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from Bob Sewell in Bridgewood, TX
April 21
Well, the time has finally come. As of tomorrow, I am officially retired from the clinical practice of surgery. I performed my last operation two weeks ago, and it was only fitting that my last patient's name was Jones. That's significant, at least it is to me, because nearly 43 years ago my first major clinical challenge was a young woman whose name was also Jones. She was brought to the ER at HEB Hospital after being involved in a major accident. Her Cadillac sedan was struck by a massive Rock Hauler coming from Bridgeport on State Hwy 114 and she sustained multiple life-threatening injuries. By the grace of God, and with the help of a great crew of nurses in the rather primitive 1979 era OR and ICU, she survived and left the hospital a month later. Today those Rock Haulers continue to prowl the roads to and from the Bridgeport quarry which is now less than a mile from our home on Lake Bridgeport. Amazing how symmetrical life can be.
While I know I will miss the operating room, I believe it is important for doctors, especially surgeons, to step away BEFORE some brave colleague tells them they probably should because they've lost a step. Even so, it is hard to give up the only "work" you've ever known. I say work, but in reality, I never looked at my career that way. Being a surgeon was not work, it was my calling. So, instead of Re-TIRE-ing, I prefer the term Re-TREAD-ing. I'm moving on to a full-time position as practitioner in charge in Papa's Shoperating Room. I'm trading in my scalpel, laparoscope and those despised computerized medical records for a table saw, lathe, and a computerized CNC router table. My only reservation comes from knowing that going forward, any blood that is shed will unfortunately be my own. Wish me luck.

from Sherry Clingan Armentor in Groves
May 10
I was surely surprised Monday with a visit from Groves Chamber of Commerce. They presented me with a beautiful fiddle leaf fig plant and announced Armentor's United Martial Arts was named 2022 Groves Chamber Business of the Year. Thank you, Beverly Herford, for your gracious nomination and the Groves Chamber Board of Directors for your kindness. We love Groves Community and our parents and students. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
The Armentor's Team!!

from David Lapham in Sunset Valley, TX
May 16
Here's another tale from my days in the Army. This may be the final episode, as I've kind of run out of things that can be considered humorous. I have lots of Vietnam experiences, but most of them aren't funny. Actually, even the events I've chronicled lately weren't really funny at the time. It's only the retrospect of 50 years that make them seem more lighthearted. Yep, as I write this in 2022 I'm remembering that 50 years ago on this day I was indeed counting down the days I had left in Vietnam. At this point it would have been approximately 152 days remaining. We all kept track of those details, and everyone knew exactly how long they had before they could return to "The Real World".
Anyway, this little tale once again occurred on guard duty —--
It’s mid-year of 1972, and I’m back on guard duty in Vietnam, once again serving as the Duty Driver. I checked out a 2½ ton truck from the motor pool, proceeded to the armory, and collected everyone else on guard duty that night. Afterwards we all drove out to the base perimeter for guard mount. Arriving at B-SOC (Sector B Operations Center) I swung around in a large circle in order to leave the truck pointing out and ready to go once we had picked up extra ammo and supplies along with getting the current situation report and password.
There was only one problem. The OG (Officer of the Guard) had also placed his jeep in a ‘nose-out’ position, and it was right in the area I wanted to use to turn my truck around. I swung about, pulling up close to the OG’s jeep, and leaned out the driver’s side window to see how much clearance I had. Before I could get a good estimate, the SG (Sergeant of the Guard) ran over, looked at my truck and the jeep, and vigorously signaled me to proceed. “You got it!” he exclaimed. I held the wheel full right and hit the accelerator. CRUNCH! went the jeep as it move about two feet from the impact of my front bumper against its right rear side panel.
I stopped and got out of the truck as the OG came running over shouting “I can’t believe you hit my jeep, slick!” I looked at the jeep. The damage wasn’t substantial, the rear panel now had a slight concave dent in it but it wasn’t crumpled. I wasn’t real worried because the Sergeant of the Guard was from the same unit as the OG and he’d told me to proceed. Also, neither the SG nor the OG was from my unit. They were both 1st Air Cavalry and I was not. Therefore, they weren’t in my chain of command and likely didn’t even know anyone who was. Punishment, in the off chance it should be desired, would be a bureaucratic nightmare. I was pretty certain none would be forthcoming so I replied “Well sir, if it’s truly that hard to believe, I can loop around and hit it again to convince if that’s what you’d like”. The OG just shook his head and walked away. I waited while the guards got the current situation report and password. We loaded up flares and grenades and I drove the guards out to their assigned bunkers.
Upon returning to B-SOC I went into the bunker and passed the time chatting with the SG and radio operator. After about an hour, out of the clear blue sky, the OG suddenly turns to me and said he still just couldn’t believe that I had hit his jeep. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn’t really angry, and I didn’t want to try to throw any blame on his sergeant without good reason, so I just made him what I thought was a very fair and generous offer. “Sir, if it will make you feel any better about it, I’ll park my truck right in the middle of the assembly area and you can take your jeep and smack into my truck as hard as you like. Then we can call it even”.
For some reason he declined my offer, and the subject did not come up again.

