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Fred McCarty in Kingwood
I like the recent update to our website. Thanks to you both for continuing to make our TJHS1968 the very best website for TJHS classes. I was especially happy to get the dates for our 55th Reunion, and I have blocked those dates on my calendar. I plan to be there.

Jann Rodriguez Carter in San Antonio
The family is fine, I'm happy to say. I have been wearing our healthy selves out lately riding bicycles on the great hike and bike greenways here in SA, and paddling our kayaks on the Rio San Marcos. Love the Guadalupe, but it's been rocks and dust since the drought dried it up. Daughter Hannah and her family well and happy in Colorado Springs. Always celebrating the wonder of our 2 young G-daughters Carter and Penny.

I heard back from Catharine Finley Smith. She had moved from Mt. Pleasant, NC to Concord, NC since we last heard from her. She did not have any damage.

Patti (Tricia) Chisum
I live up in the panhandle more towards Pensacola - and we were totally spared from Ian. Windy a little but no bad weather at all. No rain. To see the devastation further south is heartbreaking. Some of my family live in the Orlando area and they are all fine. Lots of debris and without electricity but they are okay. Just join us all in praying for those who have lost everything, some have lost their lives. As you know, it is so hard.
I, somehow, got added back to the newsletter and am grateful.

There is a lot of excitement around Southeast Texas with the PN-G Indians going back to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP football game being held in the AT&T stadium in Dallas at 7:00 pm on Friday, December 16. They will face defending State Champion South Oak Cliff in the 5A-Division II. We had fun following them when they played in the Astrodome in 1999! Sometimes we had to sit in the nosebleed seats! We have lots of classmates that are grandparents of players this year. I am told the game will be televised on Channel 26 on Spectrum. Good luck from the classmates of TJ ’68.

Donation made by Linda DeCuir McFadden in memory of classmates, Gary Franklin and Randy Hutchins

user: Thomas-Jefferson68
Made out to:
Linda McFadden
Send to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

July 21-22, 2022
Check out the REUNION NEWS on the website FRONT PAGE for any additional information.
The committee voted for a DJ (Dana Melancon) for the Saturday MIXER/DANCE.

Trivia answer: 751
Trivia question: How many graduates were listed in the brochure handed out on graduation night?

Sad news:
The list of KNOWN classmate deaths since the 50th reunion held on July 27-28, 2018 tallies as 31.
Sondra Holstead
Jack Etheredge
Cathy Jones
Robert Teufel
Kenneth Howard
Stephen Simonton
Zemly Turner
Mel Shaun “Cooter” Simmons
David Salter
Beverly Fontenot
Charlotte Pace
George Collins
Rodney “Glenn” Wigginton
Jerry Betts
Hortence Lozano
Gail Holtzclaw
Martha Cruz
James Hubert
Roy Dugas
Keith Tamplin
Linda Rush
Myles Carver
Vicki Choate
Danny Abraham
Frank Timmerman
Kay Campbell
Robbie Greig
Michael Fulda
Sandra Ellis
Gary Franklin
Randy Hutchins

Please take the time to check out the wonderful MEMORIAL site that Mike Lawson maintains on the website.

Tony Ayala died while serving in Vietnam. We don’t have any information such as birthdate, death date and obituary. Please pass any information onto me for future inclusion in our memorial section.

REUNION DONATIONS may be made in memory of a classmate or a “just because” donation.
Made out to:
Linda McFadden
Send to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657

Hopefully, we will set up a PAY PAL account in the near future for payment for donations OR ticket sales for the upcoming reunion.

Since work by committee members on the classmate spreadsheet started on Aug. 8, 2022, just 4 months, we have found the FOLLOWING additions and deletions:
57 e-mail changes
40 mobile # changes
55 land line # deletions
48 street address changes
32 city changes
9 state changes
3 deceased classmates

Now you know why it is important to notify us before we spend money on stamps, invitations & envelopes to just have them RETURNED. THANKS for your help in keeping our list up to date.

There hasn’t been a lot going on around here. Our second and last grandchild got accepted to A&M in the fall. That means we will be empty nesters AGAIN! Varsity soccer started this week. Glad about that. Sad it will be our last, though. Good news. I guessed the closest to the amount of M&M’s in a jar at a Christmas party. I guessed 855 and the amount was 856! Wow for me. I won a beautiful centerpiece for the table runner or coffee table. We did have a nice short vacay get-away to Mount Harbor Resort and Spa in Mount Ida, AR on Lake Ouachita for a dual birthday party for a friend and our nephew. BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL resort. We stayed in a large cabin that was COMPLETELY decorated with Cliff Harris memorabilia. Dallas Cowboy fans will understand that. That was a complete surprise, but a happy one. Speaking of Cowboys…never mind. Don’t want to talk about them after that “ugly” win against the Texans today. But, a win is a win! Speaking of UGLY, Murphy’s season at the “beer lease”. Two years running, no deer or hogs. What’s with that?

Carole Oubre Reeves
Dec. 11
Here’s where I am right now. I’m still doing chemo infusions but now every other week instead of once a week for three weeks in a row and then a week off. I will have a CT Scan December 21st which I’m praying will produce a good report. My tumor markers are very low which means the chemo is working so my prayer is the cancer is gone. Will let you know once I get a report. I’m feeling well and have energy for which I am thankful. Other than that, we’re headed to Arlington for the State Championship game Friday. our grandson Brock Hebert #32 PN-G will be playing. Exciting time for us!! Indian nation let’s ride!!
6535 Jefferson
Groves, TX 77619

Lynn Eldridge Gill
Dec. 8
(note from family)
Lynn has had a couple of good days and nights and we are so grateful! She is still having trouble texting and feels obligated to respond to each person and group. Please do not send texts/group texts to Lynn. If you would like to send her a message, please post on CaringBridge or text daughter, Meredith. It would help us all so much! We are getting all the messages to her. ❤️
Meredith (214)733-3564
4908 Stony Ford
Dallas, TX 75287

Debbie Borres Desmond
I will have a lymph node biopsy and bone marrow aspiration on Dec. 14 at Methodist.
503 37th St
Nederland, TX 77627

Charline Valenciano Allen
8695 Medical Center Blvd.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Dianna Caillier and Robert Lewis
Suffering from various serious medical issues
912 E. 6th St.
Port Arthur, TX 77640

Ricky Bradley
Nov. 16
Ricky needs Prayer again today. Surgery (Biopsy inside his Elosser Flap wound by his Lung). Some kind of Black Mold/ Fungus. The Dr is not sure what is growing and spreading for last 5 weeks. After Biopsy they will also flush & Scrape area. We need God all over everything that happens in that room & everyone in that room. We need confirmation what this invasion in his Lung is, so we can fight with right meds!
9221 SW 99th St.
Mustang, OK 73064

Hal Ross
Dec. 11
Continuing chemo and staying busy with Christmas church activities
3113 Madison
Nederland, TX 77627

Charlie Fontenot
Prostate cancer
412 Brookdale
League City, TX 77573

Creig Romero
Oct. 11
David and I had a scheduled appointment with my Oncologist, Dr. Farach with Houston Methodist. Great news, I am Prostate Cancer Free. What a great relief to hear the fantastic news. This year has been a up and down Roller Coaster ride but with the ongoing support from Family, our Church Convenant Group, Co-workers and Friends, we survived.
PO Box 262584
Houston, TX 77207-6903

James Snoek
Oct. 11
As far as reading goes, I am temporarily blind. My left eye has macular scar with it I see the big picture but keyboard has holes, words missing letters. My right eye has been my good dominant eye. It served me so well that it took an eye exam to learn the left was bad. Then the good eye started giving me trouble, thought it was increasing floaters and encroaching cataracts. Found out the retina has a hole in and had surgery Thursday. The left eye was damaged by diabetes and I have to be careful to keep blood sugar under control since. Hopefully in a few days the cloud will have lifted and I’ll see we’ll again. Take care of your eyes.
112 Roadrunner Trail
Boerne, TX 78006

Ronnie Abate
(husband of Joyce Marceaux)
Having aortic valve replaced at Methodist in Houston, Dec. 13.
6305 Marble Falls
Lumberton, TX 77657

Alfred (faculty member) and Carolyn (Bigler) Hebert
Various illnesses and medical problems

Classmates gone too soon

Gary Franklin
Oct. 13, 1949 – Nov. 24, 2022
Glenn Franklin
407 4 ½ St.
Nederland, TX 77627

Randy Hutchins
Oct. 9, 1949 – Dec. 1, 2022
Debbie Hutchins
3150 Dogwood
Port Neches, TX 77651

Tim Lawrence
(husband of Mindy Marburger)
Aug. 16, 1943 – Oct. 18, 2022
A note from Mindy:
I am writing to let you know that Tim has died, just over 8 years since his original triple bypass surgery, and all the interventions in between. Tim had a HeartMate3 LVAD (left ventricular assist device) implanted on March 21, 2022, but those hoped for additional years did not come to pass. He attended as many reunions as I did and felt close to many members of our class.
Mindy Marburger
1511 Imperial Crown Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

Well, another year has just about ended. I don’t think in 1968 we could have even imagined 2022. Please remember all of your friends and classmates, especially the ones who have lost a loved one this year. May you have a blessed Christmas, joyous Hanukkah, and safe holiday season.

Stay in touch and contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden