TJ Class of '68     UPDATE                                                                09/03/05    
Dear Friends,
     It is with a heavy heart that I write this update.  Even though I don't have any deaths of classmates to report ,(THANK HEAVENS), our hearts and our minds are all on the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Several classmates contacted me wondering about any classmates that might have been in the wake of the storm or who may have had families involved.   I looked over the class list of "last known" addresses and I found several that were living in Louisiana.  I did not find any addresses in Mississippi or Alabama.
They are:
Francis Cook Byrd-Minden; Karen Cooper Cappel-Prairieville; Patti Farley D'Amico-Alexandria; Cheryl Freeman-Lake Charles; Evelyn Hanks-Crowley; Gary Hebert-Boosier City; Kenneth Howard-Lake Charles; Linda James Louvier-Metarie; James Mouille-Greenwell; Marsha Preddy Strickland-Suphur; Rebecca Simon White-Abbeville; Charlotte Suire Pellerin-Baton Rouge; Verna Taylor Speirs-Oberlin; Michael Vela-Jefferson; Wayne & Jean Ann Virden Lagrappe-Sulphur.
If you know any news of the classmates mentioned, please e-mail me and I will pass it on to the others.  PLEASE KEEP ALL OF THEM and the displaced victims in your thoughts and prayers!!!
Janette Light wrote that her daughter was able to flee the city Sunday night.  I also had a good friend that worked at a hotel on Bourbon Street that was able to get out as the town began to flood on Tuesday morning.  He barely escaped and rode on a flat tire with 7 other people in his vehicle to Shreveport, LA. 
Betty Bernauer Waedemon sent the following:   
 "If you feel helpless, like I do, perhaps this is a way to help."
Betty Waedemon
I am trying to organize an Adopt-A-Family program with the Governor's office, whereby a family here in Houston can see to the range of needs for a refugee family from Katrina.  It looks as if these suffering families will be here for months, as New Orleans and the surrounding areas will be without basic utilities for several weeks.
If any of you out there are willing to be an adopting family that could provide occasional food, clothing and emotional support for a family, please e-mail me directly at:
I will then organize a list, present it to the state, and see if we can formulate a plan. 
Many thanks for your consideration,
Howard Castleberry
3717 Meadow Lake Lane
Houston, Texas  77027
713-539-2555 cell
Peggy Fontenot Cameron's husband, Jerry, succumbed to colon cancer at the age of 59.  He was just diagnosed this last June.  He is survived by Peggy, two sons, and a daughter-in-law.   His funeral arrangements are the following:
Visitation is Monday, Sep. 5th from 4:00-8:00 PM.
Niday Funeral Home (281-464-7200)
12440 Beamer Rd.
Houston, TX 77089
Funeral services will be held on Tue., Sep 6th at Niday Funeral Home at 1:00 PM. Burial will be in Forrest Park Cemetery, 21620 Gulf Freeway, Webster, TX.
Show your support to Peggy at this tragic time in her life.
Peggy Fontenot Cameron
12205 Bell Creek Dr.
Pearland, TX 77584
Home: 713-436-6441
Cell:    832-656-8823
Also, show your support to these other classmates who lost a parent since the last update:
Susan Davis Caver                                                         Darrell Richerson
death of her mom                                                              death of his mom
3006 E. Pinecrest Dr.                                                       7900 Tom Drive
Atlanta, TX 75551                                                              Pt. Arthur, TX 77642                                                      
(903)796-6111                                                                    (409)727-7841
Several classmates sent in a new address for Hugh Weatherly who recently loss his mom:
Hugh Weatherly
HC 53, Box 173
Hemphill, TX 75948
I don't have an e-mail address for him.
I look at the PA News daily to read the obituaries for this information.  Please send any info that you may know about any deaths so that I can keep everyone informed.  Thanks.
Ricky Bradley writes:
Aug. 25th will be Gloria's third chemo treatment, 1/2 way home to the 27 October conclusion.  Things are progressing well as she is managing to keep her white count up which has been a real concern, this being the third time she has dealt with old Mr. Cancer.  She is a real fighter and really has a good attitude. So, I know she'll be victorious in this battle. 
(Ricky is married to Gloria Phillips, also from our class)
Ricky & Gloria Bradley
9221 SW 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064
from Roy Dale Birkelbach in Hitchcock, TX
Great update. I don't know how you got my e mail address, but it was fun reading all about all the latest from fellow classmates. Thanks for the email. (I've got my WAYS of finding classmates!!  I'm not telling.  It is my secret!)
from Allen Baldridge in Reston, VA
I am working for Nextel Communications.  My son is a band director in at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas.  Probably the most interesting thing about us is our hobby of the last five years--hot air ballooning.  We crew for hot air balloon pilots and love the adventure. I spent a year traveling the United States advertising for Uniroyal as Crew Chief for their hot air balloon team and am presently in discussions with another corporation so that my wife and I can spend next year traveling with another hot air balloon team.
from John Upton in Georgetown, TX

We do our product development planning for the next year or two around this time at work.  The extra working hours are always a draining experience but luckily, it only lasts for a month or so.  I did have time to finish up some more fun activities before it started this year and managed to get three more patent applications filed.  It will be nice to get back to some of the more fun technical aspects of the job this Fall.
My oldest daughter is now attending her first semester as a pre-med biology major at Baylor.  She plays trombone and signed up for the Baylor Band. 
 My main hobbies are astronomy and optics / telescope making.  I had the opportunity to attend a regional gathering this past weekend at Lake Whitney State Park west of Hillsboro.  There is an annual gathering of amateur astronomers and telescope makers there each summer.  
I have listed  links to a couple of my web sites.  I have not had time to write any new material for them in almost a year.  I have several articles partially done and they sit on my list of things of to do.  It seems at times that I could use about 8 hours extra in each day, but then, I expect everyone feels that way at times.  Sometimes it's just time I'm short of, other times it's energy.  I am waiting for both to appear on the same day!  (You know, it's odd that I started writing longish technical articles for the Web in the first place.  I never really enjoyed or did well in English classes in school but a little of what I heard may have stayed with me after all.)

    Take care.  My best wishes and concern go out to all who have friends and family affected by the hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Web Sites:
WEBSITE update
Ernie Casteneda Bullion wrote:
 Hey Linda,  I so much look forward to the classmate newsletters. I would gladly contribute donations to get the website going. Just let me know.
(Thanks Ernie.  When we get a fund set up, I'll let you, and everyone else who has inquired, know what they can do to help with the financial aspect of maintaining a website on the internet.  We're not quite ready to go ahead with it, yet.  So, you will just have to be "happy" with the FREE e-mail updates for now.  "-)
DO YOU KNOW....?              
I had an inquiry from a classmate wanting to get back in touch with Lavada Jean Wilson Miller.  I do not have any information on her.  Any help????
This 45 minute presentation of our departed classmates can still be purchased for $9.00. 
Mike Lawson
2119 Twin Lakes Blvd.
West Columbia, TX 77486
Two fun events to be held:
The Port Arthur Historical Society  is sponsoring a benefit on Saturday,
September 17, 2005 by bringing several well known entertainers to Port
Arthur to throw what is called the Solid Gold Rock and Roll Show III.
Tickets are $18 in advance....

The entertainers are:
Jimmy Clanton - Just a Dream, Venus in Blue Jeans
Billy Joe Royal - Down in the Boondocks, I Knew You When
Tommy Roe - Sheila, Dizzy, Sweet Pea
Johnny Preston - Running Bear

                             BISHOP BYRNE & TJ HIGH ALUMNI                                 

                                                                                   Sept. 10, 2005 at 6:00 pm

                                                                    Larry's French Market & Cajun Restaurant

Here is a list of our classmates that are planning on going to this get-together at Larry's.  They may be more that haven't let us know.

Linda DeCuir McFadden, Jack Etheredge, Janette Light Norton, Ike Landry, Loretta LaLonde Myers, Tommy Romero & Darrell Richerson.


Okay, this is it for now.  Let others know about our updates and I will add them to the e-mail addresses.  Presently, we have 184 on the mailing list.  Remember, without your e-mail input, I wouldn't have anything to write.  Please continue to contribute and I will do my best to keep everyone "informed".  I appreciate all of you.  

                                                                    Take care and contact your "old school chums" often,

                                                                     Linda DeCuir McFadden



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