TJ ’68 Mini Reunion Luncheon
Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022
Time: 12:00 noon
Place: Walk-On’s Restaurant
2729 Jimmy Johnson Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Ernie Bullion (409)718-6909
Marilyn Jackson Williamson (409)474-9209

PLEASE tell us if you are bringing any guests so that we may be accurate on reservations.

Ernie & Ron Bullion
Linda DeCuir & Murphy McFadden
Marilyn Jackson Williamson
Paula Daigle Sheppard
Darlene Turner Landry +1
Loretta LaLonde & Glynn Myers
Sharon Lewis Forrest
Leah Conner Shields
Joyce Marceaux & Ronnie Abate
Dennis O’Quinn
Jeannette Constantine & Denny Granger
Beth Anne Sutherlin
Lana Weber Guidry
Chrissy Dupuis Mullens
Susan Hatfield & Gary Miguez
Enoch “Skippy” Cole
Pat Trahan & Ray Knox
Janis Hamilton

Bill & Rhonda Richey
Bart & Laura Meece Darby
Sharon Gary Peters
Jan Russell
Betty Steck
Jonnye Doering and Bobby Williamson
Ruelle and Lana Parker
Juanita Perales
Billy Caldwell
Dale Guidry
Arleen Lang +1
Fred McCarty
Felicia Hiatt & David Petit
Florence “Sissie” Woods
Sherry Dorsey
Janice Nunez & Jack Lynch
Linda Gothia
Carla Castro

TJ ’68 55th REUNION
A committee meeting will be scheduled sometime this summer to begin planning for our upcoming 55th reunion in 2023. We will send information to all classmates listed with an e-mail on our website as soon as we have decided a date and location. Be on the lookout. If your home address is not current, obviously you won’t get any mail outs at your physical address. Send me your current contact info including:
Name and spouse
Home address
Cell #
e-mail address
I will compare the information to what I have on my spreadsheet. This will REDUCE hours and hours of time that the committee members won’t have to spend researching. Please help with this request.

Mike Lawson called me recently to tell me bad news. The computer that he uses to edit and store ALL our website data was deemed to have problems with the motherboard and he was unable to get it repaired. He spent $150.00 on the diagnosis.

from Mike:
I have ordered a new computer. This is as close to what we had but just a little smaller. The cost is $1806.99 which also includes a 3-year warranty. I could not believe the cost of a today computer comparable to the one we had been using. It would have cost close to $2600 to replace. I think we did well on this one, though. It should last a long time.
I ordered a new FTP program (it loads edited pages to the server). I have been trying to transfer this thing from my personal Dell computer to the new one for the last few days. I decided to purchase the latest release (with 2 years of support). I explained to the FTP support person that we had bought this software in 2017 and wanted to transfer it to a new computer. She said it no longer existed. I gave her proof of purchase and she said I could have the $239 package deal for $54.31 (this is the basic package price). The offer was so good I had to jump on it. I am now set up and ready to go. I didn't realize how difficult this transition to a new computer was going to be.

(I don’t think anyone realizes how much work Mike does to keep this website going! Me….I just do all the paper work, send him pictures, newsletters, articles, obits, etc. I am not tech savvy. Together, we are a team working to help our class of ’68 stay together. We REALLY took a hit on our budget with these purchases. Thank you, Mike, for all your hard work and time spent (many, many hours on the phone with companies to keep all of this current) keeping our website top notch.
“Boss Lady”

Kenny Bragg in Sheridan, AR
I have been negligent in my financial support for the website. I do appreciate all you and Mike do to keep it up. I hope this helps.

Sharon Gary Peters in Lumberton, TX
Please accept this donation to the website in memory of Charles Eldemire and Phyllis Eldemire Crawford, brother and sister of Linda Eldemire Judice.

