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Nothing about the Dallas Cowboys in my opening this weekend!  They FORGOT to show up for the last game against the Minnesota Vikings.  Okay, I'll just root for all my “cuzans” from Louisiana.  WHO DAT? 


from Bobby Williamson in Pt. Arthur (copied off of FACEBOOK)
Had a good day.  I found a home for a homeless man.

(Bobby is a PA city councilman....and a darn good one, too.  PA is lucky to have him looking out for their interests AND their future.)

from Georgia Peterson Winkler in Austin
I read that Jimmy Schexnayder's wife, Myra, died.  We lived across the street from the Schexnayder family growing
up in Lakeview.  I wanted to come in for the funeral but just had knee surgery last week and didn't feel that the trip
would be good for me.  I'm so sad for Jimmy and their children.

(I spent many days at Georgia and Jimmy's homes.  They lived one block over.  Jimmy was my sweetheart in 6th
grade at Travis Elementary.  He carved our names in Georgia's oak tree.   I wonder if you can still see them?  I might
just go look.  I might have to bring my weapon, though.  Pretty rough neighborhood now.)

My family and I are fine.  We will be grandparents in April for the FIRST time.  We are really looking forward to theat experience.  I do keep up with all the news from the newsletter and the website and really appreciate the work that you and Mike do for us.  It's good to have someone that keeps everything together.   

from Janette Light Norton in Cypress (copied from FACEBOOK)
My little 86 year old mother called yesterday saying she had been hearing a ghost in her house all day saying, “HELLO DADDY.”  So my daughter and I rushed over there thinking this is the end, delirium has set in.  Turns out she isn't crazy yet.  It was the smoke detector saying, “LOW BATTERY!”

The best of times:  My daughter-in-law successfully completed her first week of teaching third grade.  My daughter's foot has healed enough for her to be off crutches.  My mother survived another bout of high blood pressure and two more days in the hospital.  The worst of times:  Are you kidding?  Turns out, it's all good!
(Great news and I am still laughing about your Mom.)

from Gail Wilson Felker in Barksdale AFB, LA
Last year I had a colonoscopy during which the doctor found a tumor too big to be removed through the procedure.  I woke up with his face next to mine telling me I needed surgery and that I might have cancer.  The surgery went well, (within a week I was dancing at Justin's wedding), but I want to caution anyone nearing 50 (and any classmates) to get this done.  I was feeling no pain and was completely asymptomatic.  I guess we don't have nerve endings in our colons.  Anyway, dear friends, do this for yourselves and your loved ones.

                                                                                          2010 CONTRACT

(Contributed by Ernie Castaneda Bullion)


·         May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.

·         May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.

·         May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!

·         May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy.

·         May the problems you had, forget your home address!

·         In simple words.......



It has been brought up to me a few times in the past few months that we should not wait until our next reunion in 2013 (our 45th) to have a get-together.  “They” mentioned having a “60th birthday year celebration”.  And to that I say, “Go for it!”  Someone take the reins and I'll put the information out on the website and we'll see what transpires.  Any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc. will be published.


PLEASE take the time to change my contact address.  My new e-mail address is the following:  I also need you to send me any changes that you have in the future with your e-mail servers. 


I received a phone call recently from Mike, (your esteemed webmaster).  We ended up talking for an hour and a half
(on his nickel).  It might be hard for you to believe that we do this website update without speaking except for e-mails!  Sometimes though, it gets very confusing and we get our messages taken out of context or don't really catch what the other is trying to explain.  So, in all these past years of doing this website, Mike and I have only actually TALKED maybe
4 or 5 times.  Amazing we get anything done correctly.  Mike, you are a gem to put up with me being so TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED! 


It has been a rough two or three weeks.  My mom has been having anxiety attacks and not sleeping well.  I took her to the doctor and he prescribed Xanax to help her.  The first day went okay.  By the middle of the second day, not so good.  She started having heart palputations and couldn't rest at all.  She got up and fell.  My sister and I had to come into town and get her off of the floor.  She was like a noodle.  She tried to get up again during the night and fell in the bathroom, pulling a groin muscle, and hitting her head.  The trauma of the fall also caused her to start urinating blood, (she is already anemic)!  So, after a week of ultrasounds, systoscopes, dr. visits, using a walker, she finally is feeling a little stronger.  I “assigned” my sister to her for Friday and Saturday so I could stay at home.  Not a good day on Saturday!  She was very nervous and my sister, being bi-polar, had a hard time with that.  Being elderly stinks!!!!


Myra (McConathy) and husband Jimmy Schexnayder have been faithful reunion committee members since the beginning of our gatherings.  They were always helpful and fun to work with.  Always a smile and joking.  Myra will be missed.  I was able to attend the visitation and service and arrived about 45 minutes after the visitation started.  Therefore, I might have missed some of the classmates that came earlier to pay their respects to Jimmy and the rest of the family.   The classmates I did see was Jack Etheredge, Tillman Richey, Darrell Richerson, Charlie Fontenot, Paula Daigle, Sandra Garsea, Ernie Castaneda, Debbie Borres, Diane Barker, Dale Netherland, Cecilia Trevino, Janis Hamilton, Darlene Turner, and Barbara “Boo” Griffin.  I apologize if I left anyone off the list.  Go to the “guest book” link listed  below and see how many of our classmates took the time to express their sympathies to Jimmy and their two grown children, Jessica and Dax.

(Obituaries of those mentioned in the CONDOLENCE section are now found on the front page of the website under the name OBITUARIES.  Click on VIEW to read them.  Classmate obituaries can still be found in the MEMORIAL section of our website.) 


Jane Hoffpauir Frasier
(death of her father)
4537 Briarwood
Port Arthur, TX 77642 

Danny Licatino
(death of his father)
2709 Cedar Bayou
Baytown, TX 77520 

(Death of a classmate)

Nov. 10, 1950-Jan. 20, 2010

Send condolences to:
The Schexnayder Family
5320 Garfield
Groves, TX 77619

(You might want to mention that you were a classmate of Jimmy and Myra.)

This ends another edition of our “news”.  I think you can see that I am really sparse in the MAIL CALL section lately.  YOU are the only ones that can remedy that.  I know that you aren't spending time MOWING your lawns, weed-eating, planting spring gardens (at least not yet!)  I'm here waiting for you to contact me, twiddling my thumbs....oh that hurts my arthritis.   Help me out here.                                  

                     Contact a classmate,
Linda DeCuir McFadden

                     ***(Don't forget to change my e-mail address in your address book)***




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