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Coast Guard

Ricky Bradley - Chief Warrant Officer, CW04
I enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1971 and spent spent the next 27 years assighned to various units in Connecticut, Washington D.C., Alaska, Washington State, California, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Gloria and I retired as Chief Warant Officer, CW04 in 2001 and five years hence, still gainfully unemplyeed.

Arthur B. Cunningham, Jr. - BM2 USCG
Arthur B. Cunningham, Jr. spent 4 years. active and 2 years reserve in the USCG, 1966 - 1972, he served at the station of Port Aransas, TX. and also on the Point Baker 82' and then on to the Commanche, 180' tug in Corpus Christi TX. and decommissioned it to Calif. in 1969. Then onto the Reliance 210' also in Corpus Christi, TX. He also spent a short time on the Durable in Brownsville, TX. and it was decommissioned in 1972. He was a BM2. Arthur is the late husband of Patricia Patrick.

Arthur B, Cunningham, Jr. on his first patrol on the Commanche in Nov. 1968

Arthur B. Cunningham, lll - Second Class Gunners Mate USCG

Arthur B. Cunningham, III, the oldest son, also served in the USCG - 1988 to 1996 as a 2nd Class Gunners Mate. He served his whole time in St. Petersburg, FL at the CG station and on the Durable like his dad. The Durable was put back into serves in 1989 as a patrol boat for drugs and illegals on the Florida coast and down to Cuba. He said there were 3 other men onboard, who like their Dad's, had served on the Durable. The ship was decommissioned again. Sailors to this day claim there were ghosts onboard. He served his last years at the Clearwater Air Station in Clearwater, FL. Patricia Patrick's oldest son.

Arthur P. Cunningham - USCG

William P. Cunningham, the youngest son, served in the USCG from 1993 to 1995. His father became very ill in 1994 and the guard let him out after 2 years to come home and help take care of him. Bill was on the Sundew bouy tender in Duluth, MN. Patricia Patrick's youngest son.

Wayne Ransonette - 1st Class Petty Officer

Wayne was assigned to Port Security as a 1st Class Petty Officer. He began his Active Duty in 1969 and completed his duty in 1971. He began Reserve Duty in 1971 and completed in 1983.