We also received a donation from Janis Hamilton Lee

THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE GIVEN OVER ALL THESE YEARS TO KEEP THIS WEBSITE GOING. Our goal is to keep it at LEAST 5-6 more years, God willing.

Two ways to donate to the Website:
user: Thomas-Jefferson68
Made out to:
Linda McFadden
Send to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

If you have any questions on where to find something, how to get to a link, how to use our website, PLEASE contact us and we will try our best to help you.

No falls since March! I finished my physical therapy to help me with balance. We went to Planet Fitness once and then I got sick for 14 days with respiratory problems. I’m better now. So, we have started back. Hopefully, working on my core and strengthening my legs will help me to stay on my feet.
Oh, my heavens. Our 13-year-old tv went on the fritz. We NEVER wanted a SMART TV. Now that we have it, we are in heaven! The doctor wanted to know why I had weight gain. I told him, “Well, we just got NETFLIX!”
My mom is having her 100th heavenly birthday June 6th. She passed away at the age of 87 in 2010. I sure miss her. Her mother & step mother were not good role models while she was growing up,
 but she made up for it. She was the best one I could have ever asked for. I am one lucky, blessed girl.
Murphy and I went to spend a quality weekend with our oldest granddaughter in College Station last weekend. It is so nice to have just one at a time to spoil and make memories. She just finished her freshman year and is taking online courses and working two jobs this summer.
It has been too hot for Murphy to go to the “beer lease” this summer but he piddles in the RV under the shed in our back yard. He loves taking naps in it each afternoon. We will be having our 49th
 wedding anniversary July 28th. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say!

Janice Jones’ husband, Paul Kelly
April 16
We had just gone to the store and the gym. When we got home, Paul was having chest pains so he took his blood pressure. It was 198/97. We couldn’t get in touch with his cardiologist so I took him to the ER. His EKG, x-ray, and bloodwork came back normal. His blood pressure was still high and he still had the tightness in his chest. 3 weeks prior to this he had a nuclear stress test that showed an abnormally in the bottom portion of the heart, however, he was not having any symptoms at that time so the doctor was not concerned. He told Paul if he became sympathetic to go to the ER. They admitted him for observation. Early the next morning his cardiologist came in and told us he planned to put a stent in. Paul ended up having 2 stents in the front of the heart, 1 on the back side and a balloon in a smaller artery. He had 95% blockage. God is awesome! Three miracles in two and a half years. (Paul’s shark bite, our daughter, Stephanie, being on a ventilator due to COVID and living to tell about it, and now Paul’s heart surgery. I feel so blessed!!! I am thankful that we serve a God of miracles!
10520 Commonwealth Dr.
Iola, TX 77861

Lynn Eldridge Gill
The Nurse Practitioner called to let us know the tumors are “stable” - no growth or shrinkage. It’s encouraging that they’re not growing!
Dr Nadler is pleased with the chemo holding the various tumors at bay. His plan is to continue with the present treatment. 2 weeks of infusion with one week off. He’ll have me scanned at their facility around the first of July. I felt terrible this AM due to my B/P being so low. After my treatment today I felt much better. All is well! Love y’all and am so thankful for all the prayers and support.
4908 Stony Ford
Dallas, TX 75287

Kay Campbell Netherland
Placed on hospice
198 Tall Timbers
Burkeville, TX 77354

Joyce Marceaux’s husband, Ronnie Abate
April 19
Today, Ronnie and I came home from St. Elizabeth Hospital. We had been there since Friday evening. For the last 2 months Ronnie has had trouble with his breathing. Each day it just got worst. We went from doctor to doctor. He had a very low iron count and the doctor said he needed an iron drip to replenish the iron. The heart doctor said his heart was fine. Then, the lung doctor said he had COPD. By Friday I knew it was bad when he asked for me to take him to St. Elizabeth. His oxygen was in the 80’s. They started oxygen and it was somewhat better. After x rays and blood work they decided to admit him. They started meds and lots of testing. Four doctors got involved. His was in congested heart failure, Saturday he got the iron iv, x rays and more tests. His oxygen was 87. They started antibiotics and steroids. He got a heart echo today and his home oxygen and with a promise to see our four doctors this week. He will go to the lung doctor for his testing to see what stage of COPD he is. Then off to our heart doctor to see what the echo showed. It won't be easy, but with the help of God and our doctors, he will get better! Thank you all for your prayers. They work. And since 2016 this is his 6th miracle. Thank you, God! Amen
6305 Marble Falls
Lumberton, TX 77657

