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Reunion News and Information

50th Reunion Committee

Linda DeCuir - Chairperson
Ernie Castaneda, Bobby Williamson, Bart Darby, Jonnye Dee Doering, Jeanette Constantine, Linda Gothia, Laura Meece, Debbie Borres, Marilyn Jackson, Mary Wells , Diane Barker, Cecelia Trevino, Paula Daigle, Carla Castro, Sandra Garsea, Randy Blanchard

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Countdown To The 55th Reunion


The 55th Reunion is here!!

Reunion Attendance List

Ernie Castaneda and Ron Bullion, Bobby Williamson, Jonnye Dee Doering, Linda Gothia, Mary Wells and Charlie Wells, Cecelia Trevino and Tony Esqueda, Darlene Turner and Steve Landry, Paula Daigle, Carla Castro, Sandra Garsea, Debbie Borres and Raymond Desmond, Randy Blanchard, Bart Darby, Laura Meece, Jeanett Constantine and Dennis Morgan, Marilyn Jackson, Diane Barker, Sharon Lewis, Linda DeCuir and Murphy McFadden, Debi Tate, Vicki Plaia and Walter Jones, Ronnie Moerbe and Debbie, Lynn Eldridge and Jim Gill, Martha Jane Hayes and Corwin Horn, Georgia Peterson and Joe Winkler, Carolyn McCollum and Larry Elender, Arleen Lang and Marlon Hulin, Leah Conner, Ruelle Parker and Lana, Janice Nunez and Jack Lynch, Sara Little and Rusty Herman, Jim Andrus and Jane, Brenda O’Quin, Lyn Frasier, Perry Lee, Jane Elliott, Carole Oubre and Marvin Reeves, Terry Saulsberry, Susan Byrd and John LeBlanc
Linda Olivier, Rex Meyer, Jan Russell, Leonard Hilliard and Kathy, Bill Richey and Rhonda, Billy Caldwell and Janice, Frank Timmerman and Bonnie, Betty Steck and Marian Steck, Jude Arisco and Cindy, Loretta LaLonde and Glynn Myers, Paul Martin and Debbie, Beverly Hawkins, Carol “Canny” Babin and Reed Prejean, Terry Watson and Nancy, Pat Lange, Pat Trahan and Ray Knox, Ronnie Campbell and Lindsay Harris, Donna Levy, Bert Smith and Debra, Mike Lawson, Ann Hefley and Don Boriskie, Steve Wentworth, Horace “Tinker” Brown, Jody Juneau, Jane Lippincott and Kent Koerth, Judy Thompson and AlanOrr, Carol Olivier, Peggy Fontenot and Steven Mundschau, Karen Cooper and Ogden Cappel, Joyce Marceaux and Ronnie Abate, Gail Wilson and Ross Felker, Fred Hollier, Jr. and Sona
Greig Romero and Debbie, Jim Thompson and Miriam, Gary Barbin, Jody Hopkins, Donnie Beagle and Barbara, Phyllis Fett and Kirk Abshire, Charlotte Suire and John Pellerin, Anthony Roccaforte and Marilyn, Martha Fontenot, Linda Hopper, Kay Campbell, Dale Netherland, Betty Bernauer, Ron Waedemon, Irene Protas and Randall Heath, Harold Erixon and Deborah, Nancy Ippolito, Linda King, Cla Simon, Jack Atkins and Chris, Glen Tryer and Pat, Reggie Stephens and Barbara, Linda Louise Davis, Alma Menchaca, Jacque Caston, Paul Colletti and Lori, Dianne Dupre, Steve Nelson and Belinda, Ed Shaver and Kay, Beth Anne Sutherlin and Ron Coakley, Linda Carlsen, Janis Hamilton, Florence “Sissie” Woods, Jennifer Reid (daughter of the late Cheryl Robinson), Jimmy Schexnayder, Christine Crochet, Mike Varing, Debbie Felder, Glenda Patin, Fred McCarty and Lynda Kalantzakis, Pam Mabry and Kim Bergman, Butch McWilliams and Laurie
James Siragusa and Dora, Kay King and Dwayne Young, Martha Gomez and Creig Miller, Jann Johnson, Dale Guidry and Marilyn, Charlie Fontenot and Becky, Skippy Cole, George Breeding and Dona, Allen Andrus and Shelly, David Petit and Felicia Hiatt, Janice Huebel and Glenn Slaughter, Sarah Flynn and Charlie Hancock, Randy Landry and Dede, Larry Hope and Valeria, Susan Hatfield and Gary Miguez, Linda Coates, Richard Norton (the husband of the late Jeanette Light), Robbie Greig, Charles Brinson and Theresa, Shari Champagne and Robert Adams, Georgette Licatino and Ronnie Stepan, Hal Ross and Glynda McCuller, Richard Cole, David Salter and Lana, Pete Huber, Joyce Jefferson and Mike Roll, James Snoek and Julie, Pam McLeod and Jim Young, Marlene Fallin and Ken Santos, Sheridan Jones, Jan Goodwin and Scott Lapoint, CherylMackey and Carole Mackey, Minday Marburger and Tim Lawrence Chrissy Dupuis, Barbara “Boo” Griffin and Don Anglin, David Elliott and guest, Cherlyn Hebert, Kerry Thomas and David Yeates, Linda Lou Smith, Jenny Rhodes and Harold Hamilton
Chris Bellanger and Jeanne Anne, Becky Bivens, Sandy Ellis, Sara Hefty, Galen Ducharme and Debbie, Ronnie Boneau, Sherry Clingan, Robert “Bobby” Arciva, Jackie Derrick and Johnny Powell, Harry Huebel and Frances, Norma Gayle Guidry and Craig Patin, Joel Levy and Judi, Billy Jordan, Gene Baskin, Linda Blanton, Patricia Patrick, Cathy Jones and David Kasper, Diane Richmond and Dan Miller, Fred Schneider (brother of the late Randy Schneider), Ike Landry, Johnny Vasquez and Amber, Gilsey Viator, Randy Sonnier and Mabel, Webb Draghon and Mary Margaret, Darrell Richerson, Becky Harrison and William McCollough David Williams, Linda Langhoff and Ed Story, David Weldon and Pam, Creig Romero, Debbie Andrews and Harry Hoelzle, Frank Mirabella and Anita, Bobby Isaac, Becky Baker (wife of the late George Thomas & sister of the late Steve Baker), Karen Fenn (wife of the late Doug Norwood)
Pat Williams and Mike Trahan, Craig Melancon and Charlotte Stark, Bill Horton, Shelley Dettman, Josephine Martinez, Sharon Trahan and Jerry Labove, Keith Tamplin, Josephine Bordonaro and James Tomplait, Jack Etheredge, Raymond Belz and Jean, Vicki Verret, Susan Hardcastle and Narlin Beaty, Gail Roccaforte and Bill Jones, Paulette Duplan and Jim Brown, Godfrey Charles, Phyllis Woodard, Hortence Lozano, Jack Catalina, Jann Rodriguez and Jim Carter, Gary Hammond and Beverly, Gina Caughlin, Sandra Downey, Danny Landry and Phyllis Sylvia Stevenson and Jeff Williams, Diane Johnson and Charles Faulk, James Miller and Suzanne, John Upton, Zemly Turner, Marc Huber, Pati Plummer, Mary Bess Rizer, Sheila Irby and Russell Selkirk