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from Arleen Lang Hulin in Houston
Aug. 2
I am always so glad to receive the newsletter and website updates! It is so sad to see all the illnesses our classmates have but I am glad they are sharing so we can keep them in our prayers. It always helps us to recognize that we should realize our blessings and we should "straighten up and fly right!"
Looking forward to seeing so many friendly faces next summer. Thanks to all of the reunion committee members. Be sure to tell them at your meeting that all of their efforts are appreciated.

from Donnie Beagle in Bela Vista, AR
Sept 19
It’s really beautiful here; wooded lots, seven lakes, lots of trails and three fitness centers we use, and lots of deer running around here. We are active in our church and our kids, grandkids and another great grandson, that’s #7, live here. We love it!
(Donnie moved to Arkansas after he retired. He is obviously happy about the move. Good for you, friend.)

from Harvey Whitton in Newburg, OR
Sept. 8
I’ve just about become an Oregonian. You can take the boy out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the boy. You know the timing might be perfect for a visit to PA next summer. I’m pretty sure I can make it to the reunion, if the Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise.
(We will be looking forward to seeing you next summer.)

from Cynthia Marshall Devlin in Zavalla, TX
Aug. 8
I was honored to write the bio for the late Frank Cricchio, the famous Port Arthur photographer. My brother was a good "coffee drinking" buddy of his. I believe most of us had our photos taken by him during our school years.
We are doing well. My husband's relatives from Kansas City came to celebrate their dad's birthday. Last month we gathered for my mom's 90th birthday in Port Neches at her home. My Mom taught English at TJ for 26 years (after we graduated).
Like everyone knows the heat has been horrible. Even my okra has not done well! I am writing for the Texas Historical Commission and am also presenting a paper in October on Texas Women in World War Two at the Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches. My husband rides his John Deere around, but mostly everything is brown, and I tease him that he is wasting diesel fuel that is too expensive!
My best wishes to all those going through health issues.
(Check out the bio that Cynthia authored. Mike has it on the front page of the website. Great job, Cynthia!)

While working on the class spreadsheet, the reunion committee members noticed that we had many classmates that lived in the expanded path of the storm. Some of us have reached out to check on them. Here is a list and the response we received by phone, text, e-mail and Face Book. We were lucky to receive a response from the majority.
Pat Chism - Tallahassee, Fl OK
Mary Cortez - Galivants Ferry, SC OK
Christy Dodge - Destin, FL OK
Paulette Duplan - Asheville, NC No reply
Catherine Finley - Mt. Pleasant, NC No reply
Peggy Foster - Jacksonville, FL OK
Barbara King - Naples, FL OK
Joan Moras - St. Petersburg, FL OK
Sandra Nicks - Taylorsville, NC OK
Patricia Patrick - St. Petersburg, FL No reply
Robert Veal - Orlando No valid phone #
Jerry Whittredge - Tampa No reply

It was really good to reach out and talk with most of these classmates. We are thankful for their good reports. We will continue to try to contact Paulette, Catherine, Patricia, Robert and Jerry.

from Dennis O’Quinn in Hemphill, TX
I was surfing through the website and saw the military portion and was reading about Ronnie and Donnie Hollier’s experiences. I was in the same unit and we were the 71st Airborne Brigade 133rd Field Artillery. For sure we were a backup unit for the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. At the time the 82nd was in Vietnam. I just thought I would send that little correction.
(I’ll bring that to Mike’s attention. Don’t forget to send me the picture you promised for the military section. Thanks)

We received the following donations since our last website update:
from Beth Anne Sutherlin Coakley in memory of her best friend, Kay Campbell Netherland
from Jody (Hopkins) & Gary Barbin in support of our effort
from Linda DeCuir McFadden in memory of classmates Michael Fulda, Robbie Greig & Sandy Elllis.
Two ways to donate to the WEBSITE:
User: Thomas-Jefferson68
CHECK Made out to:
Linda McFadden
Mail to: Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

July 21, 2023
SOCIAL 6-9 pm
(light hors D’oervres)
Museum of the Gulf Coast
700 Procter St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

July 22, 2023
(heavy hors D’oervres)
Jefferson County Dance Club
7851 Green Ave.
Nederland, TX 77627

We are SCALING DOWN for this reunion. The 50th was a big blowout with lots of surprises and many give-aways. The last 5 years has taken a toll physically and mentally out of these committee members. No more ladders and carrying loads. Also, our check balance is only just over $2,000. We are having to pay deposits for the hall, caterers, museum, DJ, etc out of that. So, as soon as we finish with the ground work, we will send out the invites. We hope we get early responses so we can build up our fund and know what all we can add to the weekend. I’ll keep you up on the news.