Janis Hamilton’s son, Jeff Lee
April 29
AFib and cardio inversion
712 Little Jeff
Port Neches, TX 77651

Susan Reagle Duplant
April 20
2688 Foreman
Vinton, LA 70668-6112

Mary Well’s husband, Charlie Cook
May 25
Five heart bypasses
Now in a rehab facility
323 Paradise Pt.
Hemphill, TX 75948

Richard James
May 19
The doctor gave me a great report. The lung cancer tumor which started out in October the size of my fist has shrunk to the size of a grape. The doctor says he thinks it is a husk with no activity. Thank You, Lord Jesus. I also want to thank all of you that were on your knees as prayer warriors for me.
I hope each of you are blessed by the report of God’s mercy and strength. Thank you for the love you showed me by your prayer.
806 CR 2762
Hughes Spring, TX 75656

Ricky Bradley
A note from Gloria Phillips Bradley
May 21
Rick & I met with the Surgeon & Infectious Disease Dr, they got their tests; fluid sample, full blood work, visual check on tube sight going into his Lung & answered all of my 20-question list
They have decided to schedule the Eloesser Flap Surgery mid-July. Rick will have a 1-week hospital stay after surgery & 2 weeks out patient stay, then check & release.
We were both clothed in Faith & ready to see what Miracle God was going to do in Denver, but alas we were put into another waiting pattern! So a little sad, but mostly Joyfully we wait on GOD'S PERFECT TIMING again which is always Best! These times pull us closer to the Lord which makes us Stronger in the Lord!!
9221 SW 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064

Carole Oubre Reeves
May 30
I’m well from the pneumonia but using an inhaler twice a day. My doctor says it will help improve my lung function. Cancer surgery is scheduled for May 31st. Cancer has not invaded my stomach for which I am very thankful. The doctor says the surgery will take about 5 hours and I’ll be in the hospital a minimum of 5 days depending on how I do. I’ve never had major surgery before so I’m anxious about it. I know they will remove the tumor just not sure how much of the pancreas they will take. I was told my spleen will be removed as well. Please pray for me to be at peace and for the surgery to get all the cancer.
May 31
I tested positive for Covid. Surgery cancelled
6535 Jefferson
Groves, TX 77619

Debbie Borres Desmond
Chemo pills for lymphoma recurrance
503 37th St.
Nederland, TX 77627

Charline Valenciano Allen
8595 Medical Center Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Dianna Caillier & Robert Lewis
Health issues
912 E. 6th St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Jonnye Dee Doering Williamson
Additional heart stents
4608 Alamosa
Port Arthur, TX 77642

Alfred Hebert (faculty) & wife, Carolyn Bigler
Mar. 31
(a note from Carolyn)
Alfred needs a complete knee replacement. I injured my right leg and got a huge hematoma. It had to be cleaned out and the wound left open. I also had a stroke. I was hospitalized for a little over a month. I am able to walk a little but not on my own. I still have PT. Sometimes Alfred uses a cane. People don’t believe we are our ages. Alfred will be 85 in September. I will be 82 in December. We have had a great prayer chain through our health issues.
My sister, Molly Bigler Gerald, class of ’69 died in November of 2019. My brother, Ronnie Bigler, class of ’60 died in December of 2021.
Thank you for the updates on your class website. It is still a very neat site. Paul Fitzner is no longer able to do ours, class of ’58.

Death of a classmate
Myles Carver
Aug. 23, 1950 – Mar. 15, 2022

Deborah Carver
4902 River Hill Dr.
Kingwood, TX 77345

Chris Bellanger
(death of his wife, Jeanne Anne Fuller, TJ ’70)
Sept. 16, 1952 – May 25, 2022
673 Marilyn
Port Neches, TX 77651

Creig & Greig Romero
(death of their sister, Sue Romero Hollingsworth, TJ ’61)
May 20, 1943 – June 1, 2022  
Creig Romero
PO Box 262584
Houston, TX 77202-6903

Greig Romero
375 CR 204
Carthage, TX 75633

That is all for this edition. Don’t forget to send me news items, military additions, photos and news of classmate health issues and condolence news. Thanks to James Miller who contacted me about Myles Carver’s passing. We hope to see you at the mini reunion luncheon on June 18. Don’t forget to RSVP.
I often get correspondence on MESSENGER on FB from many of you. Due to being hacked often and classmates receiving spam messages about $, I will NO LONGER be using MESSENGER. E-mail me and I will give you my cell # if you would rather text me.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden