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High school years are stages of youth and transition. The direction in which the individual grows greatly depends upon these schools he attends, and the schools, in turn, truly mirror the worth any community places upon the eeducation its young people receive.
As the 1968 Yellow Jackets staff looked about for a general theme upon which to build their story of the year, they considered the schools they have attended and the community in which they have grown up. They decided that they have received many advantages from going to school in Port Arthur, and many look forward to taking their place in local affairs; so a general school community theme was chosen. For this reason, a number of pictures of well-known places in Port Arthur have been included upon the division pages.
The Purpose of a year book is to capture in pictures ans golden moments of a high school career. The anxiety of tryouts, the laughter and excitement of pep rallies, the thrill of a class prom, and even the anguish of hard study and sometimes disappointing grades are part of the story. It is no possible to picture every student in every situation, but a sincere attempt has been made to include pictures that will recall to remind both now and in futuure years the theme of this book REFLECTIONS OF '68.