TJ Class of '68     NEWSLETTER                                                           09/07/12
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I hope that our classmates were spared by Hurricane Issac.  Let me know if you were in the path.
from Datha Pugh Dees in Shelbyville, IN and PAKISTAN!
(written on July 10)
Corlis and I will be leaving to do missionary work in Pakistan in September.  We will stay there 90 days on our 1st trip.  I will be teaching English in a Christian School and teaching in women's groups about Jesus Christ and His love.  Corlis will be organizing Christian churches and their ministers who have no leaders.  They have just found the truth about Jesus and have begun holding services.  Please keep us in your prayers. 
We thought we would retire next year, bought a motor home and was going to go fishing and travel here in the U.S.A. and preach in small churches who could not afford to pay visiting ministers.  Did not plan to go to Pakistan, but God had a different plan for us.
(We will be praying for you and your husband while you are doing God's work.  Take care, friend and stay safe.)
from Mike Rambo in Dallas
My son and his family live in San Diego.  My wife and I spent the week at Pacific Beach with them.  Thanks for the wonderful job you and Mike Lawson are doing.
(I have never been to San Diego but plan to go there SOMEDAY!)
from Cynthia Marshall Devlin in Zavalla, TX
(written July 26th)
First of all, thanks to both you and Mike for keeping all of us connected in such a great way.
My husband has not been able to schedule a vacation this summer because he is part of a team that is selling the surplus Continental aircraft to a Russian airline located in the Ukraine.  This is a result of the United Airlines/Continental merger.  He will be busy into the fall.
My sister, Kay Marshall Ryan, TJ '73, and I decided to visit Alexandria, LA and Natchez, MS.  We enjoyed a tour of the Kent House Plantation in Alexandria that was guided by a lovely lady who looked and spoke like Paula Deen.  We viewed the art at the city museum and headed to Natchez where there are about 500 antebellum homes and buildings.  The Stanton House was used in the filming of the mini-series , "North and South."  Take the carriage ride---these folks know everything about the town and share some interesting stories.  Also, take the Natchez Trace Parkway out to Emerald Mound.  This is the 2nd largest Native American mound in North America.  Also, go "Under the Hill", at Natchez which is located right on the Mississippi and have a bite at the Magnolia Grill while watching the barges and boats pass.
We gave my Mom a birthday party at the end of July and welcomed a new baby boy to the family as my niece and her husband had their second child.  I have made 6 baby blankets for him.  We drove up to Shreveport to see the 8th Air Force Museum located at Barksdale Air Force Base.  I am presenting a paper at a history conference in the fall and need to see the B-17 Fortress in order to complete my story.  This aircraft, filled with our machine guns and flown by our wonderful WWII heroes, bombed the Germans on a 24-7 schedule in order to whip Hitler!  (Americans flew the day schedule and the Brits owned the night.)
Some former Eastern Airlines co-workers and I are trying to schedule a reunion lunch  in Houston.  My new semester began August 27th at SFA.  I welcomed a new group of incoming freshmen.
My parents are semi-healthy and I know how blessed I am to have them.  I get to Port Neches as often as possible to visit with them.  All of my step-children are now living in New York City or on Long Island.  We did not get up there this summer, but hope to visit next summer.  They don't like Texas because of the heat, so it is hard to entice them to head this way!  They think that we live in the "middle of nowhere" and they can't believe that we live without a good deli in the neighborhood.  They do like fried okra, though!
Happy trails to all from the farmhouse 5 miles from Zavalla, TX
(Your road trip sounded fabulous.  Maybe I can talk Murphy into that same trip.  Thanks for the suggestions on what to do.)
(Well, don't plan the trip to NEW YORK CITY when we have the 45TH reunion!)
from Liz Hall Burns (hopefully in Prosper, TX by now)
(written July 26th)
My husband is retired from TTU after 42 years and I am semi-retired after 30 years.  We will move into our new house in Prosper, TX on Aug. 17th.  We have been in Lubbock for a long time but it was time to be closer to our family.  One of my sister's children lives in Prosper and one lives five miles away in Frisco and they have four wonderful kids between them for me to play with.  I joined the Gentle Creek Golf Club.  Right now we are homeless because our house is three weeks behind and we sold the one in Lubbock.  We are staying with Dot's oldest, Jennifer, and her three little girls.
(I do hope that you are in your new digs by the time we read this!)
from Linda Odom Thibodeaux in Livingston, TX
We moved when Richard retired and we LOVE it.  Our neighbors are our age and we go dancing, out to eat or to the movies during the week.
Thanks for the hard work on the website.
(Have fun in Livingston!  We might just drop in sometime.)
from Cherlyn Hebert in Houston
Can somebody please tell me how we became our parents and grandparents?  I've noticed that family gatherings are sure different nowadays.  No longer do the women gather around the table, talking about kids, recipes and decorating.  Now, the topics of conversation tend to be our aches and pains, the medications we take for them and wondering what's going to go wrong next!  The men are still sitting in front of the TV; but instead of being engrossed in the important games of the day, you're likely to hear them talk about their aching backs and knees and how it's affecting their golf games.  I'm sure the younger generations just roll their eyes and SWEAR they'll never be like that, much like we did our parents and grandparents.
I am recuperating from my second routine surgery of the summer.  Linda Smith Webber and I talk a lot these days, but it's mostly to check on each other after the latest surgery.   Linda's had several procedures for kidney stones and a torn meniscus repaired on one knee.  She has more surgery in her future but thinks she is done for the year.  She and her husband, Wayne, have a road trip and a cruise coming up, so who has time for surgery?