OH HEAVENS! The committee members have been working tirelessly trying to update the class spreadsheet before we send out invites for the reunion. Obviously, home addresses need to be correct and updated or we just spend lots of money on stationary, stamps, envelopes and labels to just have the envelopes returned to me. The committee is trying to reach each classmate by text, call, landline, e-mail or FB for updated contact information. We also need to have valid e-mails so that we can keep you updated on TJ news. Please help us out. It is a really taxing job.
Committee Members are Linda DeCuir, Bobby Williamson, Carla Castro, Cecelia Trevino, Darlene Turner, Debbie Borres, Diane Barker, Ernie & Ron Bullion, Jeanette Constantine, Jonnye Doering, Lana Oliver, Linda Gothia, Marilyn Jackson, Paula Daigle, Sandra Garsea and Sharon Lewis.
Most of these members are having physical ailments, family obligations and other restrictions at times that make this “job” of being a committee member hard and yet they don’t complain. Kudos to them. I appreciate all they do to plan our 55th!

My girls trip to Jacksonville, TX was so fun. We played boardgames and laughed so much we peed in our pants. Well, close! The trip to meet Allen and Wanda Baldridge in Ruidoso, NM was scrubbed at the last minute. One day before we were to leave Murphy tested positive for Covid. Then, two days later, I did. We had mild cases but the “leg” fatigue took a lot longer to get over. Murphy ended up in the hospital with A-Fib a couple of weeks later. Our daughter turned 45 at the end of August and found her first gray hair! Poor thing! The first week of September was the five-year anniversary of Dad’s death during the Harvey evacuation. Murphy and I went to the Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont to listen to the Oak Ridge Boys. I’m still singing ELVIRA! Well, it’s time for Murphy and the guys to start checking on the “beer” lease. We brought our RV up early this year and decided to spend the night and do some tractor work. Just Murphy and I were up there. The tractor starting leaking oil and we had to stop working and bring it to the Kobota place in Jasper. It had “o” ring problems. He had them do some maintenance and we went back a couple of days later to pick it back up. Then, back to the “beer” lease to do the rest of the mowing of the lanes. A sheer pin broke. Fixed it. While he would mow, I would sit in the truck and read. Then, I would move the truck for him. Next thing I know, the battery went dead in the truck! He helped me with it and on to the next lane. We went back to the RV for a rest and he headed out by himself on the tractor to another spot. Ten minutes later he called for help. He hit something and the tractor stopped completely. I met him and had to drag his dead tractor back to the camp while he sat on it and steered while looking backwards. He dumped it at the camp and we headed home. This was all in 97-degree heat. He was close to a heat stroke and dehydration. Murphy and Danny Boy went back up the following day and worked on it. It took two more trips into Jasper before they had it fixed. UGH. Bambi is not worth this!!! He is headed to a dove hunt in Concan, TX this weekend. I start Speech Therapy at Lamar University this week. It is to last for the rest of the semester. I have been enjoying the season of the Symphony of Southeast Texas, the Beaumont Community Players and am looking forward to the shows this season at the Lutcher Theatre. Busy, busy.

Alfred (faculty member) & Carolyn (Bigler) Hebert Aug. 4
Both Alfred and Carolyn are having many medical issues. Alfred has some memory issues and anemia. Carolyn has a large hematoma and has had a stroke. They can use your prayers and support.

Ricky Bradley
Aug. 18
(notes from Gloria (Phillips) Bradley
Departure is finally arriving. Ricky has had his Lung tube & Drain in for 10 months! We leave on the 20th for Denver.
On the 25th he will have Eloesser flap Surgery.
Healing will be a Long Slow Process between 1 - 2 years. We're Praying for success in stopping the body fluid draining into his lung & stopping the Bacteria growth.
Aug. 25
Out of surgery then moved to ICU.
Dissected two ribs. Dr. Removed all Bacterial & fluid matter. He's going to stay ICU 1-2 days then moved to a hospital room. That's where I will learn to pack his Lung wound.
Sept. 12
Ricky is out of the hospital & had his last check up with Surgeon today. Next checkup in Denver is in 6 months We still have to go see Dr Eddy at JNH on the 16th.
Then hopefully headed home HALLELUJAH Dancing!!!
There's No Place like Home
Ricky Bradley
9221 S W 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064

