TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           12/06/09

Well, "snow" in SE Texas again!  I guess it is getting to be a HABIT!  Habit, oh that makes me so sad again.  I lost my NUN's HABIT in the flood of '08!  It was in a hall closet that was full of coats and heavy camo clothes.  It fell underneath when the pole broke and I didn't see it.  It got thrown away.  Of course, so many other things did too before we remembered to look for them.  Okay, I regress.  Back to the snow.  It snowed on and off for about 4 hours here in Lumberton but didn't start sticking until almost dark, then it quit snowing.  Fun while it lasted.
from Billy Jordan in Decatur, AL
I continue to find interesting things to do.  At the beginning of the school year, our church initiated a "Reading Buddy" ministry with a local elementary school which is about 40% ESL students.  I volunteer for an hour each week with first graders.  Three out of the four students I help are ESL kids.  My first impression of being a Reading Buddy was the more difficult sentences and words the students have to learn then I remember when I was in the first grade! ( Remember the Dick and Jane series?)  Of course,  you teachers already know that.  This is such a rewarding time for me.  The one-on-one sessions with the eagerness of these kids just leaves me fulfilled each week.  There are about seven churches in our city that are helping this school.  The teachers are always thanking me and inviting me to events.  One other point, all of these kids are very kind and well-behaved.  I am impressed how well teachers have their students disciplined and orderly in their classrooms and in the hallways. 

Other news, my oldest daughter is closing in on finally getting a college degree.  After going two and out on my dime, I told her she was going to have to cover the next time.  Well, three years ago she finally got the motivation and got grants and student loans and has been working and making it happen.  She is majoring in psychology with a minor in Russian.  I am proud that she has driven herself to accomplish this milestone.

As we come upon the season of Christmas, I wish all my classmates blessings and joy.

from Carolyn Hebert (wife of biology teacher, Alfred Hebert)
I wrote earlier about Alfred coming in first at the triathlon in Sugarland.  Try Andy's Tri was a part of the Senior Games and he got a first place plaque for that, also.  Next year he might compete in the Rose Triathlon here in Tyler.  That will make for three state triathlons if he does decide to compete here.  We are in our house in Flint, TX just south of Tyler.  Alfred swims at Tyler State Park when the weather permits.  He loves it here.  No running from hurricanes for one thing.  He loves the park and being able to do open water swimming.  He also swims at the fitness center where they have a saline pool.  It's half the size of an olympic pool.

from Shari Louvier Parker in New Boston, TX
As I mentioned in the last NEWSLETTER, I have been publishing cookbooks for about 2 years.  I have now added a printing division.  We can do all types of brouchures, Christmas cards, business cards, calendars, booklets, fliers and directories.  We can do four color and black and white and we guarantee we will do it in a timely manner.  Please spread the word. 
Garden of Eden Farm
Classmate Receives HONOR
Susan Hatfield Miguez received the Beaumont Board Affliate of the year 2009 for the Mid-County Board.  Congratulations to a classy and talented classmate. 
Congrats to classmate's son
(This info is to appear in an upcoming CARDINAL CADENCE, the Lamar University Alumni Magazine)
Anthony Bullion, (son of classmate Ernie Castaneda and Ron Bullion), graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Port Arthur.  He continued his education and finished his B.S. Physics degree at Lamar University and went on to complete a M.S. System Engineering at University of Houston-Clear Lake.  He is currently a graduate student and will complete M.S. Physics in December 2009.  After graduation, he worked as a chemist for an international oil company, searching for oil in southern Mexico and North Sea.  He has been at NASA Johnson Space Center since 1999, working in Mission Control Center, International Space Station, Space Shuttle, and finally the Orion vehicle.  He is currently a Test and Verification Engineer responsible for ensuring the Orion vehicle can successfully execute its mission for the Constellation Program.  The Constellation Program will use Orion to replace the Space Shuttle for trips to the Space Station and eventually return humans to the Moon.  Mr. Bullion and his family currently reside in Friendswood, TX.
No one sent in any response to this!!!  What's up with that?  No one has wishes and dreams that have been fulfilled?
Number 3 Iron!!!!
Am I the only one who is absolutely FURIOUS with Tiger Woods' actions and shenanagans?
from Jayne Smith (TJ faculty)
I recently left the Medical Center after nearly two weeks of rehab following my bilateral knee surgery at St. Mary on November 11.  I got it all over in one trip, which I think was very wise.  Now I have to stay home and do many exercises and hope all goes well.

from Billy Jordan
I have been dealing with a painful right elbow now for eight months and my doctor finally decided it was time to find out what is wrong.  I had a MRI on it recently and hopefully will know the next step to take in remedying this problem.  More than likely I am headed to an orthopedics guy and some type of treatment.

from Walter Jones '67 concerning his wife, Linda Messer '66
For those of you who did not receive our update in late September, we thought at that time that Linda's ovarian cancer may be in remission.  It is not.  The most recent tests indicate the disease has progressed.  The doxil stopped working and when that stopped the surveillance-only was not an option.  We just returned from Texas, (we have recently moved to Florida), where we went to MD Anderson for Linda's tests and doctor visit.  Unfortunately, Linda's liver shows several lesions.

We will continue our cancer fight in Florida.  Amazingly, there is an MDA in Orlando. We appreciate all the prayers and good wishes from you all.  Please continue.  Going on a new chemo is always stressful.  Again, pray that the next one is the right one for Linda.

(update on the Hebert/Boudreaux family)
Janice Hebert said they are still waiting on the results of husband, Barry Boudreaux's stress test.  The three girls will continue to be tested to see what their course of action will be for their heart condition, also.  Keep them in your prayers.

I'm quitting.  I have a cut on the tip of my index finger that is throbbing from typing this edition.  Hey, I should have added ME to the SUPPORT section!  Please let me hear from you.  Send in photos, news, gossip, vacation trips, grandchildren, anything.  I am getting desperate!

                          Stay in touch and contact a friend,
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