I have two cruises left for this year, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that no other health issue comes up any time soon.
(Yep, we've become our parents for sure!)
from Eugene Ivy in Portland, OR
Staying busy traveling around the US giving workshops and presenting my work. The idea to make this product came about in the late 80's while working for the PA Fire Dept.  It can be found at 
("Skink" tells me that his invention has been very good to his family.  He has clients such as BP and the NY Fire Dept.  Proud of my former "lab partner" in Mr. Hunt's biology class!)
from Rhonda Hall (sister of Phil Hall)
Phil had moved to the Conroe area after living for years in Austin.  But, then his son received a scholarship to play football this year at UT in Austin.  He is thrilled and moved back to the Austin area to get to enjoy this time of his son's life. 
(Congrats to Phil's son.  Maybe someone can find out his mailing address so I can put it on the spreadsheet!)
from Rhonda Carleton Richey '70 (Bill's wife)
(taken off of Face Book)
The "Richey Wildlife Center" was open this morning.  At 5am, the Great Horned Owls were hooting each other.  I walked to the back door and immediately spotted one of them about 60 yards out.  He looked at me- winked!- and flew off showing me his majestic wings.  Dew was on the ground, a light fog was on the empty property next to us, and then I heard a pack of coyotes running and laughing in the marsh behind us.  Hours later, I was digging behind our shop and a Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake nearly slithered across my foot.  Such is life at the Richey house.  So interesting.
(Okay, I would be in the ER because of the snake!)
We met for our first organizing meeting on Aug. 28th.  Of course, we discussed the spreadsheet and the members are trying to help out with classmates that don't have a mailing address confirmed.  They might try to call you IF we have a phone # listed.  Otherwise, we will have to spend reunion $$$$ to send postcards to addresses that are now possibly incorrect. 
Several members visited local venues to try to see which is best for our Friday night social and the Saturday night Social/Dinner/Dance.  I presented the members the choices, dates, and particulars in a e-mail.  They are in the process of sending me their votes by e-mail, also.  We should have a date and places confirmed by the next NEWSLETTER and website update.  Then, you can put a memo on your calendars to SAVE THE DATE!
Our theme for this reunion will be MARDI GRAS.  The decorations should certainly be colorful.  Send in your suggestions for caterers, dj's, other ideas, etc.  We will take all suggestions and discuss them at the meetings.
Things are "kinda" slowing down since the granddaughters are back in school.  They are in the second and fourth grades this year.  Soccer is in full swing so we attend their games on Saturdays.  Murphy had to get rid of his trailer at the deer lease since the leak in the roof and ac had enabled mold and mildew to grow.  He became very sick after staying in it one weekend ending up that next week with fever of 104.5!  We are in the process of buying a new trailer (a Puma) to bring up there and maybe also take a few weekend trips somewhere when we can schedule them.  Dad had a couple of tests on his legs (an MRI and a nerve conduction test).  No results yet.  My sister, Gerry, has started going 3 days a week to group therapy at the Medical Center at SE TX.  Her psychiatrist recommended it and she is already happier.  It gets her out of the house and among people!  Yeah.  I still go there on Wednesdays. 
Our "pet" cardinal, Momma Lucy, has a boyfriend!  She doesn't seem to think she needs us anymore.  She drops by the birdfeeder a couple of times a week, (that we know of), and gets a snack.  She brings her "suitor" with her.  I hope we don't have to come up with a dowry if she gets hitched!  They can just "shack up" together.  Or, would that be "nest up" together?
I don't know about you, but I sure enjoyed watching the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday night!  I have been really disheartened by my Boston Red Sox team this year.  I know they are looking forward to getting this season over with! 
A donation check was sent in by classmates, Gary and Jody (Hopkins) Barbin with the following note:
"You and Mike and others do an incredible job.  I am very late in getting a donation to help with expenses, but oh well, all helps....right?  I continue to be amazed at the quality, consistency, and the real commitment that should not go unnoticed.  Thanks again for the hard work. 
(No, thank you for helping our website to stay updated with needed softwear and updated equipment that helps Mike to keep the look current. I just sent him a check that will enable him to purchase some needed technology.)
You may send donation checks of any amount to:
Linda DeCuir McFadden
7699 Boardwalk
Lumberton, TX 77657
Once Mike has installed the new softwear, he will explain the new look.
Dale Netherland experienced pains while driving home from his lake house.  He and Kay and his mother-in-law went to a Jasper hospital where he was diagnosed with having a heart attack and then was trasferred to a local hospital in Port Arthur where he had a heart stent put in.  He is recovering at his home. 
(an update on Arlette Sonnier's ('69) husband, Tony Guidry)
Taken off of Face Book on Aug. 29th)
(Tony is in Rehab at TIRR in Houston)
Tony has been walking!  They said he would probably never walk or carry on a conversation.  So far, Doctors 0, God 3!  Miracles to report...Tony was talking in sentences today and was able to identify 75% of the items put before him.  Yes, he can see!  He also passed his swallow test.  He had liquids yesterday and today for the first time in 5 weeks ate real food.  Still having a lot of pain and soreness, though.  Please continue prayers. 
I'm outta here.  I do have a request (or two)!  Send me news.  I'm out of fresh info.  Also, if you have contacted a classmate and reconnected, please let me know.  It would be like a small victory for me. 
                                          Keep in touch and contact a classmate,
                                          Linda DeCuir McFadden




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