I was retired. We all can't be so lucky though.  I wish I could just hang around the house watching the Price is Right all day, Bob Barker's syndication.  Have you noticed as you get older you start smelling Bengay, moth balls, and Lysol more often around the house?  It's a major problem when the Preparation "H" comes up missing.  Between the mail box and the obituaries section, it takes up most of your day!  Coupon clipping has been reborn as a hobby.  Sit-n-b-fit, Ha, don't lie, you've thought about taking it up.  You learn to live with stents, high sugar levels, and back pain.  It's hell getting older.  Hope retirement is all you've ever dreamed of.  

(I really know who this is but HE asked me to be discreet since HE is really JEALOUS of HIS retired classmates!  "-)

from Judy Bouillion Campbell (class of '66)
It is a great site! I love the opening fight song and entering through the mascot  yellow jacket!



received from Perry Lee & Lyn Frasier Lee in Pt. Neches
"Thank you Mike and Linda for the time and effort you put into the manning of the website."

Checks may be sent to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
112 Woodsong
Bridge City , TX 77611



The committee is comparing caterers for our reunion next summer.  If you know of one that you were pleased with, contact me before the meeting on Tuesday, November 13 so that I can give them a call to find out their prices.





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What: Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall
When: November 15-18, 2007
What time: 24 Hours a day starting 9:00 a.m. November 15 until the wall is taken down
Where: Aldersgate Trinity United Methodist Church, 3600 Memorial Blvd., Port Arthur, TX. 77640

(We are really priviledged to have this in our area!)   


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Linda Messer Jones
1304 West Meadow
Beaumont , TX 77706

(a note from Walter Jones (class of '67) about his wife, Linda Messer (class of '66)
For those who did not know, Linda's surgery is over. It happened on November 1 from 11 am to 5 pm. The doctor said the surgery was very successful with no tumors left as far as the naked eye could see. He believes that with three more chemo cycles, Linda will be cancer free. You and I know, this is answered prayer.   Please continue to pray for her. Major surgery is never easy. She is up and walking and eating solid food. All is well.

Robert Weldon (class of '66)
(husband of classmate, Linda Dowling)
(brother of classmate, David Weldon)
405 Kirkwood
Port Neches , TX 77651

(a note from Robert)
I had a heart attack on the early morning hours of Oct. 17th. I had a scheduled DSE at the Houston VA Hospital. I went on and they started the test and stopped because the EKG detected a heart attack. Next 60th birthday...I was allowed a new lease on life. I had a stint put in my circumflex artery and I have never felt better.  It is so nice to be home again. That was one rough care couldn't have been better. I am so thoroughly amazed at the quality and compassion. When I woke at 5 a.m. this morning, I thanked the good Lord above for all his saving graces. I feel better than I have in ten years.

(UPDATE November 6th)
I just found out that Robert had a  setback and is back in the VA hospital.  I will post more when I find out details.  Keep him and Linda in your prayers for a speedy recovery

(UPDATE November 8th)
Robert is doing fine and feeling good, but they are keeping him in the hospital for observation and tests.   They have run lots of scans and done blood work but they don't have any results yet.   The doctors plan to keep him overnight and he may get released tomorrow depending upon the test results.

Lionel Rowland (history teacher)
2430 11th Street
Port Neches , TX 77651

( a note from Mr. Rowland) 
We met with the doctor at MD Anderson on Monday.  My blood work is looking good.  I had a treatment on Tuesday.  Came back today and I had a bout with nausea this evening but otherwise am doing fine.  

(I am truly sorry that I published the wrong home address for Mr. R on the last couple of NEWSLETTERS.)



(a note from Carol "Canny" Babin Prejean in Arlington )
Thanks to everyone for their prayers.  They have been answered.  I wanted to let you all know that I'm doing great.  As you might know, seven weeks ago, I was in a bicycle accident (I actually ran into Reed because I turned the wrong way in a  subdivision where we were riding together) and broke my right collarbone.  It required surgery but the recovery has been easy.  I was restricted from using my arm for two weeks then allowed to use it for computer work and very light lifting.  On my two week follow-up, the doctor allowed me to start exercising again at the gym and for the past week I have been completely pain free.  I go back to the doctor next week and hopefully will be able to ride again.  Reed and I really enjoy riding outside and it's a great hobby to share together.  

(Well, if you say so but it sounds a bit dangerous for me!  Who would write the NEWSLETTERS if I broke a finger or two?)

Please contact me with any concerns you may have and I will post them allowing our classmates to continue to show their support to you and your family members.



(death of the mother of the late classmate, Richard Wheeler
contact his twin brothers:

Charles "Ronald" Wheeler

6572 Washington
Groves , TX 77619 

James "Donald" Wheeler
o/o 6572 Washington
Groves , TX 77619 

Bobby Williamson
(death of his mother) 
4608 Alamosa
Pt. Arthur , TX 77642

Paul Colletti
(death of his father) 
3730 W. 5th Street
Fort Worth , TX 76107

(a note from Paul)
Good afternoon to all....with great sadness, I must report that my father, who would have been 88 on his next birthday, very peacefully passed away last night (Nov. 7) around midnight.  After suffering some type of brain trauma, either a series of mini strokes, or tia's, he was admitted  to St. Mary's Hospital seven days ago.  There was some hope of recovery initially, but by Monday afternoon it became apparent his death was imminent.  He had a very beautiful life, and we are so thankful he was spared a lingering, painful death.  His quality of life had really declined these past few months, and I know he was ready to cash in his chips.  (We Colletti's are all hopelessly addicted gamblers)  My mother and my remaining 5 siblings and I are doing fine, and we plan to celebrate his memory with a picnic on the "bayou", after the funeral.  

Pamela "Rose" Flohr
(death of her brother, Peter) 
2800 E. Nasa Road Pkway  #103
Seabrook , TX 77856

Glen "Lloyd"  Flohr
(death of his brother, Peter)  
109 Carter Street
Creston , OH 44217 

The saddest part in our seach for MISSING classmates has been finding that some have passed away.  We have learned of another untimely death of one of our dear classmates:      



May he rest in peace with the Lord.

Please contact me with any concerns you may have and I will post them allowing our classmates to continue to show their support to you and your family members.


Well, that is it for this publication.  The Corpus Christi weekend has been cancelled due to the death of Paul Colletti's dad.  We will gather together at a different time.  It has been a hectic week.  More about this later.  Just keep all of your classmates in your prayers and that will cover all bases!  Thanks to all for being the best among the best! 

We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.


                                                                          Stay safe and keep in touch,
                                                                          Linda DeCuir McFadden




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