Carole Oubre Reeves
Aug. 15
Surgery was June 22nd. Tail of pancreas spleen and a wedge of my stomach were removed. Pathology report showed presence of cancer cells in the stomach area so I'm back on chemo. Unfortunately, this round is not going as well as the first round. Having lots of nausea and there doesn't seem to be an explanation for it. I have not seen my oncologist to ask her but will to try to get an answer. Other than that, I feel good. Please keep the prayers going that this nausea will subside. Love you all and thankful for all of you.
Aug. 19
Current update since infusion Wednesday. I am going to have to be on chemo for at least another year. Since I've been experiencing so much nausea, they infused me with anti-nausea RX when I was there. Please continue prayers that meds will be created to fight this crazy thing going on inside me. My love to you all.
Sept. 1
Well, my journey is far from over. Dr. Cen (oncologist) advises tumor markers are increasing (started at 47 a few weeks back and now up to 67). Until a decision is made, I will continue going for my weekly infusions.
Sept. 4
PRAISE THE LORD! After receiving not so good news last week (tumor markers increasing) I got fabulous news yesterday. Tumor markers decreased by 25! Down from 68 to 43!!! So I saw Dr. Blanco. Long story short he explained the treatment but after looking at me and asking questions he said he does not recommend radiation therapy at this time and for me to continue the treatment I'm currently getting. Another Praise the Lord! As always thank you to all of my prayer warriors.
6535 Jefferson
Groves, TX 77619

Lynn Eldridge Gill
Aug. 22
Looks like the drought is officially over! We had 12” of rain in 12 hours in parts of DFW. About my treatments, this immunotherapy treatment is a HUGE improvement over chemo! The infusion only lasts 30 minutes and to date no side effects.
I’ve been to 5 physical therapy visits for strengthening. It’s been amazing - will continue through September. Have started driving again for the first time in 6 months! Haven’t had pain for several weeks (except for soreness from therapy. My appetite is improving also.
I’m so thankful for days of feeling good again!
Thank you for all the support for our family & me!
Sept. 18
We just got home from my immunotherapy infusion (#4) and Mexican food - appetite is back!
The scan showed no new tumors and a very small amount of growth on 3 of the existing tumors. He wants me to have another scan around October 10. Immunotherapy to continue. He’s pleased that I’m feeling better and gaining some strength. We’ve both agreed that there will be no more chemo! Thanks to everyone for checking on me and most importantly your prayers!! I’m so thankful for so many dear friends and prayer warriors!!
4908 Stony Ford
Dallas, TX 75287

Peggy Foster Hoyt
Several medical issues. She just completed rehab.
76120 Timerlin Park Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Debbie Borres Desmond
Had hernia repair surgery on Sept. 22
Recovering well
She will begin chemo for her lymphoma in Houston soon.
503 37th St.
Nederland, TX 77627

Charline Valenciano Allen
8695 Medical Center Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Dianna Caillier & Robert Lewis
Suffering from various serious medical issues
912 E 6th St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Susan Reagle Duplant
Heart issues
2688 Foreman
Vinton, LA 70668

Randy Hutchins & wife, Debbie
Randy has Pure Red Cell Aphasia. He is now home from the hospital.
Debbie is having serious medical issues.

Hal Ross
Receiving treatments for Pancreatic Cancer
3113 Madison
Nederland, Tx 77627

Bill Richey
Recovering from medical issues
3695 Woodway Dr.
Orange, TX 77632

Suzanne Miller (wife of James Miller)
Medical issues
2514 Post Oak Dr.
Orange, TX 77630

Three classmates gone too soon

Michael Fulda
12/9/48 – 6/18/21

Robbie Greig
1/5/50 -8/2/22

Sandy Ellis MacNamara
8/11/50 – 9/26/22
Paul MacNamara
1129 North Ave. C
Elgin, TX 78621

Edison faculty member (Girls PE)
Gwendolyn Parks
8/10/34 – 9/25/22

Sara Jane Botsford
(granddaughter of Billy Fowler & Gloria Faye Burks Fowler)
1/7/93 – 8/10/22
Billy Fowler
4171 FM1844
Gladewater, TX 75607
Gloria Faye Burks Fowler
800 Sheryl Ln.
Longview, TX 75604

Deborah Watterson Carver
(TJ ’70 and wife of the late Myles Carver)
10/4/51 – 8/16/22

Charles “Charlie” Cook
(PNG ’68 and husband of Mary Wells)
11/3/49 – 8/18/22
3740 Suncrest Dr.
Groves, TX 77619

Jane Wilson
(TJ ’66 and sister of Gail Wilson Felker)
4/2/48 – 9/6/22
3344 Harvest Crest
Marion, TX 78124

(a note)
Frank Timmerman’s obit and picture was added in the MEMORIAL section. We received it after we had sent the update out to the classmates in early August.
Well, I need to take a break before my neck breaks off. I hope you take the time to read all the items that Mike puts on the front page. He tries to find stories that might interest you. Don’t forget to share your support with the classmates and families mentioned in the newsletter.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden